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  1. Hello gang, Don't know if it's been asked here before... Any one knows what happened to Lots-of-Models? They were on evilbay and online, and now both are gone. My last purchase was about over a month ago on evilbay, and since they've dissappeared from evilbay and web store... their FB page hasn't been updated in months either. Just wandering if we've lost another hobby store. Thanks, Ernie A.
  2. Hello gang, I'm looking for a kit of the above aircraft for the floats and other miscellaneous parts. Don't care if its already built, broken, or given up on, as long as the floats are salvageable. If you have an unbuilt kit, then I'd be interested to trade for it, or outright buy it if the price is reasonable. If you're into supermodel kits, I have others I could offer in trade, if you're not, I could trade for something else. If you got something, please PM me. Thank you, Ernie A. Texas 78589
  3. Hello gang, I'm looking for a Smer / Heller donor kit for the wings. Don't care if it is built, broken, or given up on... as long as the wings are in good shape. I'm working on a conversion project involving the Smer kit of the said A/C, that came with warped wings. I was able to salvage most of the wing halves using the hot water method, except for the port top wing half. It just went from bad to worst and is now beyond repair. Any way, if you got something, please PM me. I prefer to trade, but will buy as long as price is reasonable. Than
  4. Wow. It's just sitting there abandoned... sad. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks again Habu2. What really cool machines! Ernie A.
  6. What an interesting story! Thanks for sharing Hotdog. Ernie A.
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