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  1. Howdy gang, Looking for pdf instructions for 1/48 monogram "high-tech" OS2U-3 Kingfisher, kit no. 5488. The scanned pdf instruction on scalemates were very poorly scanned and are hard to understand. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you, Ernie A. styr_in_styleatyahoodotcom
  2. Hello Scott. I don't know if you've seen chuckw's posts. Thoughout his builds, he has pictures posted with great detail and captions on the use of albinion alloys micro tubing to dress the landing gear on his models. I've incorporated some of his techniques to ocationally scratch build landing gears, oleos and struts. Check him out if you haven't already. Ernie A.
  3. Hello gang, I'm working on a 1/72 Contrail Blackburn Iris III vacuform model that came without decals or markings. I'm far from finishing, but I've been trying to source the roundel markings. The reference drawing that came with the kit shows it to be 1.5 in. in 72nd scale (108 in. - 1:1) which I've been looking at the available decal sheets in 1/72 scale, but the largest size on one of the sheets is 100", which scales down to 1.38 in. So, does anyone have any info on what the correct roundel size was used on these large flying boats. any help is
  4. That's great Don. Thanks again! PM on the way.
  5. Hello Gang, Looking for parts 67 & 68 that make up the center fuel tank... assembled or dis-assembled. You got one, please let me know. Thanks, Ernie A. in Texas.
  6. Hi, 

    Do you still have the AirFix 1/144 Space Shuttle $25.00?

    If so what is the condition of the kit, decals, and is it complete.


    Let me know,

    Steve Sliger 

    Greenwell Springs, LA 70739

    1. modelmax


      Hello Steve.


      Yes, still have it.  

      Kit is complete. Kit box is opened, with kit parts sealed in factory bag.  I'll have to check on the state of the decals when I get home after work today... will get back to you. 




      Ernie A.

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