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  1. Hey all, Im getting rid of a few kits. Hobbycraft 1:32 F4U-1D is completed but missing instructions. All plastic, clear, PE and metal parts are still in their bags. Two decal sheets are present as well. Asking $40 plus shipping Tamiya 1:35 King Tiger, Ardennes Front, sealed. Kit includes 3 figures and a scout motorcycle as well. Asking $40 plus shipping. Happy to trade for Tamiya 1:48 P-47s, either Razorback or bubbletop. Thanks! Jon
  2. Making major progress on my HAD-modified B-25G strafer. Filling seams now and should have her in primer tonight!
  3. Hey all, Im looking for either a partial or complete example of the Barracudacals Hell Hawks P-47 decals in 1:48. If a partial sheet, I am looking specifically for the markings for Samual Saunders’ “Lil Mac/Special delivery”. Please PM if you’ve got it available! thanks, Jon
  4. Hey all, I’ve been looking for photoetch flexible .50 cal ammo chutes in 1:48 but have not been able to find any. I know I’ve used them before (years ago!) but can’t remember who made them. Any suggestions? Thanks! Jon
  5. I’ve finally gotten back around to doing this build. Going through the EAA B-25H/J on Thursday inspired me. Should have a Monogram donor kit here shortly with both a nose and waist windows for a good starting point. Ordered Master barrels for all of the .50s too. Just need to get some new acrylic zinc chromate paint, and I’m off to the races!
  6. Hey all, Does anyone do aftermarket ETC 50 bomb racks, or am I limited to the Tamiya Fw190F-8 kit? If so, does anyone have four racks they're not going to use? Thanks! Jon
  7. Thanks Ramon! The particular bird I’m looking to build had the C-130 landing light cluster. I’ve gotta order some LiveResin miniguns anyhow, and I’ve already got a .50 cal on hand. I guess I’m scratchbuilding the lights! Jon
  8. Hey all, Does anyone do a Firefly/Nighthawk conversion in 1:48? I’ve been asked to build a particular Huey and need to figure out how to do the light cluster. Minigun and .50 cal mounts aren’t too difficult, but that light cluster and mount is gonna be murder. Thanks! Jon
  9. Hey all, So I started a Kilo and a Lima a long time ago. After pulling this one out a few weeks ago, I decided I was going to do it straight OOB and then use Floyd’s awesome Nightstalkers Pt 2 decal sheet for markings. Still have a lot of details to paint on it, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. My Lima is going to be “Razor’s Edge”, aka “Super 68” as it currently appears in the US Army Aviation Museum. I shot a full walk around of her in 2014 and have wanted to build a really detailed model of her ever since. Lots of aftermarket to accumulate before she’s ready to be seen! Anyhow, here’s my WIP MH-60K 91-26388
  10. Tim, You bet. Floyd and I have kept in contact throughout my time here. It used to be a lot easier with us both in Maryland, but we speak on a semi-regular basis. In fact, his Nightstalkers Part 2 decal sheet just arrived here yesterday!
  11. Rob, She’s 65-09418, flew as “War Lord” in Vietnam. John Boyd was her AC and James Reed CE. I’m in contact with both of them. 418 is currently in the paint shop, but when she comes out, I will repaint her Vietnam nose art on her.
  12. Thanks! Not sure about Hueys right now. I’ve been focused on WW2 tactical Air power, specifically tactical recon and close air support. Have a few things in the works there, but hadn’t planned anything more Vietnam-wise just yet
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