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  1. You can also try our own kit: C-130 refueling pod
  2. Thank you for discussing Attack Squadron 1/72 HARM set! It is always interestingand valuable to know modelers opinions about our products. Here is a photo of parts website
  3. Arma Hobby continues with PZL fighters. P.6 1/48 scale is going to 3D print next week. More details are posted on our website
  4. Hey Wojtek,

    Have you guys considered producing a 1/72 kit of the launcher system for the RQ-7? It would be a great diorama piece and way to bridge between aviation and armour modeling.

  5. Rotor head 1/72 scale MQ-8C (Bell 407 drone) Guess wich one is from Attack Squadron For bigger picture and more info see more
  6. What do you think about 1/35? It would fit well military dioramas.
  7. Thank you for comment on 407. Good sales on MQ-8C will for sure support development of 407 kit both scales.
  8. A great collection. Were they built the same time?
  9. Impressive, very well painted. Were HARMs included in kit?
  10. Some more photos of PZL P. built: more pictures on painting PZL Decals and colors: Decaling PZL P.1 kit
  11. Top quality work. I am very impressed! To many kits no time to build!
  12. Thank you for sharing photos of 1/48 MQ-8B from Attack Squadron. I see you added some improvements. It looks you put a great attention to detail and had a fun!
  13. Thank you for a very good question, we were thinking about 407 versions too. Our policy is: easy to built perfect fit kit with apropriate level of detail. We are working on Bell 407 kit, but it not goes that easy. Both vacu and resin cast clear parts are not that good solution. Please give us some more time to find out best way.
  14. Here is my shop Scale Model Drones section. You can find there 1/48 MQ-8B. More about 1/48 MQ-8B kit here
  15. 1/72 scale MQ-8B will be re-released with different decals and configuration next month hopefully. Latest kits of 72010 are available in Hannants at now.
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