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  1. The fact that the question was "what combat jet fighter might it have come across from NATO" might have had something to do with it.
  2. MiG-25P/PD/PDS in Soviet Union belonged to PVO units whose primary role was defense from strategic bombers and cruise missiles, though it was not really optimized for low-altitude intercepts to which NATO shifted later on due to long range SAM proliferation. A what-if Cold War scenario could go so many ways and I'm not really familiar on Soviet plans on PVO use over strategic front areas in case of a conflict with NATO. I would wager these units to be involved in defensive missions against NATO deep-strike or perhaps offensive counter-air operations so they could meet e.g. F-15s (o
  3. Hmm, it seems the export variant of MiG-25RB was called RBK at the time. In which case, the ICM MiG-25RB should be a good match.
  4. Perhaps the ICM MiG-25RBF boxing would be closer to RBK as RBT has those two camera openings on the side of the nose which RBK doesn't have as far as I can tell.
  5. I see that mentioned occasionally, but I get the impression it was simply a plausible theory during Cold War to explain why the Soviets developed IR versions of their SARH missiles, while in reality the initial reason was more likely to give them a chance of engaging bombers when their relatively inferior radar sets got jammed. Case in point, some pages from a MiG-23ML weapons manual addendum for the R-24 missile was translated and posted recently here. Notably, it makes no mention of firing different variants of R-24 missiles to increase PK, even suggests that firing two of the sa
  6. Plus model makes the R-40RD (I presume that you have ResKit R-40TD sets).
  7. That doesn't make much sense as the radar lock range is much longer than the IR lock range, especially in the front hemisphere. Depending on a scenario, I would argue the radar missile would be fired first to put the target on defensive and then engage them with the IR missile from the rear hemisphere. Since the MiG-25 was developed primarily as a bomber interceptor, the main role of the IR version was against bombers when their powerful ECM gear was preventing a radar lock, AFAIK.
  8. I Love Kit is another Trumpeter brand like HB so I Love Kit is another Trumpeter related brand like HB, etc.
  9. IIRC, the difference was due to ML and later being lighter as they removed one fuel tank. The struts were the same AFAIK.
  10. It would be interesting to know if they're considering 1/48 as well for a future release?
  11. Shame they fell apart before releasing some of their recently announced 1/48 stuff like 1/48 Hind, Ka-50/52, Mi-28, Su-25, Su-57.. Most of those would sell like hotcakes, presumably. It would certainly make more business sense to go first with those rather than to release like half a dozen UH-60 1/35 variants ALL AT ONCE. Speaking of which, 1/48 UH-60 variants should have come first as well.
  12. Yeah, that's the one I had in mind, but I also only found about it AFTER realizing the Model Master is not a straight on fit. The resin nose can probably be made to fit, but if the step is too big, it might require cutting and/or lots of putty. Hopefully not. Too bad nobody made a radar set for it which would give you a possibility to leave the resin nose open.
  13. Ah, I see. What I did with mine was that I used the kit's pitot assembly part (which consists of the tube itself, the nose tip and those strakes) and cut off the actual pitot tube and strakes, keeping only the small base which I then drilled with one of those hand drills and fitted the Master Model in it. Worked pretty well even though I'm not really experienced with these things. Don't have the Quickboost nose to compare with my almost finished kit, but I think I did see another company which made the pitot for the GWH kit and it included this nose tip as well. Too late for that a
  14. Sanding? Is there a special release of the Master Model MiG-29 pitot intended for the GWH kit?
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