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  1. You ROCK Nick! I knew someone would come through and you did BIG time. Thanks also for the tutorial on how you prepped.
  2. Thanks Randy for the "research corner" tip. Andre. Great pic!!! You don't happen to have one from the opposite side?
  3. Jake...Thanks for replying. Unfortunatly the purchase of another book is not inthe budget.
  4. Hello, I am slowly building the Tamiya 1/32 F-14 and would like to keep the nose in the open position. Does anyone have photos of an f-14 showing what was used to keep it open.? Thanks
  5. After a complete Internet search for this kit I am turning to ARC. I really want build this Kit/Aircraft. Send me a PM if you want to sell. Thanks.
  6. Utley, I sent Two Mikes an e-mail a couple of weeks ago to see if they had a B-1B update and I never got a reply. I want to build my B-1B but not if I can't use conventional bombs and can't find AM Bomb Bays.
  7. Thanks Kurt for the informative info. I was afraid that was going to be the case.
  8. I am in the planning and preparation stages of building Revell's B-1B and I would like help from anyone that has worked on this "BONE" or in depth knowledge since I am going for accuracy. Currently I have the kit which has been washed in the tub....and dried. I will prime as I go along in the build. I have the Eduard PE cockpit and exhaust set, Scale Aircraft Conversion landing gear set and Fox Decals. I also want to buy some of Shawn Hulls munnitions of the Bomb Bays. Here goes: 1. I want to build the B-1B, of the 337th Bombardment Sq., Dyress, tail 85-0077, that are on the Fox Decals. It
  9. Doug, Any update on these B-1B Wheels? Marc
  10. Steve007, Getting ready to satrt my first Intruder and saw your build! VERY NICE!
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