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  1. While the Growler is a safer choice initially since it's already there, a new variant of the Eurofighter makes much more sense in the long run, from both the logistics and tactical perspective (the new aircraft will be escorting other Eurofighters after all so similar kinematic performance makes more sense).
  2. It's a short inbox review which is pretty common for that page or e.g. cybermodeler. If you expect a full build review from it or a detailed shape analysis, you're expecting too much.
  3. Did they show the decals yet? I really liked the GWH approach with individual tiny decals for all the instruments in the cockpit. However frustrating that was, the end result is worth it and something that can't be replicated by hand with a brush (though, I guess some gifted people can get close enough). It would be nice if more companie would provide these rather than having to resort to expensive pre-painted PE parts. I didn't build my Kinetic kit yet, so I could still upgrade to this one price-permitting.
  4. I don't have the kit at hand, but looking at some photos online, it seems like the Trumpeter's R-27 missile's front part narrows down noticeably? Now that I think about it, the issue that I recall might have been the pylons which were pretty bad on the Su-27 kit, but relatively correct on the MiG-29M/K kits. Regarding the R-27's, I guess I forgot how bad they were as I didn't plan on using them on the MiG-29M kit anyway as those older types are not it's forte (given the R-77 missiles and smart A2G weapon capability). Thanks for correcting me.
  5. On the Su-27 in 1/32? Interestingly enough, their MiG-29M/K kits came with OK shaped R-27's.
  6. Among the aircraft section of the posted HB catalog? There seem to be two pages missing (16-17) from the trumpeter aircraft part so hopefully there's something new there kept for a later dramatic announcement.
  7. Thanks for making the effort of documenting a direct build off with the Tamiya kit. Hope the next chapter is not that far off, but I can imagine this process is rather time consuming to say the least. I basically already have my mind set up on the AMK due to it having more options (canopy, speed brakes, wings, front gear) and details with a cheaper price tag to boot, but I'm looking forward to see if there are any major pitfalls in building it.
  8. Yeah, but I discounted that one based on its small size being a small trainer jet which makes it noticeably smaller than e.g. their Su-27 in 1/72 even..
  9. Nice to see Zvezda finally getting into the modern 1/48 market. Hopefully, more subjects will follow in time (besides this and the Mi-24V/VP). As for buying it, I'll have to see which one turns out a better option between this and the KH one. I expect Zvezda to be cheaper, if anything.
  10. Yes, but objectively speaking, so what? If someone is ticked off about the delays and their way of handling their business, why would that person take this so personally to go on a crusade against them? It's not like stating 'OK, they lost me as a customer', it's not like simply stating kit's issues over and over again, it's like people actively engaging and spending personal time and effort to convince others not to buy it and pretty-much openly rejoicing and high-fiving each other when there's something wrong discovered with the kit. That's the part I'm having problems understanding as a non-aligned buyer of model kits.
  11. I'm thick so I might need some pointers here.. 2015 as in four years passed since then was your point? If so, they obviously pushed it back down the list of priorities back then and it stayed there due to their business model so I don't see how it contravenes with what I posted there. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the only people who got really ****ed by this are those who pre-ordered it, but that's partly the issue with how that crowd funding campaign was set up on indie-go-go (i.e. no refund for a failed campaign as there's no target goal like on KS, IIRC). Looking back, I guess AMK should have just canceled out those pre-orders once they decided to delay it, but since a lot of those pre-orders went through the distributors (which some canceled on their own I guess once they got the note that the kit is getting pushed back), I'm not sure if that was a realistic option for AMK back then given the loss of face with the same distributors. Maybe they hoped for the best aiming for a next-year delay but then life happened and they just dug themselves deeper and deeper? I would have been one of those pre-orderers as it was quite affordable IIRC, but the local online store eventually canceled it out, unfortunately. Still, given the low price, I wouldn't have been that distressed about delays as long as I knew the kit is eventually going to turn out (as there's a relatively big stash waiting for me anyway, including the Hasegawa A&D). But, for example, when I manage to find some time, I'm working on the universally praised GWH MiG-29 9-13 and it's a mess at places (mainly intakes in so many ways, including poor fit, detail and non-matching locator tabs, then e.g. corrected/stretched weapon pylons not matching the pin holes on the wings made for the original too-short pylons, horrible decal placement guide, too small/fiddly PE parts like IFF antennas or seat harnesses without a plastic alternative, etc.). It's a very nicely detailed kit, albeit slightly over-engineered at places and certainly expensive for the size, but I get the impression they just hacked their way through with the intakes at one point and decided to release the kit instead of providing a matching level of detail there (like adding some form of auxiliary intake ramps and proper intake interior to match the level provided by giving the engines and engine covers) or even just debugging the fit issues there. Same with the weapon pylons which got retooled, but the wing apparently wasn't to match the new locator pins (or at least wasn't at the same time). Speaking of fiddly bits, I did like the tiny instrument decals provided for the cockpit instrument panel. It took quite some time to line all those up, but the end result was quite effective, IMHO and I wish all kits provided that option (compared to a single piece decal that I never use or just a standard cockpit panel with recesses where there's no realistic way for majority of builders to paint all those tiny but very noticeable instruments). The seemingly never-reaching point is that those seems to have sold out more or less, but I don't see such storms of discontent about its issues on the forums and the relatively small kit with only a few weapons provided costs as much (or even more) as the much bigger and much more overly-engineered AMK Tomcat which also comes with a much more extensive weapon set. So, not really sure what ticks people off here on a personal level that much here (disregarding the mess with the pre-orders). If they said nothing on the social networks ever (like e.g. GWH or Tamiya) and just released the kit whenever, I guess it would have garnered a completely different reputation? Sorry for the long OT rant, this went way over what I was going to reply with initially.
  12. Lies and deceptions? Wow.. So, why are you still here then if you have no interest in buying/building the kit? Life's too short to waste it on things that don't interest you. It's been released for a while and IMHO the topic should either switch to the kit itself or there should be another focused and probably moderated thread that would do that as 9/10 posts here are just people basically posting over and over how they're glad that the kit is not the best F-14D kit as AMK apparently solemnly sworn it would be. IIRC, they keep their company afloat by molding for other companies. They needed at least a 5000 kit pre-order to make it worth their while to put the kit on the priority for that year, otherwise they'll push it as a lower priority to stuff from other companies and I'd assume this is exactly what happened (plus some shape issues later they had to semi-correct). It was always going to be over-engineered coming from AMK so it's bound to have some fit issues here and there, not surprised about that. The F-14 shape is much more complex than the relatively boxy MiG-31 and the people are much more familiar with it so I'm also not surprised with some more noticeable shape issues occurring while translating 2D plans to 3D than what happened with the MiG. It should have been done better, sure, but again, there's a point where you just have to stop and focus on releasing it as it is, otherwise it won't even return the investment. As I still find Tamiya too expensive for the level of detail provided (compared to the cheaper AMK), my money will go to AMK when I find the kit for a decent price. As for these posted shape issues, as long as I could put one kit next to the other and couldn't tell which one is so obviously wronger (especially with the wings swept back to take less space), that's fine for me, but hey, different people, different strokes. I just hope it's not a major PITA to assemble so looking forward to seeing more build threads.
  13. The one on the right seems more refined. It's almost as if they made some error and used the old CAD for the left part. Fortunately it's on the bottom side so I'll still get the kit, but it would be nice if AMK would mold the corrected part and make it available for their customers through the distributors. Perhaps for the next production run?
  14. That looks like someone mixed up parts from different development stages (i.e. some older test tooling and the final one).
  15. That was released years ago and IIRC is basically a rebox of some old Torro motorized kit.
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