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  1. I finally got my kit yesterday after ordering it through Indiegogo 2,5 years back. A lot of plastic in the box. Managed to do a complete unboxing of all the sprues and fit everything back in the box again. That skill should mean that I am skilled enough to put the kit together as well. 😄 You all know about the kits shortcomings by now, so I won't beat that dead horse more than necessary. If I hadn´t read this thread I´d say, out of the box, the things that I noted were: cockpit details being on the soft side and TARPS pod not having glazed windows. Panel lines looked OK. Sharp and distinct. Of course, I know that they are not symmetric and all that. But I would probably never had noticed that on my own.
  2. Ha ha ha, I got confused there for a while. I had to check which forum I was scanning. I don´t think you can blame Jester on AMK! 😄
  3. To be honest, I have not used my MRP paints yet, so I can´t say for sure that they are OK. But I sure hope so. Last time I painted a Viggen I used a mixture of Tamiya paints. They look nice in the jars anyway, and their grey SwAF paints looked great. Didn't know Hataka made the viggen camouflage colours too. The important think I think, is not to let any of the colours stand out. Most of the time people get the light green too powerful. The black should not be really black either, just a drop of green or gray would do the trick. The black we had when I did service definitively had a green tinge to it from up close. I´ll see if I can get some painting done this weekend, and maybe find a scrap piece of plastic to try the paints on. I have just about every Tarangus/Special Hobby Viggen in my stash, so I have a need for correct, easy to use Viggen paints...
  4. If it is the splinter one, I believe it should be the same colours as used on the Viggen (It was painted that way to test the camouflage intended for the Viggen). MRP has Viggen colours in their range: MRP-175, Blue-Grey 058M MRP-176, Black 093M MRP-177, Dark Green 326M MRP-178, Mid Green 322M MRP-179, Tan 507M
  5. Yay! My kit is on it´s way too.. at least I have a tracking number. Now, let's hope that the package doesn't get lost while handled by PostNord.
  6. I also got the mail from Vicky!
  7. So do I. Since you emphasized "paid" I just wanted to set the record straight that we who backed on indiegogo also paid in advance. Anyway, I think it is a moot point whether we pre-ordered and paid in may or in september two years back. I think AMK should do anything they can to make sure we get our stuff ahead of those who ordered from any online store yesterday.
  8. Yeah, I think there were other ways to preorder before the indiegogo-thing. But afaik I have also paid for the kit when I preordered it through Indiegogo. Being two years ago now. I wouldn’t mind a little assurance that the kit will be sent anyway.
  9. Maybe we´ll get invitations to a VIP tour of the factory to pick them up in person. Since we've been waiting so faithfully and patiently. 😄
  10. Not designed for the Italeri kit?! What other kind of 1/48 scale Ospreys are there?
  11. erik_g


    You could always hang them on a Swedish JAS 39C Gripen. They were used to put out forest fires last year here in Sweden. 😄 (Article in swedish: https://www.nyteknik.se/samhalle/forsvarsmakten-jas-plan-bombade-brand-6924053 )
  12. Yeah, I guess we who have waited for two years can wait a bit longer. Those social media influencers must have their kit first. Marketing is very important. But I am 235% sure that if they later manage to send an actual kit to my actual address, the Swedish postal service will manage to lose it somewhere. 😕
  13. Yeah, it´s my job to deliver snarky comments!
  14. Have the preorders been sent out yet, or have they only sent out promo kits at this time? In other words, have any of you guys who pre-ordered got your kits yet? Just want to know when I should start keeping an eye out for a box in the mail.
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