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  1. Wouldn't blame anyone 😉 Deniz
  2. I am looking for a PC 1000 armor-piercing bomb to put on a 1/48 StG2 Ju87B/R-2, which I believe was the type used during the Kronstadt raids on Marat and other battleships. I have a strong feeling I saw a couple included in some other 1/48 kit (Ju-88s or He-111s), but I am being too lazy to go through the kits I have or scalemates, so any suggestion is highly appreciated. I think KMC made one a long time ago, and I am trying to avoid having to find one on eBay, and the Italeri set has a PC 1400. Also, were there any modifications that had to be done on the Ju-87s to carry or drop the 1000 kg (
  3. Thanks a lot for the quick response, @Dave Roof! I hate to create too much churn for you, but I can't miss your sales 😄
  4. @Dave Roof, I didn't want to hijack one of your threads (and also thought others would be interested), but I noticed you updated the Leatherneck Lightnings' page to mention the Tamiya kit. I also remember reading you'd update the sheet to fit Tamiya's kit, did the update happen or you think these will fit the Tamiya kit? I saw your 24% sale and was thinking about picking up that sheet, but didn't know if I should wait for the update or not. Also, is there a timeline update on the second Lightning sheet? Deniz
  5. I couldn't find a definite answer on the weapon load combinations for J35F2 and J35Js that you can build out of the Hasegawa 1/48 kit here (https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/1/1/3/112113-92-instructions.pdf) - not that the kit comes with any weapons. I don't want to do anything too fancy (and get new decals for other versions etc.) and just use the pylons in the Hasegawa kits (M3: under the wing and N2: under the engine inlet - see diagram below). With that, I was wondering if the following options are accurate: For the F2: - The wing pylon, M3, is the only option for an F2 and
  6. @Dave Roof That is a great selection, and thank you for all the 3rd MAW options. Deniz
  7. @ziggyfoos, I just wanted to thank you for reprinting these decals. I just received the Southeast Asia Intruders (1) for USMC birds, and I am super impressed with not just the quality of the decal sheet but with the most comprehensive instructions you included as well - honestly, I would have bought it just for the instructions 🙂 I had been trying to find your Intruders from the Sea set for such a long time now (even had an alert on eBay in case one popped up), hoping to build the Bengals' A-6A NL-500 with the "Let's Kill Something" vulture logo and an Operation Pocket Money bird after re
  8. @Dave Roof Can you share any specifics on the upcoming F-35 sheets you mentioned? Do you have any more 3rd MAW birds, and especially and selfishly any F-35Cs (VMFA-311 & 314) or WMFAT-502 out of Miramar? Or are you going to wait for a potential Tamiya F-35C (which I am concerned, might take a while considering the lack of adoption of the type even by the US Navy)? I have finally found the Kitty Hawk F-35C kit, but with VFA-101 no longer around, none of the schemes are appealing, and there seems to be zero aftermarket decals so far (again, lack of kits + lack of adoption). Deniz
  9. And finally, the Cutting Edge set seems to be the only one with a "correct" fuselage pylon and even their instruction set is a great resource for the differences in F-104Ss, but they are currently at "Holy Grail" prices on eBay, and I don't think anybody is going to reissue a similar set at an affordable price any time soon. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p4432023.m570.l1313&_nkw=cutting+edge+f-104s+conversion&_sacat=0 Deniz
  10. Apologies, I missed the latest responses on this. Here are some updates; I ended up getting the old ESCI F-104G/S kit, but unfortunately, the instruction sheet copy on Scalemates was cropped at the wrong spot. It actually only includes the fuselage pylons for F-104G, so it is a lot skinnier and shape is not correct. However, there are 4 usable (with a little work) wing pylons, so I'll try some scratchbuilding and mix-and-match for the weapons on the 2 F-104Ss I have now. I also found some new photos from the Steve Pace book, an F-104S in the original "Beast" mode with 7 M117s. I can only
  11. Missed opportunity… https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/these-ah-64s-are-the-worlds-most-sinister-looking-apaches
  12. I had a lot of similar questions and got a lot of great answers in this thread:
  13. Stefan, To be honest, I wasn't super impressed with the accuracy of the museum in general (paint schemes, some of the repaint jobs etc.), so I am not sure if the Mk.82 set up and the F-104S really went together. With that, that pylon looked really sturdy and always with "bomb shackles", but I don't know if anyone would want to land back with 2 Mk. 82s hanging so low under an F-104. I ended up getting the ESCI F-104S and will update the thread for closure with what I get. If this instruction sheet is correct, I am assuming the parts 62-65 is the pylon in question. The kit also seems t
  14. Niels, That was the weird part with the Turkish F-104S airframes. I would say ~75% of the Turkish F-104S pictures I found had that pylon attached (including the museum examples, like the one in Istanbul), but I have yet to find a single photo of anything else (even an empty launcher) attached to that pylon on a Turkish F-104S. All the pictures of something hanging off of that pylon (all Sidewinders) are Italian - from what I believe are trial or airshow examples. The inner wing pylon with an external tank attached seems to be also quite common on Turkish F-104S, while the outer wing pylon
  15. Thanks, Niels. It looks like even the Daco kit doesn't come with the correct catamarans for the Italian/Turkish F-104s.
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