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  1. Sorry, with corrected information. The kit come with 2 nozzle the shorter and longer one.
  2. As usual style Kinetic will only release the variant in a certain fix period to avoid competition within our product range.
  3. The kit come with both wheel and door as the F-104J need it (for japan market) but we do not offer both nozzle as the mold space not enough and we believe aftermarket supply will offer it if enough consumer demand it.
  4. Dear Berkut Thanks for your advise. In fact we have started the way of research as you mention. The only difference is that we have asked to form a reviewer group before we start any project. Within the research period, the shape detail are review over 6-9 months before we start the detail design. But we do it in a very low profile way, we do not put it public. During the development process, all kinds of dispute, comments are made. What features to add or remove, how detail it is.... and I am the last person to press the Go button. Of course I always be the bad guy in the team where we reject the request to add in some features. Of of course we are human we made mistake or omit something, our guideline on review is those mistake cannot be fatal (like shape error) where consumer cannot modify by themselves. For small lump and pump, we try our best but sometimes shoot happens. like our f-18 we made small mistakes in missing one anntenas part during mold layout and we overlook the vertical tail higher edge width (the height is correct but the edge of upper edge is 1.2mm longer). So we retool the vertical tail in the next production batch. After the initial F-16 project, we learn a lot from our mistake. So we understand how to keep operation afloat and we need to know how we need to upgrade our product quality from design tooling and product delivery. The last Kinetic Gold will be the result of such effort. But also we have some old tooled item need to be rerun, so we make a Gold label to let customer know what they are expecting. In terms research, we have hit the wall on F-16, Mirage 2000. But do you notice that since the F-5A/B series, we have not made major shape error mistakes since then? This is the result of our research workflow as well as the contribution from our contributor (our nake name call GIB).
  5. Yes In the past 10 years we have made a lot of unique aircraft that no other maker did before like E2 S2 M346.... and also try to make a balance between price quality and subject. But after when we upgrade our tooling quality, our choice of subjects would become narrowed. As we need more qty sold to offset the cost for higher quality tooling. For example, when everyone is excited with our Su33 release and look down on the F-18 release. The F-18 selling result is way better than the Su33. And we have the figures forecast the F-18 is 8 times more than Su33 in 5 years time selling period. So in order to offer some niche item we need to do some mainstream subject to keep our book balance. Thr bottom line is we are running a business and we need profit to drive the operation. We do not want to be a modeller crazy brand but we never able to keep afloat or deliver the product. Raymond
  6. Yes that right. We offer one more option to the market. Just like when we drive a long way and looking for food in between. You want a KFC but you can only find McDonald, what would you do ? Buy it eat it and move on ! we have no way or intention to replace another offer for the market. It is just consumer choice. But the basic things - is it on the shelf or accessible when the consumers want ? At Kinetic accessibility is one of the consideration of our product planning.
  7. One of the question ? Can you find a F-104g in major retailer in Europe ?
  8. As we stated in early of the 2019, we change the policy in product release. We only annouce it when we "almost" release it (like almost go to injection or packing). For announced item, we will still going on. But the priorities between the announced subject and undisclose subject change from time to time. As for the AMK issue with LuckyModel, it is a very simple claim since 2016. We delist the brand because we believe their way of doing business doing more harm than good for LuckyModel. (back in 2015/Dec when we suffered from short shipped Mig-31). Now, we are so relieved that we don't be part of their so called "pre-order" program. If we still list the item at LM, the preorder matter will destory goodwill of LuckyModel. Even back in 2008, when Kinetic first started the F-16, after receiving the orders for 6 months and we cannot ensure old Kinetic can deliver the kit, we actively ask for option from consumer to refund/cancel the order. At last, we need to acquire Kinetic to make the F-16 appear on the market to ensure the delivery to LuckyModel customer. That why LuckyModel own Kinetic. We don't want to repeat the same nightmare from the same group of people, so we pull the plug. Now, I can say that my decision to drop off the brand is good for us.
  9. Well, if you view from subject/maker matrix, you will see the data like this: F-14 / endless supplier F-4 / - ditto - Mirage 2000 / Italeri, Heller and Kinetic Mirage IIIE / - ditto - F-16 / endless supplier F-18 / MONOGRAM, Hasegawa, HobbyBoss, Kinetic So, why the market cannot support another offer on F-104 where we only have 2 suppliers since 1972 till now ?
  10. The US shipment just arrive this week. As we have some shipping operation modification so the shipment takes month to arrive. Check out from your your local retailer
  11. The US shipment just arrive this week. As we have some shipping operation modification so the shipment takes month to arrive. Check out from your your local retailer
  12. The first trans pacific reroute will happen in this month via Canada then when we figure out the exact detail on shipping from it, we can expand to provide better delivery services
  13. Thanks for your checking. Something wrong in the shipping parameter table where it switch to oversize parcel. Now the shipping cost go back to $19 to Canada.
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