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  1. So do I. Since you emphasized "paid" I just wanted to set the record straight that we who backed on indiegogo also paid in advance. Anyway, I think it is a moot point whether we pre-ordered and paid in may or in september two years back. I think AMK should do anything they can to make sure we get our stuff ahead of those who ordered from any online store yesterday.
  2. Yeah, I think there were other ways to preorder before the indiegogo-thing. But afaik I have also paid for the kit when I preordered it through Indiegogo. Being two years ago now. I wouldn’t mind a little assurance that the kit will be sent anyway.
  3. Maybe we´ll get invitations to a VIP tour of the factory to pick them up in person. Since we've been waiting so faithfully and patiently. 😄
  4. Not designed for the Italeri kit?! What other kind of 1/48 scale Ospreys are there?
  5. erik_g


    You could always hang them on a Swedish JAS 39C Gripen. They were used to put out forest fires last year here in Sweden. 😄 (Article in swedish: https://www.nyteknik.se/samhalle/forsvarsmakten-jas-plan-bombade-brand-6924053 )
  6. Yeah, I guess we who have waited for two years can wait a bit longer. Those social media influencers must have their kit first. Marketing is very important. But I am 235% sure that if they later manage to send an actual kit to my actual address, the Swedish postal service will manage to lose it somewhere. 😕
  7. Yeah, it´s my job to deliver snarky comments!
  8. Have the preorders been sent out yet, or have they only sent out promo kits at this time? In other words, have any of you guys who pre-ordered got your kits yet? Just want to know when I should start keeping an eye out for a box in the mail.
  9. Too bad I could not be at the show this year. If I had been, maybe I could have judged that class. In that case I could have told you why it lost.. 😉 The competition is fierce and the over all quality is so high that anything less than a perfect wash with completely even panel lines (which I find undesirable since some panel lines are more visible than others irl) will kick you out of the competition. I had the same problem with my Hornet (same judges). You´ll have to step up your washing game to be able to compete at the absolute top level in that specific class! Goes for both of us, pal. We´ll have to train more!
  10. Looking good! Will it be finished for tomorrow?
  11. Saab recently let a select group of nerds (me included) get a close up, inside the barrier, meet and greet with the Gripen E prototype. I don’t think they will do such a thing ever again 😂 Little did they know that there are so many angles and ways to frame a shot, and so many details to photograph. They thought we’d be happy just to shoot it from the front. One photographer leaning on the pitot probe on an adjacent 39D while framing a shot didn’t make things any better. 😡
  12. No, the Italeri kit is of a JAS 39B while the Kitty Hawk kit is of a JAS 39D, Both kits are utterly unbuildable if held to the same standard as some of the kits discussed in here. Suffice to say that both kits hade some fit and shape issues. The italeri kit suffers from rather poor detailing while the KH kit is fairly detailed but suffers from some errors and omissions. Also, the weapons load included on the KH kit is somewhat bonkers. You get one BK90 bomblet dispenser (which would be carried one on each wing if they had ever been used on JAS 39C/D) and one Rb 15F, which also would be carried symmetrically one on each wing. Also you get no drop tank, which is pretty much always carried on the centerline or one on each wing. The best Gripen kits out there are the fairly new Revell kits in 1/72. Included inspirational photo from this weekend of JAS 39C, E and D sharing the same piece of apron at F17 wing at Kallinge, Sweden.
  13. No airshow for you this weekend then. Too bad. The 39E makes public debut!
  14. Looking good, interesting use of the sponge, now I know what you hinted at on Twitter the other day! /E
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