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  1. Back on track! Started assembling the hanger occupants based on a photo of CVN-65 underway during Operation Enduring Freedom. Since the data for this period is easily obtained, that's the era ship I will be building :)
  2. I was asked a few months ago by Drew Huffman at Crow's Nest Models to build two of his new 1/32 Mercury capsule kits. These buildups will be used for display at model shows like Wonderfest and IPMS-sponsored events. The models are in stock and will ship by mid-September for a price of about $170. About 80 resin, white metal, clear plastic, and wire pieces will be included. A photoetch fret is also included, featuring the retro pack straps, main hatch frame, rack elements for the aft bulkhead, overhead window shades, and other parts. A detailed booklet Drew and I are putting together will be available online - completion on this expected within two weeks. The kit is of superb quality, and well worth the amount of work Drew put into it. I was aware of Drew's excellent work on the Proteus, and was immediately interested. When he showed me the kit, I was very impressed. The detail is astonishing, and the accuracy spot on. Customers will have the option to build any of the six manned missions - one of three instrument panel variations are available, and one of two hull types will be provided (one with two portholes or one with the overhead window). So, you will need to specify which mission you want, and the kit will be customized for you. The kit also includes the escape tower and retropack. Decals from Rick Sternbach's Space Model Systems are also included. A lighting kit from Light Bender will also be made available. Drew asked me to build MR-3 Freedom 7 and MA-6 Friendship 7. The former will be built in pre-launch configuration without the astronaut, and the latter built in in-flight configuration with astronaut seated. MR-3 will have the periscope door closed; MA-6 will feature the periscope door open with periscope extended. These parts are included in the kit separately. A sample of images will be posted on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35032462@N07/ Sadly, the wire leading to the lights inside the Friendship 7 model twisted off during the final stages of construction. This is a major bummer and my fault for poor planning. I should have installed it more carefully. Drew did a fantastic job on this kit, and any shortcomings seen here are my own entirely. A very detailed PDF capturing the nuances of the build will be made availabel in addition to the instruction sheet that will be provided with each kit.
  3. In between various space-related subjects, I decided to reengage my 1/350 Tamiya Enterprise kit, which I've had for years. Since the kit has no hangar, not even a floor, it is a logical place to start. After a few months of work, I finally finished it. Now I just need to fill it up with planes and people... http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar1.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar2_op_640x627.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar3_op_640x392.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar4_op_640x478.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar5_op_640x303.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar6_op_640x344.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar7_op_640x401.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Hangar8.jpg I also started the air wing, with one of six S-3s being the first. http://www.astrazoic.com/65K.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/65I.jpg Hi resolution images are available - just email if interested.
  4. FYI, I put together a PDF document covering the WIP for those interested http://www.astrazoic.com/Mercury.pdf
  5. Exceptional work, Pete. It is a wonderful credit to this piece of our history.
  6. You can tell it rubbed off easily in photos that followed safing of the vehicle and return to the hanger. Finger marks are apparent around access panels and disturbed areas are apparent on the elevons from where workers apparently sought leverage. It's possible there was burn through, but I imagine the tiles just got cooked. Some tiles on US Shuttles tend to have that light brown tint to them, and the black ones get much lighter after even one use. The soot may have been from exhaust gasses, but I really have no idea. In any case, I will be replicating this mess...
  7. Nice work there. I'm so glad to see all the wonderful care and attention models of the Shuttle are getting around here!
  8. Jay - not sure. We probably came up with the idea independently. I built the Shuttle model in 2006, followed by two years of on-again off-again detailing and tiling. Ugh. I am building the orbital version that flew in 1988 as it appeared immediately after landing. These means a significant amount of weathering (much more so than a US Shuttle). The aft end was pretty nicely coated with soot, which was apparently easy to clean off. Not sure where the soot came from, though.
  9. Made a bit more progress during the week. I detailed the cockpit hull section and inserted the windows, which are polished on the inside. I then installed the assembly, puttied and sanded flush with fuselage. http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran5.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran6.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran9_op_640x694.jpg You can also see that I installed the forward RCS pod. The kit supplies three parts for this, plus a bunch of crappy plugs for the nozzles. Instead, I sanded the hull pieces after aseembly, then more or less filled it with Milliput. I stuck a sharpened pencil in each opening to creat a nozzle-like shape, being careful to address the direction for pitch. The black is due to the graphite pencil I used - graphite ensures the putty doesn't stick as I shape the nozzles. The assembly dried overnight, then I installed in fuselage and puttied. Sanding comes next. http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran7.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran8_op_640x570.jpg
  10. Glad to see all these shuttle projects under way. Well done on this one, BTW!
  11. Thanks. The panels are all random photoetch bits from my scrounge box. I thought about resin aftermarket seats, but decided against ording stuff. I just used the seats from the kit and added a few plastic bits to them. The objective was to provide a sense of shape and color when you look through the windows - sadly, one won't see all that much in terms of detail. I will do a better job of photographing in-progress steps. I realized I need to take photos more or less at the point when I planned buttoning up the cockpit <_<
  12. There are many, many strangely-shaped tiles on the U.S. shuttles, mostly located around compound curves, which is logical. However, the Soviet shuttle seems to have been almost entirely covered in rectangular tiles, though in some places, particularly around doors, panels and such, there are odd shaped tiles. I have completed the cockpit, which is completely scratchbuilt and almost entirely conjecture, though I did use some reference photos like the ones above. For instance, I did add the bulk of instruments along the centerline, something that is an evident departure from US shuttles, the latter of which to not have instrumentation cluttering this area. The cockpit windows and overhead systems will be added in a week or so, then buttoned up, sealed and sanded flush with the hull. I will then add RCS cones, boxes for the gears and assorted plastic parts before setting off to add the tiles in the same manner I did for the 1/72 Shuttle Discovery I built a while ago. The objective for the cockpit, since most of it won't be seen in detail, is to suggest controls and colors, and this seemed best handled by gluing a variety of photoetch spare cockpit details wherever it made aesthetic sense. http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran1.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran2.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran3.jpg http://www.astrazoic.com/Buran4.jpg
  13. Cut out the little buggers and glue them on. One by one. It is madness, but worth it :)
  14. Jesus. That does qualify as a mother load. Thanks, Jay.
  15. Pete - here's another comment to keep you rolling - good frackin' job on this thing. It is a fascinating model already. I can get lost looking around inside the innards, which I love :) It would be marvelous if you did the same treatment with the 1/12 Mercury capsule model!
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