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  1. Hey all, I’m on the hunt for Collect-Aire kits, particularly the AM-1 Mauler, FH-1 Phantom, or F2H-4 Banshee. I’ve got a complete, unstarted Collect-Aire F-84H Thunderscreech to trade. PM if you’ve got one to trade or sell. Thanks! Jon
  2. Hi.

    I’m a docent with the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum (home of the Spruce Goose) and I’m working on developing the history of one of our exhibits - an AH-1 Cobra, serial number 69-16434.

    I have some of its history at the beginning of its service life, but am missing information about it after the Vietnam War:

    The Cobra, serial # 69-16434, construction #20866, was built as an AH-1G for the U.S. Army and saw combat in Vietnam during 1971 with A-Troop, 7th Squadron of the 1st Air Cavalry: “The Apaches.” Its nose art carried the name 96 Tears. Operating mostly in the 44th Special Tactical Zone near the Cambodian border, the unit was tasked with interdicting supplies and North Vietnamese troops coming into South Vietnam.

    Postwar, it was returned to the United States and updated to the AH-1S (transfer docs from US Army say AH-1J) standard with an armored canopy and the capability of launching TOW missiles. It was later modified as it appears in the Museum, to AH-1F standards with "head-up” displays and a laser rangefinder.

    It was photographed at Kiel Holtenau (KEL / EDHK), by German Photographer: Erik Frikke  on 07/09/1986. Probably because it was with one of the two Aviation border units —the 11 ACR in Fulda (Bad Hersfeld), and the 2nd ACR at Feucht— stationed there. These were the only USAREUR aviation units that could operate within the 5K zone along the border. With its TOW capabilities, it would have been the first to see action if the Cold War had gone hot.

    In June 2006, it was placed on display at Evergreen. It is on loan from the U.S. Army Tank & Automotive Command (TACOM).

    Can you give me any of its history after its SEA deployment?

    I suspect it was modified in the states sometime in the 1970s and then shipped to Europe in the late 70s and served there throughout the 1980s along the West German border, but I have no proof. Also, can you tell me what happened to it after it was demobed in Europe? Was it assigned to Army NG units? Did it sit at AMARG? Dates and locations would help round out our records.

    Any information you could give me would be of great help in developing a narrative that I can pass along to the Museum’s 500,000 annual visitors.

    Thank you.

    Keith Riggs, docent
    Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum
    McMinnville, Oregon
    541-680-1044 (personal phone)

    keithdriggs@gmail.com (personal email)

  3. Hey all, I’m looking for markings for P-47D 42-26960, #69 “The Ox Cart” from the 57th Fighter Group. It’s on Eagle Strike 48-164, but I cannot find a copy of it anywhere. I only need the partial sheet, but the full sheet would be fine as well. Let me know what you’d like either to sell or trade. thanks! Jon
  4. Now you’ve got me thinking. I just tossed together an old ESCI H model, one thing led to another, and now I’ve got a kitbashed Nighthawk in the works. Any pointers on building the searchlight?
  5. Hey all, Does anyone out there have a scrap 1:48 UH-60 kit with an intact main rotor? I’m almost finished with Super 68, but the main rotor I had for it was wrecked a while ago. Happy to pay for it so I can finish this one up. Thanks, Jon
  6. I’m building one Longbow now as 06A which was the first Block 2 radar bird I flew and the Fort Rucker “show bird”; and one Alpha as the gray bird that sh*t an engine on me.
  7. Sure, but when you’ve got a photo of a Japanese Arrowhead-equipped D model on the box top, one would think that the kit includes it, that’s all I’m saying. J
  8. Daaaamn straight.... Good to see it though.... but adhesive vinyl directly applied over the art.... WHYYYYYY!?!?!?!
  9. Yeah, it’s 09747. The entire reason I bought the kit was for the modernized PNVS turret, which they show on the box. I’ve already scratchbuilt one for the Longbow I’m just getting back to building and didn’t want to have to do that again. Im gonna have to find the AH-64E boxing to be able to build any of the D models my Battalion took to Afghanistan in 2013. Oh well...
  10. Hey all, So about a year and a half ago I picked up the Hasegawa JGSDF boxing for the AH-64D. I knew it had extra parts for the Japanese variant, but I just opened it up and the only thing extra was the Stinger launchers. No MPNVS turret like the box shows. I’m feeling cheated. Jon
  11. Just for giggles, here’s Super 68 (90-26288) as she currently sits in the US Army Aviation Museum. I may have some shots of 10th Mountain Cobras too. Will see what I can find.
  12. Hey there! Just had an article on Sherman dozer tanks published in Armor Journal, and I’ve got a couple things in the works on the P-47. Nothing concrete yet as far as publication, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. J
  13. Now that I’m looking at 165291, it definitely has the Squadron patch, but does not have HMLA-775 Det A on the bird itself. Instead, it’s stenciled on the outboard M260 pod.
  14. 😂👍 Of course! Actually the bird I’m building has Squadron patches and the unit and det painted on it. I’ve got the BuNo covered with “Whiskeys In The Mix” and basic markings, but I need the Squadron insignia. In any case, here’s what happens when you get an AH-1F and AH-1W kit and some spare parts sitting around.
  15. Jon, I know, as I said, it was tongue in cheek. It's a really nice model. I'm somewhat inspired to finish the A and D models sitting on my workbench. Gotta clear out a few things first though! J
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