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  1. modelmax

    Filling a seam on a two part clear nose cone

    Great job Rob. I see you haven't give up on yours... It's been years since I gave up on mine, a Yak-28L. And that's because on the L, the seam can be hidden with paint! those scoops look great! I would sure buy some from you if you decide to sell. Keep up the great work. Ernie A.
  2. modelmax

    Found.... Thanks

    looking for stuff
  3. thanks for confirming. I too was experiencing the same. Unfortunately I don't do facebook, so I'm sol. Ernie A.
  4. Hi gang, What ever happened to Red Star Scale Models website? Are they still around? Please advise. Thanks, Ernie A.
  5. Adding J-fever to the list. Thanks for the great deal John. Deal with confidence. Ernie A.
  6. WOW! Love Beriev flying boats. How do you always find these obscure aircraft kits Ken? Please post when you start on it. Thanks, Ernie A.
  7. Adding Dnl42 to this list. David came through with a hard to find OOP paint bottle, and to top it off would not accept shipping payment. First rate mate. Thanks, Ernie A.
  8. modelmax

    Post -War USAF C-46 Commando photos?

    Derek, Amazing collection of photographs. thank you for sharing. Ernie A.
  9. Hi, Thank you. Sending PM with my info. Ernie A.
  10. Hello gang, I've been searching the internet for model master International orange enamel, but cannot find it for sale anywhere... is it still available or has it been discontinued? In any case, if you got one to sell, I'll take it. Thanks, Ernie A.
  11. modelmax

    Building a Monogram 1/72 shuttle, ET and SRB.

    I too am of the same opinion Gary. Thanks again. Ernie A.
  12. modelmax

    Building a Monogram 1/72 shuttle, ET and SRB.

    No worries Gary. I assume the rest of the cross beam structure comes from the kit? again thanks, Ernie A.
  13. modelmax

    Building a Monogram 1/72 shuttle, ET and SRB.

    Hi Gary, First of all, congrats on your build. Really like the texture on the ET. I am also looking to get the aft cross beam structure from shapeways, but would like to know what print resolution did you buy? Please advise. Thanks, Ernie A.
  14. modelmax

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Thanks for the tip Timmy, just a followup question... what kind of glue do you use for it, or is it self adhesive? Again thanks, Ernie A.
  15. modelmax


    weekend bump