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  1. It's time 🙃 good time for reprint. When can I buy it?
  2. Kevin Renshaw: " First 4 jets had the Stencel seats. Replaced later. " https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3207989035931250&set=pb.100001605549004.-2207520000.&type=3
  3. > Gabor Sz, As far as I know there were no different standard for the underwing stars -21R vs -21SMT(?) furthermore they were in production at the same factory, both in parallel in a short period. Those MiG-21R photos are about 50% of the available public photos of frontline VVS MiG-21s from the '70s, with visible 'underwing-star'. And as far as I can see those stars are all the smaller version under the wing.... The other two uploaded photos are about 50% of the available public photos of camouflaged 16VA MiG-21's - 1x SM & 1x SMT. Both had smaller stars on their tails. You ar
  4. Smaller stars were not so unique, especially in 16VA in GDR. Some well known pics.of MiG-21R: My link My link My link Smaller star on the tail of a camouflaged SMT at Altenburg in 1979: My link One of the first camouflaged MiG-21SM's at Neuruppin, with smaller 'tail-star' too: My link Most of the camouflaged MiG-21bis's at Damgarten wore smaller stars underwing and on the tail etc...
  5. The real 'yellow 127' > http://img282.imagevenue.com/aAfkjfp01fo1i-8615/loc118/021385489_DSC07526_122_118lo.JPG My link http://img111.imagevenue.com/aAfkjfp01fo1i-4779/loc32/021876366_DSC07799_122_32lo.JPG
  6. The radio bay in operational MF's with the IFF decoder in mid '80s > HuAF 8114 - 968114 HuAF 8115 - 968115 Only for perfectionists <_< The 'tray' for the IFF box >
  7. Hi Gabor, I think you missed my point here > I say - the original Soviet stencilling was a bit different on all HuAF MiG-21bis. This small area behind the canopy is one sample only > Nothing really special, simply there were no strict standard for the Soviet stencilling. But probably you are in a very comfortable situation from this aspect > Because - If I understand you right - you want to build a replica of that(?) HuAF MiG-21bis, which was the base for that stencilling-map at the first MiG-21bis overhaul in Hungary.
  8. I know it is too early for you to talk about the final painting - but I hope it is not offtopic here at the moment: I am sure you will check the Begemot sheet, but be careful, there are many missing stencils, even so big ones, like this one > Photo taken at Pápa airbase in 1979, HuAF MiG-21bis 75AP '6253' These kind of 'sports' for mazohistics only > HuAF '6305' MiG-21bis 75AP 75046305 in 1984 HuAF '6145' MiG-21bis 75AP 75046145 in 1984 Soviet VVS MiG-21bis 75AP in 1976 Soviet VVS MiG-21bis 75AP in 1979 Soviet VVS MiG-21bis 75AP in 1980 Soviet VVS MiG-21bis 75AP i
  9. Hi Gabor, At first - thank You very much for your work here! Simply amazing... Bad news... So...the details of the Eduard MiG-21MF's fuselage are not authentic for the main batch of MiG-21MF's. Not for most of the WP's aircrafts, not for Egypt, Iraq, Syria, etc.... Not for Soviet MiG-21SM, SMT :( 'Just' a very good base, which needs extra work. I must to say that - this was a bad choice from Eduard...
  10. Some MiG-21SM -21R in this movie from 1974 with blue-green cockpit already. Some in Nuke config.,like '06 blue' at 10:56 > My link Same at 7:11 My link But at 10:04 My link MiG-21R, behind the seat gray, canopy inside gray? alu?, switchbox blue-green
  11. Colour reference for the pilot of the early '21s + some cockpit detail colours, year 1970
  12. Few colour references for Sukhoi pilots from 1970:
  13. My guess - at least 2 squadrons + few produced. The 'Net-Russians' can guess only too at the moment <_< We are trying from the two ends of the 'story'. - Russians by manuals, museum planes, memorials etc... - My 'research' > in the memory and in the logbooks of old pilots from all possible units There are dark holes in both areas
  14. "experts" ha-ha...we have a lot of them around. I hate these phrases - all, never, nowhere, always... The rigid reality is - there was a MiG-21 subtype(typ.50bis) which you can not find in any books, in any public Western intell-report from those times.
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