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  1. I apologize for not finishing my entry - this has not been a good year with me being ill twice, the last time culminating in a 9-day stay in hospital, and my father-in-law passing. I have had too little bench time to give this the attention it needs and deserves. I know this GB ends 30 June, but I am unsure if I can get back on track -- we shall see if I can at least get further. John
  2. Well, if we're going to call it "Birth of Carrier War" then we could also call it "Death of Carrier War", 'cause there was none afterwards .... Myself, I tend to think of the "birth" of carrier war really being the 1930's. All before then was experiment and learning, it isn't until the 30's that folks started to put things together and not only develop but demonstrate the concept, whether shots were fired or not.
  3. I bought from them about 5 months ago, no problem with the email address or the fast service. I suggest you call the listed phone numbers ...
  4. When I started this, I mentioned that my January was busy, so little progress has occurred. But, here we have the un-needed panel lines filled (well, most of them), the engine cowl sanded rounder, the rudder cut off, and all the new panel lines drawn in preparation for scribing. Note that many of these drawn lines merely overlay existing lines - I just wanted them all there so I knew what I was doing. Anyway, I'll be back when the scribing is done, hopefully NMT a couple weeks, then I can start the fun stuff. I will work the fuselage halves first as they are easiest and allow me to start
  5. mbittner wrote: Does it have to be WW2? I would like to build a very early F4F-3 as done on the Starfighter sheet... jrallman wrote: It has to be WWII as those pre-war planes, while carrier based, did not participate in carrier warfare. this GB focusses on the first time that carrier based planes and actual fighting were finally combined. But, I thought the time period was 1 Sep 39 -> VJ-day (see original thread). So US "pre-war" aircraft would be eligible if they were carrier-based from 1 Sep 39 on ? What about Neutrality patrols & etc ? Just looking for clarification ...
  6. Not the rivets, but I've used other from the line and they do quite well. I used their "raised panel lines" to make wing ribs for an early Hurricane. Treated nicely you can sand to get desired effect, etc ... Try 'em ...
  7. I voted for Carrier War, but suggest we expand scope. -- WW2 starts in '39 ... -- if a pre-war built carrier participated in WW2, then any aircraft which served on her pre-war would be eligible ... Then since we say "any aircraft which took off/landed...", do we include the B-25 (Doolittle), P-40 (Torch), and other non-naval aircraft that might have been ferried & launched from a carrier ? John
  8. Given the question about rescribing, I probably should do a better job explaining the scope of this project. Remember, I wasn't there, am not an expert, etc ... Here is a list, in no particular order, of differences between the prototype and even the earliest production Spitfires, not to mention the kit. Remember I am doing this as the "first flight" of 5 March 1936 -- K5054 was modified continually after that, looking more like a production aircraft each time. (* means Paragon conversion part, - means my problem) * angled rudder horn balance * low-pitch 2-blade prop - recessed carb int
  9. Well, off we go ... First step in this project is to fill in most of the lovely panel lines in the Tamiya kit .... There's nothing wrong with the Tamiya kit and panel lines, just that the prototype was much different ... I'll be back when all is sanded down and then later when rescribed. This won't be a fun build until I get through this stage ...
  10. I'm building the Spitfire Prototype, K5054, using articles in March 2006 MAM as reference. Tamiya 1/48 Spifire I Paragon Conversion Some Eduard & Ultracast bits & pieces. Pix already posted in build thread ...
  11. The first combo is Dark Earth (MM 2054) and the second Dark Green (MM 2060). These are MM enamel, I don't have MM acrylic #'s ...
  12. The GB Forum is open ... No mods visible but I think they are closing out another GB right now and should be along shortly.
  13. Hi, I have a half dozen projects planned, all 1/48, but doubt I'll come anywhere close to doing them all. My first project will be the Supermarine Type 300, K5054, on it's first flight 6 March 1936. The base kit is the 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I and I have the Paragon conversion kit and a few other pieces of Spitfire I aftermarket. The build is based on two articles in the March 2006 MAM and some notes from Ben Guenther who did a superb one in 1/72 scale. The build part is easy, the "primer" paint job is something else -- I will have to practice quite a bit before I try it on the aircraft
  14. Glad to see you do this -- I've got the Airwaves set on order and was thinking about this as one of my builds. I'll pay attention to my first build and watch yours with interest.
  15. No, you aren't the only one, but it hasn't shown up in GB's yet & there isn't much chatter ??? I'm going to lead off with K5054, or try to ...
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