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  1. Excellent work Dave!... I especially like that mesh work... Mark
  2. That sure didn't take long... But I don't understand why you should feel so overwhelmed Sean. After all, it only takes you about day to build one of your beautifully crafted scale models anyway... How hard could that possibly be... :huh: I didn't realize that many people still watch the evening news... PM inbound. Mark
  3. How'd I manage to miss this one? Outstanding job so far Benner. I wish I had that image you posted of '04'when I built mine. I certainly would have weathered it a lot more than I did. You seem to have captured the look perfectly. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished off. Mark
  4. Wow Sean, that looks fantastic!... I really like how that turned out. Your skills sure have advanced considerably over the last few years. Keep up the great work... Mark
  5. Super job Ken!... I can't say I remember ever seeing that scheme before. Very cool! Mark
  6. Good for you Sean!... I've done similar builds in the past for friends and family, but you've taken it to a whole new level... If you get overwhelmed with requests, let me know, I'll help out. Mark
  7. I just wanted to echo what the others have said and pass along some well deserved kudos myself. Not just because Harold's work is truly superb, but because he also happens to be a great guy. Mark
  8. Thanks Q! Thanks Domi!...And welcome aboard Thanks Gregg, I agree. I have a certain soft spot for the classic Monogram kits and thoroughly enjoy building them. That's fortunate because I have a ton of them in my stash. Thanks Holmes, You are correct, can't have enough Tomcats!... Thanks Ken, I'm hoping to join you all in the USN Centennial GB before it's too late. Cheers, Mark
  9. Thanks, Super Scale 48-217. They worked well but the pin stripe decal was a real bear to work with. I elected to cut it into three section instead of trying to get one long thin piece into place. Gunship Gray seemed to be a good match for the color. Fortunately, I had a set of Academy cans and Hasegawa cans but, no Monogram cans and it ended up being a process of elimination. The Hasegawa ones do fit nicely with just a little bit of sanding and Hasegawa kindly provides an extra set... Cheers, Mark Thanks Darren, I've been looking for a VF-211 Tomcat in your line up but, I haven't seen
  10. Thanks Mason, It's good to hear from you. I've been meaning to drop you a line. Semper Fi, Mark
  11. Thanks Jim,- The decals were from SuperScale sheet 48-217. They came with markings for a lo-viz VF-142 Tomcat also. I'm not sure what brand of Dymo tape I use. It's white, if that helps. I got it at "Staples" sometime last year. Cheers, Mark
  12. Here's a project I recently completed for a group build sponsored by our local hobby club to celebrate this years centennial of US Naval Aviation. This is an old Monogram kit I built about 20+ years ago. A few years back I decided it was looking its age so I took it out of my display case, striped all of the various bits off of it such as the landing gear and doors, pylons and a few other things which I placed in my spares bin. The rest of the model was packed away in a card board box and buried in the basement where it sat until last month. While cleaning out my basement I came across this
  13. Beautiful work Alby. That display base sure came out nice. Mark
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