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  1. the A afterward upper panel are A some of the A/C panel will take C as basis. For 100% accuracy, some panel would take some rescribe
  2. the MSRP 70 in USA is for the retail shop pricing. You may get discount from your friendly store. As we handle the North America market, we want to establish a level playing field for most everyone. For those who want the bargain price they have to wait a slow boat from our own container shipment. (The post office surface mail is expensive)
  3. Basically, the airmail rate is almost same the express rate. As the standard air mail services still suspended from Post office. The standard Post office surface mail is also very expensive, but we offer flat shipping services fees via our own cross-boarder container shipment with last mail delivery with Fedex, Canada Post. Soon, our office in UK will take over all big parcel shipment. For customer in Australia, more shipping option by surface will be offered later after July.
  4. The condition in HK and difference from Japan. First, basically, all air mail services by HK Post still suspended, we are sending package via Jesery Post via UK to rest of the world. Unlike old days, when we send the package to post office, it will almost the same day go to the airline to posting. And now, when we pack the item, we have to file the shipping request to postal agents and waiting their reply for a tracking before we can ship to them. Once we ship to them, it sometimes take 7-21 days to wait for slot in airline. Unlike DHL, they used their own fleet to sen
  5. Raymond Chung Replied: 3 minutes ago Dear Carmeron First of all, i am sorry for the trouble caused. Thr 2020/2021 is a tough year for cross country mail order business. As for your case and other customer in US and Canada, those who use surfacemail is not send by Hk post. As the current HK post surface mail postage cost and delivery time is out of control. Some surface mail packet take 6 months to arrive with an expensive cost. No to mention the mail loss. We wer
  6. As we are rewriting a new site, in the meantime you should order the in stock item to be secure fast shipment. Anything backorder especially Japanese brand is not easily procured. Except the new item the back catalog is getting harder to restock. For any item that you feel no good to wait just send a message via my request for cancellation and refund. Or you can ask the availability for non in stock item first. Once the new updated to the site more accurate restocking information can be provided.
  7. Hello all ARCers, Just want to take this place to let you know our ISP name server has some issues and they are fixing up at the moment. We will update everyone when the DNS system can be restored. Regards Raymond
  8. we have been working out the US warehouse for years and finally we have it done by Feb 2021. http://doc.kineticmodel.com/NL210224-1112/NL01.html we are working and supporting to the shops from now on. Contact your US store to contact us for supply. And we are test running the luckymodel order released from our US system during the moment.
  9. Please email me for any issue on Luckymodel order. I check the case that the boarder Tiger I has some damage box that hold up and we will get the replaced and kick out quickly. Sorry for the delayed. Btw, Kinetic has setup the US distribution, (we deal with distribution now) if you want to order from your shop which does not carry Kinetic, please ask them to visit https://us.KineticModel.com to open account for dealership. or you can go to some online shops like Jef corner store or kitlinx. And sure more store will carry kinetic from now on.
  10. sorry to put message here, it related to Kinetic. we have do some adjustment on the tooling to allow it to inject without the shrink effect. But the result does not have too much. The major breakthrough on the su-33 is the total engineering from tooling design to injection system. The su-33 lead to the investment in the in house injection floor with digital motor. The result is very good and basically fix most of the injection problem that trouble us for year. The injection is quite unique where it is not common to find a subcontractor. Without such facilities one should to
  11. Yes MF1 always in the queue, but we have to monitor the market condition to fire up the trigger to steel cutting.
  12. For you my advise to get the F-104A plus the G tail if this is a must for you. The G parts already have recess line at the back so you can cut it and mate with F-104C front. the cost for the new tooled one can let you buy a BMW series 3, so you understand what it is. F-5A/B no plan at the moment.
  13. Experts are people, people make mistake. But I am sure everyone do their best already. Luckily we just miss one point.
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