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  1. As nowadays we have multiple warehouse among world, and we have 2 warehouse in Hk/China region so when you see in stock it may in stock in Hk or China office. And we will split the order and handle the shipment from different center. as those items already in USA those item will be released right away. So sometimes some client is surprised with the 5 days delivery with surface mail ! as some of the items are stocked in China where the release to shipping is different from HK (as container fully loaded sometimes) it will be postponed to next container.
  2. As those who buy overseas, you notice the cross boarder purchase via traditional postal services becoming more expensive. The world has changed from globalization to regionalization. Thus, at LuckyModel, this is the 4th years that we working hard to establish a new supply chain network to cope with the postal cost, VAT challenge worldwide. The LUCKY AIR is a new method which we are fine tunning everyday in order to offer the lowest possible cross countries shipping while maintain a reasonable timing. 5 days cross country low shipping cost has gone by the public services. The last
  3. It depends on the zip code recently the USPS offer cheaper price. but let me check if we can bear the additional cost or giving an option to go for higher price using UPS
  4. We are asking the shipping company by container number and see if it transferred to another vessel
  5. Dear Thanh we are upgrading the tracking update. The one you see may be the tracking heading to KS, once the box arrived it will be rerouted via UPS or USPS and another tracking will be loaded Raymond
  6. Yes, it is now being forward to USPS/UPS today. The tracking is the 1st leg shipment to our KS office and it will take 2-3 days to reach you.
  7. Dear Brian don’t worry my staff in KS now on trip and the package should be received by the reception office but you never know USPS 🙂 we have asked USPS redeliver or my staff will go to pickup Monday. we are running a new path via different carrier to test the delivery performance. all package will go out KS by USPS/UPS on Monday with the local tracking available in the last mile shipment. More software update to cope with this new services and the delivery timing suffered a bit by combination of Easter holiday local trip etc.
  8. Dear Matt sorry my software update is not finished completely. As the new routing the order sent to USA as if “Hong Kong” for transfer. but you can see the tracking from UPS it is all heading to USA KS. I will finish the software update to display correctly. raymond
  9. This is the second batch of the new LUCKY AIR to USA, we are evaluating the performance and see how we can make smooth and faster onward. initially, we think we can only wait a week before we can collect enough order to go out. now we can ship out every 2-3 days. And for the UK customer, you don't need to worry being annoy by the custom, we have a broker to manage the VAT already.
  10. Dear Thanh, Yes, the box is out of delivery to our KS office, but my staff is on trip till friday, so he will forward to UPS/USPS right away.
  11. Hello everyone the first batch is on the way to US and when the goods arrive the local UPS number will be updated. And from there it will reach you in 3 days. the transit Pacific route will first arrive Chicago within a week.
  12. We run out of the part at the moment and we reproducing the parts. And we check with the finished stock, the canopy is right. maybe your batch is defective only.
  13. Please contact me at raymond@kineticmodel.com This is the first time i heard this. If this really happens, it may be related to certain batch where the parts get "warpped" during injection. Normally the workers cut the corner by releasing the parts without reaching the settlement time.
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