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  1. By the current Russian standards, the president should be in power for at least 23+ years. Anything less than that (like e.g. Ukraine which changed 6 presidents over the same period) constitutes a coup, apparently.
  2. Mindblowing.. Quoted for preservation purposes.
  3. Yup, not buying anything Russian while the current regime stays in charge there and benefits from it.
  4. $150? That's not really a legit offer. E.g. http://www.crecy.co.uk/famous-russian-aircraft-sukhoi-su-27-30-33-34-35
  5. They could have made the main wheel bays as separate parts, too. I'm not really convinced that adding some detail on cockpit side panels plus a few more detailed parts would add that much to the kit cost, but, thankfully, the kit does have positive rivet detail, the lack of which would be rather inexcusable.
  6. Certainly. Not sure if Trumpeter will provide a more detailed alternative, still waiting for a proper review. It does have rivets, but not raised ones. It does seem that Zvezda Su-25 has some raised rivets in the rear part, but I'm hoping for significantly more detail overall compared to their Su-57/Mi-24 kits (cockpit, wheel bays, etc.).
  7. Yeah, it should be 9.12 late. Not sure about the difference in boxing, but the earlier batches had some issues with short pylons so a blue and white boxing is a safer bet.
  8. Perhaps they'll do a basic cockpit detail set (as shown above) and then another correction set which would include new clear parts and the escape pod?
  9. They seem to be reusing the escape pod / cockpit frame part so they have to reuse the HB clear parts, too, then. Well.. I do hope they release the TP II intakes next.
  10. A new tool Su-25 in 1/48 is long needed. Hope it will be well detailed.
  11. The fact that the question was "what combat jet fighter might it have come across from NATO" might have had something to do with it.
  12. MiG-25P/PD/PDS in Soviet Union belonged to PVO units whose primary role was defense from strategic bombers and cruise missiles, though it was not really optimized for low-altitude intercepts to which NATO shifted later on due to long range SAM proliferation. A what-if Cold War scenario could go so many ways and I'm not really familiar on Soviet plans on PVO use over strategic front areas in case of a conflict with NATO. I would wager these units to be involved in defensive missions against NATO deep-strike or perhaps offensive counter-air operations so they could meet e.g. F-15s (o
  13. Hmm, it seems the export variant of MiG-25RB was called RBK at the time. In which case, the ICM MiG-25RB should be a good match.
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