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  1. I love the look of the gull gray/white scheme as well. The red borders on the gear doors etc really ‘pops’ with this scheme too. Ill be watching
  2. Great looking work on the kit, but what really amazes me is how tidy your bench is! If I could be half as organized as that I’d get a lot more done.
  3. I’ve been wanting one of these kits for a long time but a) I model almost exclusively in 1/48 and b) they’re so pricey. Maybe I should finally pull the trigger though because now they’re just going to get even more expensive.
  4. What kind of stuff do you use this for? Can you sand it as a filler?
  5. Wow, thanks for all the great info. This will be quite the excersise in weathering with all you have told me. I had assumed the lettering was white, so thanks for that also.
  6. Hi, all. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the incredible story of the B-24 'Lady Be Good', but I just recently learned of it by watching a Twilight Zone episode inspired by her story. It inspired me to build the I'll-fated bomber, but I'm having trouble figuring out the overall color scheme. Most of the pictures online are b&w, and the ones in color are are ambiguous. Sounds crazy but my guess is either OD or aluminum. But maybe desert scheme? Anyway, any help is appreciated.
  7. Thank goodness. Thank you. What's a Shamu scheme?
  8. Hi, all. I have a few questions about the KC-135. Were all of the A's natural metal? If so, what would need to be done to convert an A to an E or R? I just picked up the Minicraft A kit, and I'm really not wanting to do a NMF as this was intended to be a quick build to get over an AMS hump. The box art sure looks gray to me but the instructions call for aluminum. Thanks, and happy modeling.
  9. I can't seem to find anything online but I'm wondering if there's a usable resin cockpit for the Revell Tornados yet. I think it was CMK that had one but had some major fit issues? The cockpit detail really isn't all that bad in the kit except for the HUDs for the front and back. Those look pretty cheesy compared to trt. Seems like someone would step up with this kit having been out for a while now as well as its critical acclaim. Thanks.
  10. Just checked out some SAC items on SB. Very sharp looking.
  11. Thanks Whitey. Pretty much what I figured. I'm going to check out G Factor. dnl42-Thanks for the tips on the X-47. I'm going to do the wings folded. I wasn't at first, but after dry fitting...nah. Are you talking about having trouble with the LG doors in the open or closed position? Tonight I'm working on the bomb bay doors which I want closed but I'm running into the same thing you're saying about the other doors. They're just a touch too big. I'm worried about overdoing it on the trimming though.
  12. Hi, all I'm wondering how many of you use white metal landing gear and why. I understand that they're good for supporting extra weight, but are there any other advantages? Are they any more detailed than the kit Gears?I'm building a Freedom Models 1/48 X-47, and the gears are very prominent on trt, so it got me wondering if I should invest in some. What say you? Thanks
  13. Wow. Lots of great info here. Thanks, everyone.
  14. I'm wanting to build a Gulf War Tornado, and hoping someone can sum up the basic differences between the IDS and Gr. 4 for me? I'm wanting to build the latter, but I already have the Revell IDS in my stash. I'm wondering if the differences I could modify myself or if I need just to buy the GR.4. Thanks in advance
  15. Oh yeah...Sold on the Kinetic kit. Didn't even know it existed but looks great. The last Harrier I built was the 1/24 Airfix in kit back in the early 80's. Thanks for the responses
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