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  1. The Mig-17. I wanted to include something from the Egyptians in this diorama but it was getting too crowded for another large vehicle (originally I thought a T-55 or something like that). The idea came to me after I looked at a Yom Kippur war photo album showing some Israeli soldiers posing with a MiG-17 tail section. Interesting thing I noticed in a few other photos of crashed MiG-17 wreckage was the tail section seems to frequently detach, intact, from the rest of the fuselage. I happened to have bought a couple of Trumpeter MiG-17 models for next to nothing a few years ago and decided t
  2. The crew for this vehicle were "Frankensteined" together from my spares box. I wanted to use the "Hornet" heads with the US Vietnam era tank helmet but these heads are waaaay too small to fit a 1/35th scale body. So I burred out the faces of Tamiya tanker figures from a few old kits and added faces into each helmet. That is a project and a half, I can tell you.. Beards and other facial hair are made from Green epoxy putty. Here are some photos of the M-38 during construction. The tarps were made with "Apoxy" putty. The passenger side Browning 03mg pintle mount was typical for an
  3. I wanted to show details of the models a little bit in this post as they were the reason I decided to do the diorama to begin with. Here are some photos of the M-113 and crew during the build. I replaced the Tamiya vinyl tracks with the Fruil M-113 metal tracks. Wonderful effect but a hell of a lot of work ! I really like the weight it gives to this model...
  4. Hi Guys, Here is my 40 Years commemorative diorama for Yom Kippur War. This was only the second diorama I have ever done in 50 years of modeling. I've picked up a few pointers along the way from talented modelers whose work I have admired for many years. I created a scene with an Israeli Defense Force M113 "Zelda" and an M-38 command jeep are riding along the sweetwater canal in Egypt. The M-113 is Tamiya and the jeep is from AFV Club. These small canals irrigate farmland west of the Suez canal. Sometimes the area is swampy and at other times nearly dry (see the below photos). My scene also
  5. Nah, I'll pass. Much as I like that Sundowner scheme... I've got other projects ahead of this and probably not enough years left in my life to do them all... I'll tackle a simple conversion but not anything that's going to slow my hobby to a crawl. I will probably post this for a sale or trade on another thread in this forum. I've got the Avionix cockpit set for it as well so they'll go together. Thanks for all your help though, I appreciate that very much. Best regards, Ed Okun
  6. Hi Guys, I have a Tamiya 1/32 F4-J with Marine markings sitting in the closet and when I finally get around to it I'd like to convert it to an F-4B with the VF-111 Sundowner sharkmouth scheme. I can see the obvious part to add (sensor under the nosecone) but what else would I need to change to make an accurate "B" model?? Are there any conversion kits out there (that can still be purchased) to do this project?? Thanks, and I appreciate anyone's input on this backburner project of mine. ED Okun
  7. Sorry to hear that life hasn't been kind to you this past year. Happens to all of us at some point or another. Anyway, I'll just have to either do one myself or find another project to focus on. BRgds, Frogman/ Ed Okun
  8. Hi Zactoman and Happy New Year, I had asked about the possibility of this earlier in the year and from the other replies to my post, there seemed to be a fair amount of interest from other modelers. You did reply that there were other projects in the queue but maybe down the road it could happen. 2012 came and went and I've seen a slew of new stuff coming out of your shop but nothing in way of this request: A Corrected canopy for the Trumpeter MiG-17. This little project could really help alot of us. Could you think about including it for this year?? Thanks and Brgds, Ed Okun
  9. Hi Guys, Here is my latest: Dragon models "Premium Edition" SU-100. I also used some parts from the "Accurate Armor" Egyptian SU-100 conversion. I based this scheme on photos taken in the early 1980s of a particular captured vehicle, but because most of the colors in the photos were indistinct, I had to do some guess work . The Yom Kippur War saw many varied color schemes on Egyptian tanks. No set patterns were used but mainly disruptive schemes to "dazzle" Israeli gunners. Whether this was an effective strategy may never be known as many were knocked out during the 73 war. Colors were
  10. Hi Chris, Any news on the MiG-17 canopy?? The modeling world holds it's collective breath.............
  11. Gabor, Thank YOU !! That is exactly the answer I wanted to hear. I had built a Revell 21-PFM about 20 years ago and repainted it twice already. This time though I wanted to convert it to the early PF type with "narrow" chord tail. Well, it's not always as easy as that...after I started to correct things around the model that needed help, I decided to look closely at the armament for an upgrade. As this version only has one pylon and I already have one MiG-21 armed with missiles, I wanted to put on the very nice Trumpeter UB-32 that I have had in my spares box this time around. First thi
  12. Hi Guys, Can anybody tell me for sure if the MiG-21PF (early version with the narrow chord tail) could have supported a UB-32 rocket pod on the single pylon under each wing? I have both pods the 16 and the 32. The UB-32 is waaaay more cool and menacing in appearance. I'd appreciate it if anybody can tell me if they have seen this hung under an early MiG wing. Thanks, Ed Okun
  13. private email:


  14. Hi Guys, I am still looking for this part from the early Revell 1/32nd scale MiG-21PF kit. It's the narrow chord tail section in 2 pieces. I am willing to trade a complete WW2 Luftwaffe model (Tamiya and Dragon) in 1/48th (Heinkel 219/ GO229/ HE-163/ V-2) just for this part. I don't build Luft stuff anymore so I've got goodies to trade if that's any incentive to get you people to search your closets......... Thanks, Ed Okun
  15. Hi Guys, I am still looking for this part from the early Revell 1/32nd scale MiG-21PF kit. It's the narrow chord tail section in 2 pieces. I am willing to trade a complete WW2 Luftwaffe model (Tamiya and Dragon) in 1/48th (Heinkel 219/ GO229/ HE-163/ V-2) just for this part. I don't build Luft stuff anymore so I've got goodies to trade if that's any incentive to get you people to search your closets......... Thanks, Ed Okun
  16. Try this site. Lots of IIAF Tomcat photos. www.irandefence.net BRgds, ED Okun
  17. Hi Guys, Does anybody have the spare tail that came with the 1/32nd scale Revell MiG-21PF ? I used the later PFM version tail when I built the kit 20 years ago, but want to change it to a different scheme now that uses that type tail section. Can anybody help? The part I refer to is the narrow chord vertical tail pieces (2 pcs, left and right side). I'll buy the pieces or trade for something that you might want in my kit collection. Let me know if you have one. Thanks, Ed Okun
  18. Thanks, I found that thread now that you mention it. I'll direct my inquiry there BRgds, ED
  19. Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the right forum, but did not see a "Traders" thread for buying, selling, etc. Here's my need: anyone who ever bought a Revell MiG-21PF in 1/32nd scale had Two optional tail sections in the kit so that variations of the early PF could be built. I need the narrow chord "early" PF tail for an Egyptian "21" that I'd like to build. I finished my MiG-21 kit 20 years ago it's been repainted twice. I originally modeled it with the wider tail part. For fun, I want to remove the wide tail and use the other part so I can change the color scheme again. My dilemma is t
  20. I didn't read here any mention of the Revell 1/32nd scale Heinkel-219 listed in their online catalogue. Did you fellows not see it? The "219" has never been done before in this scale and it is a very, very cool airplane. It would look great in captured British markings. I'll surely buy one of those if I can just allocate enough space in my hobby room to display it. Happy New Year Ed Okun
  21. Since we are all wishing on the Trumpeter star or Santa..... I want, in this order: 1/32nd Sukhoi-7 1/32nd Mirage IIIC 1/32nd (re-tooled) MiG-17 1/32nd Saab JAS 39 gripen (2 seater first please) 1/32nd F-16D 1/32nd MiG-29A 1/32nd Super Mystere (or dare I ask for a Vautour??!!) Never happen but I'm wishing so it can't hurt. 1/32nd Ilyushin-28 1/32nd Fiat CR-32 There are others, but can't think of them all right, now I'm so excited !! Dear Trumpeter, If you make any of these models I promise to be a very good boy this coming year..... Thanks so much. ED
  22. My "other" self in a "Parallel Universe" is building the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale A4-N Skyhawk and having a great time doing a version that's never been done in this scale before. I am thanking the Chinese for being so intuitive. On my other self's workbench is the MiG-23BN/ Mig-27 waiting to be started. I am sooooo very happy in the other universe because it all makes so much sense over there. Too bad that in "my universe" the logic that dictates production of new model subjects is very much like the "Bizarro" world. Happy New Year to All my modeling compatriots world-wide !! Ed Okun
  23. Good advice. I'll have to try that. Frogman/ ED Okun
  24. Hi Chris, Just like the header of this post: How about a corrected canopy for the Trumpeter MiG-17 ? The "Squadron" vac is the only half-a**ed solution and it's really meant for a MiG-15. So...How about it? Better yet, SOMEBODY do a decent full kit of a "17" so we don't have to waste so much time to improve the Trumpeter version. I'm working on one right now and it reminds me of an old Revell kit. A nice general outline but if you want a prize winner, it's 6 months work to get there. Just a canopy for now.............PLEASE I'll buy at least 5 if that helps. Best regards, Ed Okun
  25. I also had a major problem with Alclad. It started cracking after some months and I never did figure out why it happened. I followed the guidelines and read many articles but still had this problem. Go to this link: http://www.idf-in-scale.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2352 for the complete sad story of how I nearly trashed my NMF 32nd scale Mirage IIIC Best regards, Happy Holidays, ED OKUN/ Frogman13
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