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  1. modelmax

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Ma'an you got me LOL. keep up the good work Tony.
  2. modelmax

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Hi Tony, Looking good. I was expecting to see Xavier here with an F-14 ... And I find you... and with an F-16 of all things! πŸ˜… What a surprise! Bizarro ARC?? Ernie A.
  3. Thanks Joel, but I can assure you not much engineering needed. access to any cheapy 3D printer helps out a lot. Regards, Ernie A.
  4. Never say Never! Ooops! I just did!😁
  5. Thanks Joel. After having scratch build the cockpit seats, I didn't feel like doing the same with the cargo bay furnishings... I almost went with an empty cargo bay, but then I came across a 3D model of HO scale furniture for 3D printing in thingiverse website. the components were printed flat on a carrier sheet, and that's when I realized I could do the same with the cargo area chairs and cots. I quickly designed the chair's sides and cots on 3D modeling software. Once printed I added the seat and back rest to the chair's sides from styrene. a quick coat of paint and voila! they looked the part. Ernie A.
  6. modelmax

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Thanks for sharing Thommo. Ernie A.
  7. modelmax

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Indeed worth the effort! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions Thommo. One remaining question... does the rigging actually go through the bulges or it's adjacent to them? I can't tell from the pics. regards, Ernie A.
  8. modelmax

    Seagull from HMAS Australia 1/72

    Thommo, What an amazing job! been following since the start. incredible that under that jewel is a matchbox kit. I found your rigging technique very interesting, and I would love to attempt to replicate it when I build several biplane-flying boats in my to do list. by the way, what did you use to make the bulges for the rigging? again, congrats on your build. Thanks, Ernie A.
  9. Hi gang. With the painting of the pit and final addition of chairs and cots to the cargo area, she's ready to get closed up. although most of the added stuff won't be seen, it was a lot of fun doing it. thanks for looking. Ernie A.