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  1. I wise I can. So model kit now becoming life time warranty?
  2. Yep, i am interesting to see the initial response to see “what is not provided” instead of what is included. Our aims of this F-16 series is to provide a quick build base kit and pave the way for add-on according to each customer demand.
  3. We have the AAQ-28, AAQ-13, AAQ-14, AAQ-32 lncluded, but no sure if it is the specified variant of the POS that you required.
  4. I think the seat belt with reinforcement plate from eduard cost less than 12? we are teaming up with cross delta to make reinforcement set. of course if you need 3D printer console, it is more expensive than the kit itself. as for the magfire weapon, the parts designed for magnet installation. I think also it is too complex for those who don’t need to magnet the missile. But it is designed for such purpose. I understand there are some customers who demand all-in-one (PE… option) But F-16 is different from other offering from us (eg F-104, IA-58, Harri
  5. oops. forget to renew SSL on those image drive. now updated.
  6. We are considering to offer the parts from the old F-16 parts to meet the need.
  7. Hi everyone, Nice to see all feedback on the new the F-16 kit. For the reinforcement plate, we are working with Cross Delta to provide an updated set for the plate from Block 15 to 32, the material will be in vinyl. The PE type material is not too easy to blend in some curve area, therefore, we gave up the PE concept. As for the reason why we don't offer PE inside the kit (something different from the past), let me take this chance to express our new approach in product development. We used to provide some PE in our kits to enhance o
  8. As for the reinforcement plate we are asking cross delta to make a block specified vinyl to cater the need. for the IFF, you just need to sand it flat for early block.
  9. This is a locating hole for the fin base, once installed, the huge at the fin will flash it out. the old design is using a tab to install it, but it would have a possible angle drift. so we try this time with a locating pin
  10. The entire viper family will be considered. only the block 60 will be skipped and it will be offered in old tooling. we will release the viper family in our schedule timeframe. Not too fast not too slow.
  11. The lighting at the show are yellow so make you feel tinted. It will be provided in clear plastic, we will see if we can offer tinted one as separate product.
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