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  1. Can you PM me ? I want to know if the exterior box has any damage. And see which route could cause the damage. But as compare to HK post surface mail this is already much better than before.
  2. Dear Danny You get 100% support from us, let work out to offer more of your DACO product!
  3. Dear ARCers, Sorry for the long delay due to missing one container shipment in June. All orders from April to 1st August 2019 just arrived our US hubs and you will receive the shipment notice soon on monday. We will speed up the container shipment to 30 days from now on. At last, sorry for the delay.
  4. Thanks what I can help to recheck the ‘incomplete’ we have before with customer services and take out first and we will wait the part from maker. This is because most market would not keep sprue part inventory. The only time we can get it is when it is being reproductions where no confirm schedule either to the maker themself.
  5. Please email me or PM me if you don’t get the response
  6. Drop the PM to me and I see if I can do anything for you
  7. Some of the last cut-off parcel by late April just onboard last 2 weeks. You should get it by end of August with the tracking (ETA 28 August) and it would be clear to our warehouse by 3-4 Sept and then a week of local delivery. This method is sure better than Post office surface mail where we load it to our container and avoid being crushed. We will speed things up on next round.
  8. thanks John for your view. The flat hub wheel is provision for F-104A/C, but we are not sure if the market need it. So, I cannot say we must do a F-104A/C. As for the deep wheel type, we do know 2 types of tyres applied with the same wheel hub. And the F-104J use the narrow tyres. However, when we plan the tooling, we cannot find any space left on the mould. So, we make the decision to include the part common to F-104 series and recycle the parts "if" we ready the F-104A/C. The only "inaccurate" version used with CF-104 and F-104J. But the workaround is sanding down the wheel mating surface, I am sure the aftermarket will provide the wheel type for CF-104 with sanding.
  9. The F-104J will only available in Japan now. International release not yet planned
  10. PM me. A container is on the way to Canada and before the arrival the domestic tracking number is not available. As the domestic postal system has only 14 days Valid before we send to them. Therefore we have to wait the actual container arrived and send out to you. If the package is Non US or Canada thr HKPOST surface mail tracking should be there. If not PM or email me
  11. Dear Colin, i respect the view from modeller but doing everything in plastic form may not be an effective way. Taking the F-18Atars as example, why no AM company release it ? I will ask some AM company to see if they can release it. Or at another angle, the demand for correct IP for F-18atars is not sufficient enough to make it. As as recently I review some message in another famous thread. Some maker indicate that it is not good for treat this as a business it should be a culture. By making a plastic consumer product by not having enough business consideration, Kinetic may be going to be a brand asking for preorder for years before releasing a kit and without confirm delivery date. Do you want us to become such company ?
  12. Dear John we aware of this when we design, the narrow/wide tire vs wheel hub is a 2x2 combination. Therefor we should offer 4 sets of wheel/tire parts or separate hub and tire. But we consider the mould space and will let the modeller with deep knowledge to sand down the thickness of the wider tire version to fit the accuracy. That is the decision of how we implement the detail under the limitation of technical, budget and product requirement. Another discussion about whether we include the gun bay of m61. We reserve a recesses panel at the back of fuselage to those modeller who wants to install resin type detail. While we don’t offer plastic gun bay. I just want to stay we did our research and the features design is supported by our reason behind.
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