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  1. Hmm, interesting. Since I don't really see any showstoppers and I like the extra detail, I'll get one and sell off the Hasegawa. If anything, AMK will be more detailed and easier to build.
  2. What no? You said that in the afterburner, the nozzles are closed as you provided a photo showing closed nozzles. And I said it's not the afterburner mode as they should be open there (so the petals don't get damaged).
  3. Yeah, I guess those sort of cut areas in each petal (where the other petal slides in in closed position) should be slightly more pronounced, but I guess it will look OK when painted and washed. But, the closed position shown on the F-16's is not the AB position as mentioned in the post. In afterburner, the nozzles would be opened up (depending on the stage), not closed down. IIRC, during the normal shutdown procedure, the left nozzle would end up closed and the right one opened, but they could be open or closed up by the maintenance crew so different combinations are possible as well.
  4. Yeah, I expected someone will come through after the new Revell Tornado release, but nada. Eduard could have added them with those Kormoran 2s (as they did provide the F-104 pylons with the Kormoran 1 set). That's an interesting pic. So, I presume Luftwaffe IDS couldn't carry HARM missiles (as they had ECR for that), while Marineflieger ones could?
  5. I have the same problem as I've bought Eduard Kormoran missiles intending to use them on the Revell Tornado IDS kit, but I have found no way to source those adapters separately.
  6. Yeah, that is a recon bird, complete brain shut down, sorry. I entered PD in the search box and didn't really pay attention. I guess this question was asked already some years ago. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/203697-fuel-tank-in-the-icm-mig-25-kit/
  7. Was there some recent confirmation that they're still planning on doing all three?
  8. I'd presume these are valid for F-16's prior to Block 40/42 in which case, yes, they're suitable for the ADF.
  9. A cursory google images search seems to show a few so doesn't seem to be that rare.
  10. Did AMK ever mention a possibility of releasing an F-14B? I already have a Hasegawa A & D so I'd rather get a B if possible (plus it wouldn't require many changes to the D kit). Tamiya seems pricey to me given the lack of extra options (e.g. flaps and slats) and the toy-like cockpit detail so I'm not even considering that one. On the other hand, was waiting for this kit for so long that I'll probably end up getting it as soon as I find a good deal on it (would have pre-ordered it, but the local shop pulled the preorder option quickly, I guess they learned it will get delayed and what not).
  11. Interesting. Do you have more photos? Is there a full thread somewhere?
  12. Well, sure, the nose and the canopy are somewhat off and so are the exhausts which are somewhat smaller and thus too far apart compared with the real thing, but it will still look very much like a Fencer when finished OOB. And yes, I have purchased the KZ sets as I wasn't sure they'll be available afterwards, but I'm not sure it's worth it since all three sets cost almost twice what I got the kit for.
  13. OK, but I touched upon those concerns in the initial post. Starting with F-16C (i.e. Block 25), the F-16's used the bigger AN/APG-68 set (except for the non-combat F-16N, as corrected above). The "early" smaller wheels are not F-16A/B wheels per se, since they were also used on the Block 25/30/32 as the bigger wheels came with Block 40/42 (due to increased weight allowance). You have the block changes described here, for example. http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions.html
  14. Good point, but I guess they downgraded the radar to AN/APG-66 to save some money.
  15. As commented already, the early Brassin radar is supposedly the AN/APG-66 which wasn't used on the F-16C of any block. https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/f-16-radar-early-anapg-66
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