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  1. Gang, I am in search of the props and spinners from the 1/48 Testors kit. A started kit would also work if the props are not broken. Will buy or trade. Thanks, Ernie A.
  2. modelmax

    FT plug

    Hello. Please pardon this shameless plug. Any one interested in trading for a Roden 1/72 Felixstowe? Please visit my post in the buy and sell forum. Thanks, Ernie A.
  3. modelmax


  4. Thanks for reminding me to do a follow up post Spectre. The Slovak -MF primed with Tamiya primer... which is nice and smooth and will be the base for rest of cammo. Had not noticed that the Czech -R will had multiple warped parts... Initially I noticed that the quick boost fin had warped significantly, and I wondered about how to fix it. I opted no to do the hot water bath technique, as it was already attached to plastic fuselage and figured it could cause more problems.. opted to use clamps (first pic) for several weeks to see if it would fix it. the second picture shows a greatly improved part, but still too noticeable in my opinion... will have to undergo surgery, and replace with another resin part. Didn't notice it before, but on of the wings has warped somewhat... it was probably there before, I just didn't notice. I again opted to place clamps for a week or two and see if shows improvement. if it doesn't it will just have to be relegated to the spares box. this is just such a shame because of all the work and detail sets that went into it, also I just sourced the decals for this airplane, which I never thought I'd get. any way, hope it works out. thanks for watching. Ernie A.
  5. Hello Gents. Kind'a long shot, but need the decals for my shelf queens mig-21r build. Will buy complete, or partial. Need only Czech Mig-21R black 1922. Thanks. Ernie A.
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    weekend bump.
  7. modelmax


    Hi Rick. Tried to PM you, but didn't work. Let's do it! I'm good for an even trade. I'm planning a conversion to an L-188 electra and this gets me started. Please forward me your address Thanks for reaching out. Ernie A.
  8. modelmax


    Added new stuff. EA
  9. Got mine a few days ago, and opened the box, and somehow my impression is that the quality is a bit off from the original firebar release. I noticed the presence of flash in many areas, and the parts somehow do not seem as crisp. Any one else noticed a difference in quality? your thoughts? Ernie A.
  10. Some progress to report on the MPC Titan. Thanks for looking. Ernie A.
  11. In case anyone is interested, here's what the back side of the base for my JH assembly jig. thanks for looking.
  12. modelmax

    Alanger 1/72 Type XXIII

    Buttoned up and adding some details to tower. Need also add walking planks on top of hull. thanks for looking. Ernie A.