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  1. Many thanks to Rick M. for getting me the parts free of charge all the way from Canada. Ernie A.
  2. First of all, great work! What a great assortment of aftermarket goodies. Unlike Janman, I'm not familiar with Sakura pens... what are they?
  3. Thanks Walt. Well, she's closed up and buttoned up and starting to look like an airplane. Here's a photo shot of the cargo bay (seats left out)... just to prove it's there. never will it be seen again. thanks for looking. Ernie A.
  4. Fantastic Build! One of my favorite sci-fi spaceships of all time! How hard was it to gather all the detail sets for this build? thanks and keep up the great work... will follow this build😊 Ernie A.
  5. Hello Rick. Sorry I missed your post somehow. PM on the way. Thanks for the reply. Ernie A.
  6. Some minor work on the Albatros as well. Thanks for looking. Erine A.
  7. Hello gang. A few progress pics on this effort... I finally Started the Antonov An-26. 1st joined the fuselage quarters into halves... in hope that the resulting joint fits better. The cockpit was assembled, and the front and rear cargo floors were also joined to form a single unit. After lots of work dry fitting and sanding the cockpit and cargo floors fit well enough to allow the fuselage halves to close properly. A close up of the pit (instrument panel and pilot/co pilot seats missing). Other sub-assemblies completed. Hope to button her up before the start of the school semester! Thanks for looking. Ernie A.
  8. Thanks for the reply Dutch. I really appreciate the pictures. Unfortunately, these will not work... I need the edo floats that come with the otter. Those I can modify to fit my C-45 to Beech 18D conversion. Again thanks for the help. Ernie A.
  9. Hi gang, I'm looking for a set of spare Otter Floats and struts for a project... Will also consider full kit. Willing to trade for stuff. Please check on the "for sale" for some of the stuff I have for trade... or will buy if necessary. Thanks, Ernie A.
  10. Wow ma'an! Awesome build. I'd like to know what printer you used... the resolution is outstanding. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing. Ernie A.
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