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  1. Have you had any issues with the Polymix or thinner going off?
  2. Thanks for that. The only thing that tips me towards a pure acrylic is that I can spray that with less health concerns vs a lacquer based paint like Gunze or Tamiya. It's on the cards though.
  3. Primarily Airbrush, but I do brush paint when it's a less complicated part like in cockpits for detail etc.
  4. Cheers for that fulcrum1. I am really torn about the switch to Acrylics. I have only tried Mission and Ammo with varying results so far. Ammo doesn't seem to brush paint very well, probably due to them already being thinned for airbrush. Short of giving up and going to Lacquers... I don't know. I might persist for a bit and end up with a range of types and brands based on properties I guess.
  5. Interesting. Thanks Dave. I have heard similar things about the Poly mix going off very quickly in the bottle (within 6 months). I am starting to lean towards Ammo for the less difficult use. Cheers all.
  6. Thanks for the reply Geoff. I have head a few people say similar things. I was just looking at AK 3rd gen acrylics too which seem to be much better when it comes to masking etc, but they don't seem to do aircraft colours as of yet... I have sampled Ammo by Mig, which seems to work fine as long as you prime before painting... BUT they brush terribly. Tend to fisheye and bunch up like they're on oil over future at least. I think this is due to them being already thinned in the bottle. I would prefer them not to be so I can choose how I use them rather than being decided for me. I guess the
  7. Went through my paints (Testors MM, Humbrol enamels) over the holidays and I've decided i need to update them as a lot have gone off. I am currently looking to change over to acrylics for the health and family satisfaction benifits (not smelly) and Mission Models paints are one option (Ammo by mig being another). I have heard a few opinions on Mission, but would like anyone's first hand experiences. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Damn thats sexy! Great Job
  9. Great job Romaine! Excellent weathering.
  10. Nice work. Something about vipers that just scream speed.
  11. Hi guys, quick update as building the Blackbird has become a grind again.... I attached the wings... sort of. If you can call these gaps attached! LOTS of CA and putty later.... After some serious sanding I ended up with this. The left hand nacelle didn't line up with the fuselage at all so I had to recreate some of the chine around the engine intake using CA and accelerator. I think it came out OK. Something that I forgot to do prior to installing the nacelles is to fix the massive gaps inside the intakes. I decided the best way to tackle these was to fill them with Milliput. This
  12. Only just jumped back onto this build. You've done an amazing job Steve👍 How did you end up doing the lower windows in the cockpit?
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