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  1. No dial decal included and no plastic parts has no panel dial details. If you want to make the detail, either paint by dry brush or getting the color PE for it.
  2. Noted we will have a new method to solve this problem.
  3. Dear Andreas Good suggestion we will put into the product developments profile
  4. Yes it is the problem if the distribution in North America. The dealer is not pro actively check for customer need so the business is stolen by online seller. I have forward the request to NA staff and come back to you.
  5. Already arrived. Checkout your retailer shop
  6. http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/f-104g-luftwaffe-starfighter-in-148-von-kinetic-48083/ some review if you want see
  7. RF-104G ? why not The entire F-104 series are planned. We just release it according to our schedule.
  8. Can you PM me ? I want to know if the exterior box has any damage. And see which route could cause the damage. But as compare to HK post surface mail this is already much better than before.
  9. Dear Danny You get 100% support from us, let work out to offer more of your DACO product!
  10. Dear ARCers, Sorry for the long delay due to missing one container shipment in June. All orders from April to 1st August 2019 just arrived our US hubs and you will receive the shipment notice soon on monday. We will speed up the container shipment to 30 days from now on. At last, sorry for the delay.
  11. Thanks what I can help to recheck the ‘incomplete’ we have before with customer services and take out first and we will wait the part from maker. This is because most market would not keep sprue part inventory. The only time we can get it is when it is being reproductions where no confirm schedule either to the maker themself.
  12. Please email me or PM me if you don’t get the response
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