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  1. modelmax

    Building a Monogram 1/72 shuttle, ET and SRB.

    Hi Gary, First of all, congrats on your build. Really like the texture on the ET. I am also looking to get the aft cross beam structure from shapeways, but would like to know what print resolution did you buy? Please advise. Thanks, Ernie A.
  2. modelmax

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Thanks for the tip Timmy, just a followup question... what kind of glue do you use for it, or is it self adhesive? Again thanks, Ernie A.
  3. modelmax

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Ma'an you got me LOL. keep up the good work Tony.
  4. modelmax

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Hi Tony, Looking good. I was expecting to see Xavier here with an F-14 ... And I find you... and with an F-16 of all things! πŸ˜… What a surprise! Bizarro ARC?? Ernie A.
  5. Thanks Joel, but I can assure you not much engineering needed. access to any cheapy 3D printer helps out a lot. Regards, Ernie A.
  6. Never say Never! Ooops! I just did!😁
  7. Thanks Joel. After having scratch build the cockpit seats, I didn't feel like doing the same with the cargo bay furnishings... I almost went with an empty cargo bay, but then I came across a 3D model of HO scale furniture for 3D printing in thingiverse website. the components were printed flat on a carrier sheet, and that's when I realized I could do the same with the cargo area chairs and cots. I quickly designed the chair's sides and cots on 3D modeling software. Once printed I added the seat and back rest to the chair's sides from styrene. a quick coat of paint and voila! they looked the part. Ernie A.
  8. modelmax

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Thanks for sharing Thommo. Ernie A.
  9. modelmax

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Indeed worth the effort! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions Thommo. One remaining question... does the rigging actually go through the bulges or it's adjacent to them? I can't tell from the pics. regards, Ernie A.
  10. modelmax

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Thommo, What an amazing job! been following since the start. incredible that under that jewel is a matchbox kit. I found your rigging technique very interesting, and I would love to attempt to replicate it when I build several biplane-flying boats in my to do list. by the way, what did you use to make the bulges for the rigging? again, congrats on your build. Thanks, Ernie A.