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  1. We may different from Hasegawa approach our decal variant runs for years. We have different approach for different subject, for some niche item we put all possible marking into one box. But for subject like f-18 or f-104, the market demand decal variant for different distribution and we will release according to the demand.
  2. Actually LuckyModel has become a multiple location mail order operation. For Trumpeter and Meng item, we are processing in China warehouse. The 6 weeks restocking time is waiting the arrival of some backorder from the maker. sometimes fast, sometimes slow. So we ask them to ship whatever they have and don't block the other item temp out of stock. But we should do it better to keep sending notification to customer before you ask. That what we are doing the system updating now.
  3. By 2019, we experience more case of temp out of production case from maker in China. Where most of the makers in China is reaching 6-7 years old with sizeable catalog. Keeping the back catalog in stock is a challenging tasks even more difficult to make a new item. like GWH F-15C, it takes almost 8 months to get to back in stock. And the question for dealer is we never know their reproduction plan so all we can do is waiting. And keeping asking supplier every week and update to customer.
  4. Logically it can. but remember we are working on a plastic. Even the tooling is 100% accurate, the produced parts produced will have different degrees of tolerance which make it difficult to assembling. And more importantly, the long term running cost of injection is bigger than the one time tooling cost. Therefore we already abandon the multi parts design to save tooling, instead we duplicate the parts in the tooling to save production cost. But different manufacturers position at different stage, so each has its own concern. But that is just our thinking.
  5. Please PM me I am working out
  6. Since the engineering upgrade since 2017, we are constantly reevaluate the subject selection as well as performance yield from new tooling system. The surprise release of F-104G proof one thing - we are stepping into the top ties model maker in aircraft with specified panel line rivet and fitting. Thus we may reorganise the subject priorities to the market. Therefore we will only announce the item 45 days from the product release. As for the Cheetah release, the boxart will come out when it is ready to ship. So keep an eye on our Facebook or others channel for preorder.
  7. No dial decal included and no plastic parts has no panel dial details. If you want to make the detail, either paint by dry brush or getting the color PE for it.
  8. Noted we will have a new method to solve this problem.
  9. Dear Andreas Good suggestion we will put into the product developments profile
  10. Yes it is the problem if the distribution in North America. The dealer is not pro actively check for customer need so the business is stolen by online seller. I have forward the request to NA staff and come back to you.
  11. Already arrived. Checkout your retailer shop
  12. http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/f-104g-luftwaffe-starfighter-in-148-von-kinetic-48083/ some review if you want see
  13. RF-104G ? why not The entire F-104 series are planned. We just release it according to our schedule.
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