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  1. Hey all, Does anyone out there have a scrap 1:48 UH-60 kit with an intact main rotor? I’m almost finished with Super 68, but the main rotor I had for it was wrecked a while ago. Happy to pay for it so I can finish this one up. Thanks, Jon
  2. I’m building one Longbow now as 06A which was the first Block 2 radar bird I flew and the Fort Rucker “show bird”; and one Alpha as the gray bird that sh*t an engine on me.
  3. Sure, but when you’ve got a photo of a Japanese Arrowhead-equipped D model on the box top, one would think that the kit includes it, that’s all I’m saying. J
  4. Daaaamn straight.... Good to see it though.... but adhesive vinyl directly applied over the art.... WHYYYYYY!?!?!?!
  5. Yeah, it’s 09747. The entire reason I bought the kit was for the modernized PNVS turret, which they show on the box. I’ve already scratchbuilt one for the Longbow I’m just getting back to building and didn’t want to have to do that again. Im gonna have to find the AH-64E boxing to be able to build any of the D models my Battalion took to Afghanistan in 2013. Oh well...
  6. Hey all, So about a year and a half ago I picked up the Hasegawa JGSDF boxing for the AH-64D. I knew it had extra parts for the Japanese variant, but I just opened it up and the only thing extra was the Stinger launchers. No MPNVS turret like the box shows. I’m feeling cheated. Jon
  7. Just for giggles, here’s Super 68 (90-26288) as she currently sits in the US Army Aviation Museum. I may have some shots of 10th Mountain Cobras too. Will see what I can find.
  8. Hey there! Just had an article on Sherman dozer tanks published in Armor Journal, and I’ve got a couple things in the works on the P-47. Nothing concrete yet as far as publication, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. J
  9. Now that I’m looking at 165291, it definitely has the Squadron patch, but does not have HMLA-775 Det A on the bird itself. Instead, it’s stenciled on the outboard M260 pod.
  10. 😂👍 Of course! Actually the bird I’m building has Squadron patches and the unit and det painted on it. I’ve got the BuNo covered with “Whiskeys In The Mix” and basic markings, but I need the Squadron insignia. In any case, here’s what happens when you get an AH-1F and AH-1W kit and some spare parts sitting around.
  11. Jon, I know, as I said, it was tongue in cheek. It's a really nice model. I'm somewhat inspired to finish the A and D models sitting on my workbench. Gotta clear out a few things first though! J
  12. Hey all, I've got an unstarted, box open, bags sealed Revell B-1B that I'm never going to get to. Asking $110 plus shipping within CONUS Not really looking for trades at this time, but I could possibly be tempted in exchange for a pair of Revell 1:48 MH-60Ls and a Hobby Fan UH-60M conversion....
  13. They were the same as the Mustang antennae. Be aware though that if you're building a PTO N model, do your research. The majority of N models that saw combat did not have them installed until after the war was over.
  14. They close as soon as you're light on the wheels.
  15. Looks really nice, and I especially like the fading on the finish. If I may offer one bit of criticism, the de-icing wires have not been used on the -64 rotor head since the 1990s. They really shouldn't include them in the kit anymore, as no operational Longbow has ever flown with them. And, slightly tongue in cheek, but whomever shut down that helicopter didn't follow their checklist! They didn't stow their searchlight or zero out their stabilator! (used to get all sorts of grief if we didn't follow the checklist!!)
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