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  1. Damn thats sexy! Great Job
  2. Great job Romaine! Excellent weathering.
  3. Nice work. Something about vipers that just scream speed.
  4. Hi guys, quick update as building the Blackbird has become a grind again.... I attached the wings... sort of. If you can call these gaps attached! LOTS of CA and putty later.... After some serious sanding I ended up with this. The left hand nacelle didn't line up with the fuselage at all so I had to recreate some of the chine around the engine intake using CA and accelerator. I think it came out OK. Something that I forgot to do prior to installing the nacelles is to fix the massive gaps inside the intakes. I decided the best way to tackle these was to fill them with Milliput. This
  5. Only just jumped back onto this build. You've done an amazing job Steve👍 How did you end up doing the lower windows in the cockpit?
  6. Looks great! I'm lucky, I found two Ron's Resin donation corrections at a model show a little while back. One for my eventual H model and one for my J. Your work looks really great. I'll be watching.
  7. Looking great and I'm glad that Harold is casting the ALQ-99 pods in resin. A 1/32 Growler is in my future in sure so that will save allot of work 👍
  8. Never seen one of these. Very interesting
  9. Fantastic build Chuck! Thanks for sharing it with us mere mortals :) Has the work prospects picked up for you mate??
  10. No the "Spoon" fairing stops just in front of the aft main gear door. Here it is on my Pig...
  11. Which conduit do you mean Benner? If you can can show me a picture I can try and explain..
  12. The side seals are inflated by engine air to make them rigid enough to keep the boundary layer air out, but still flexible enough to allow the wings to move.
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