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  1. Hello gang, LF Modelmaster .5 FL. OZ. bottle of Fulcrum Gray/Green #2134 (enamel) to finish off a model that is partially painted. I know these paints are out of production and sometimes go on-line for ridiculous money, but if you got a spare bottle that you can let go for a reasonable amount, or would like to trade for another modelmaster color, let me know. Thanks, Ernie A. in Texas.
  2. I think your inbox is full... you're unable to receive messages. Ernie A. Hello, PM sent about 1/48 Revell EA-6A Wild Weasel 1/48 Revell A-6E Intruder thanks, Ernie A.
  3. Hello, PM sent about 1/48 Revell EA-6A Wild Weasel 1/48 Revell A-6E Intruder thanks, Ernie A.
  4. Message sent on these if available. Contrail Blackburn Perth, Saunders Roe London Mk II thanks, Ernie A.
  5. Hello Gwen, I'm sorry to report that I have even less than I thought I did... but unfortunately no instructions or decals either. Best of luck in your search. Ernie A.
  6. Thanks Gwen. Already have it on the cart. Best, Erine A.
  7. Hey Gwen, I know I have a partial Kazan set for the Mig-23, but off the top of my head I can't recall which type it is for, or if it has the instructions you're looking for. I get out too late from work today to make a trip to the storage place, but I can check tomorrow afternoon and will get back to you. Ernie A.
  8. Thanks for the tip Gwen. I had never heard of these guys... will look into them. Ernie A.
  9. Hello, LF for the following engine parts from any of the Trumpeter 1/48 Mig-23 family (M, MF, ML, MLD). From sprue L: L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L36, L37 Looking to trade or buy. Thanks, Ernie A.
  10. Thanks for the input gets. Ernie A.
  11. Howdy Gents. Working on the venerable 1/48 Mono kit. Need your help nailing down the color of the wheel wells and landing gear... instructions call for aluminum, but have seen some builds online using green chromate (I think). So, What is correct for the a/c represented in the monogram kit? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ernie A.
  12. Hello, I understand that this is the mother of all longshots, but I have to try.... highly unlikely yes, but not impossible! Let me know if you have in its sprue or if already built. Thank you, Ernie A.
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