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  1. Ho Jon, could you add me as a friend, thanks!

  2. A big yes for Soviet/Russian ground equipment in 1/48 from me! ;)
  3. Thanks Nazar, that's interesting to hear!
  4. Beautiful work! I have this kit at home but was waiting for some correction sets before I started. Once I get my hands on the Komplekt zip parts I'll start! Does the nose set come with a resin cockpit?
  5. I'd love to get some sheets of Typhoons used in this campaign. Sign me up for interest!
  6. Thought so. Odd Numbering and soviet stars aside I've never seen anything like that. Still looks pretty though! :D Anyone have any thoughts on the dark green and silver mig? How reliable are clavework graphics?
  7. Found this Mig-17F, I'm assuming though that this colour scheme is totally fictitious and just made up by the museum? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_3n8YhXDXXQ4/TAfWrxyXyzI/AAAAAAAA4TE/LYtDlqSeJXk/s1600/pzl-mielec_lim-6_fresco-c_mig-17f_lside_tam_3feb2010.jpg Website has it listed as Tillamook Air Museum?
  8. Thanks that's interesting, I thought that the smer nose was better received since it was rounder and more bulbous. Thanks for the link also some interesting stuff. I'm suprised that while quickboost did a corrected ventral fin they ignored the nose...
  9. Thanks, however I saw some discussion on aeroscale about the nose intake being a better shape? I was considering using this part on the Hobby Boss kit.
  10. Hi again, I have a quick question. Has anyone worked with the old Smer kit? I've done some research and it seems no one does an aftermarket replacement nose yet, however I was considering kit bashing the Smer parts. Would this work? Or am I better off attacking the nose with Milliput? Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated
  11. Thanks guys! How about the green and silver scheme from Wings Palette? Anyone know anything about that?
  12. Does anyone know anything about this aircraft? I found two different images of this plane on Wing's Palette but have no idea if it is accurate? Wing's Palette say its from Aviation Review Magazine and the plane is from the 1950's? Mig-17 Second image from clavework graphics who date it as 1958 Mig-17 2
  13. Thank you Andrey, do you have any picture of this colour profile?
  14. Thanks for the back ground guys! I know very little about the mig-17, I just picked up the mig-17 PF Fresco D as i thought it looked cool. With that weird nose and all the guns. That picture from Kiev is interesting, it would be nice to know for certain if that's a inaccurate museum paint job or if it has any basis in reality. If it's just fantasy I might go for the East German scheme as I really liked the colours on that :)
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