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  1. Awesome. Thanks, I tried getting to his website last night, but there were difficulties on the internet. Now everything seems to be working again.
  2. Anyone know where I might find some? Looked on Ebay and can't find any there.
  3. As the topic says, I'm looking for the parts to build at least one propeller for an Italeri/Testors 1/72 scale C-130J. One of the ones on a model of mine met an untimely end. I don't know what I have that might be worth trading, but I can send money via PayPal.
  4. It would be about the same length as the 1/48th B-1. Take a helo that's 99' long, 79' wide, and 28' tall with rotors turning, or 60' 6" long, 26' wide, and 18' feet tall when folded up, and divide that by 32 or 35. Either way, what you get is a big honkin' helo model that will need a lot of room on a shelf or desk.
  5. Apologies for the ridonculous necropost, but I thought I'd stick my head in here. Having recently finished a five year hitch in the Marines as a CH-53E airframe mech, I just couldn't stay away from a thread about my beloved $h!tters. Regrettably, though, Adam, I don't have any pictures for you. Photography was never encouraged when we were doing maintenance, because some of the other squadrons' aircraft had classified equipment, and also because phones and cameras and such were FOD, and as such weren't supposed to be out on the line. But I can tell you that depending on how far you decide to go with such a project, you could be scratch-building and detailing that model for ten years, easily. You're basically describing a maintenance procedure called a 30 Day No Fly. That means that every door, work platform, and access panel on the aircraft is opened and completely cleaned out and defodded, and inspected by the QA shop. All the tail driveshaft panels come off, the panels under the transition section (tail boom) come off, all the panels came off of the tail pylon (the thousand bolt panel, the million bolt panel, a third one whose name I forget, the two grilles over the intermediate gearbox, the "taco shell" over the #7 tail driveshaft, and the gladiator cage and squirrel cages around the tail gearbox), and I'm pretty sure we even had to pull the floorboards out of the cargo compartment (which also required pulling out the cargo rollers, dual-point cargo hook door seals, cargo winch, and cargo winch mount. and then once you'd gotten all that off of the bird, and QA has done their thing, you have to put it all back on! In short, what a 30 Day No Fly boils down to is a stupendous pain in the a$$ for the maintenance department, and a scratchbuilder's dream/nightmare. I do wish you luck, though, and look forward to seeing the result. Again, sorry for the necropost, and I did very much enjoy everyone's pictures of my favorite helo. BTW, I've just finished building a Revell 1/72nd scale Pave Low, have a second one in the mail, as well as a Revell CH-53E in progress (found it on Ebay, just got it delivered today. I've emailed Creighton at MAWDecals about the possibility of getting decals for my old squadron), and then I've got an Italeri MH-53E and an Italeri MH-53J (which will be built as a CH-53D if I can get decals for it from Creighton) waiting on the shelves. Basically, I'm doing a one-man $h!tter group-build. Pics to follow when and if I finish them all.
  6. No doubt because that picture was taken at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, and that F-16 simulator is right next to Robin Olds' F-4. I know that particular museum and simulator very well.
  7. I almost don't want to know the answer, but are there any F-14s left intact at Davis-Monthan?
  8. I found this video on another forum. The video claims to have been taken in July 2010 but there's no timestamp or any other proof. It smells like a fake to me because the jet appears to be overall black, when the F-117 was supposed to be wearing overall gray when it was retired.
  9. The Commandant called. He wants the DIRCMS set off that Pave Low! j/k We're putting them on our CH-53Es as fast as we can get them, but naturally we can't get them fast enough!
  10. Anyone heard anything about the F-14's inlet ramps being disabled during the last few years of its life to cut down on maintenance?
  11. In their case it really is a COLD war! (couldn't resist).
  12. Is it just me, or does that C-17 look seriously freakin' wierd with that nose probe on it?
  13. Oh. Oops. Thanks for the help guys. I'm so glad I found this place so many years ago. There's such a helpful brain trust here. Too Bad Italeri stopped making kits of my own bird! I could help with those now! Edit: That's the Italeri CH-53E kit.
  14. You mean the AAAM? Huh, I totally forgot about that project. Well, not totally, but I forgot that one of the concepts was going to use a three rail launcher. Oh, and 1/48th scale pilot, if you look in the props section of the Gallery, there's an article on a 1/48th scale conversion of the Testors OV-10A into an OV-10D that you might find useful.
  15. I found this on another web forum, and whatever that is on the right glove has me scratching my head. It looks sort of like a BRU, but I've never seen a BRU that looks like that. Anybody have any ideas? BTW, I don't think I mentioned this here, but last September I joined the USMC, and now I'm studying to become a CH-53E airframer.
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