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  1. Just saw this build, ALF. Great back-story and pics from the past! You're making me all nostalgic for my days living in the Laurentians and the Campbell River/Quadra Island area. Such a fantastic country we live in, isn't it? Great work so far and looking forward to more. Cheers, Don
  2. Love it, FT! Do you use a stylus with Procreate? I have been looking at them and wondering if I should spring for one. Again, you do wonderful work. Thanks for posting. Don
  3. Some pics and videos here of the real deal to whet your whistle. phantom. Mynarski Lanc
  4. Fantastic weather and a great turnout made yesterday's YQG Open House a great success! A few pictures for your viewing pleasure.... First to arrive was the Canadian Warplane Heritage PBY... ...followed not long afterwards by the Mynarski Lanc, FM213. Here's s ahort video of her arrival pass.. Lanc Flyby And a longer one of her taxiing in, arriving directly in front of two vets, Sam on the left, a Lancaster rear gunner, and Jim, on the right, who flew 35 missions as a pilot. Lanc Arrival Some static shots.... The farewell flyover. Crank your speakers up for this!! Merlin's forev
  5. Ooh, I like this one. I will be seeing this guy in a few hours as it and the CWH PBY are coming to Windsor for the day! I will get some more upclose-and-personal pics hopefully! Looking forward to your next Sword, Mike! Don
  6. Dude! You are a modelling machine! What's this, your third build in the last month???? I am so lame. I bow down before your greatness. BD
  7. So happy to see a Mossie in the air again. Huge congrats to all those involved! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: BD
  8. Hey Mike, fantastic job on 421!!! That number rang a bell for me so I dug out my father-in-law's logbook. Lo and behold, he flew 421 for the first time in August 1957, and on two other occasions, in September and November, while he was stationed in Zweibrucken. What a small world we live in. Cheers, Don
  9. Thanks for the memory, Chuck!! I worked with the Warden Service in Lake Louise from 1973-75 and was sent up to Morraine Lake in the fall of '75 to look for an overdue hiker. It was a snowy, foggy day and as I hiked up to the treeline, I passed through a stand of larch trees in full golden bloom, shrouded in fog and snow. There was a magical moment when the sun came through the clouds, shone through the larch needles, bounced off the snow on the ground and bathed me in an almost heavenly golden light. It literally stopped me in my tracks and I could do nothing but just look around me in amaze
  10. Great news! The CWH Catalina will also be coming to Windsor on Saturday. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  11. Big Daddy

    Formula 1 2012

    Yeah, that really sucks. Lewis was looking very good for a win. Best BBC commentary on the race aftter a failed wheel change during the second yellow flag: "The last thing you need is a problem with your nuts."
  12. The best they can hope for is to be able to taxi her. From what I understand, the fuselage is too old to be certified airworthy. BD
  13. That's awesome, Barney. Our hangar is right next to the WFC (as you probably already know). Cheers, Don
  14. Just heading over there now. I will come back with a few pics for you. D
  15. Hi All, This is a public service announcement regarding CH2A's Open House on September 29th, 2012 from 10AM-6PM. We are located in the old #7 Elementary Flying Training School hangar at the Windsor Airport. Many of you probably know that we have been restoring Lancaster FM212 since it was brought down off its pedestal in Jackson Park in 2005. Along with FM212, the hanger also houses two De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunks, a 1938 Fleet Fawn, a 1941 Stearman, a Canadair CT-133 Shooting Star and our other restoration project, a De Havilland Mosquito. One of only two flying Lancaster bombers i
  16. Great job on the Harvard, ALF!! It looks fantastic! :thumbsup: BD
  17. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mike. (I am still sanding by the way, lol.) Sadly, the Sabre is not done yet. It is sitting next to my workbench and dropping guilty comments every time I look at it. Not sure why I am stalling so much on it. The camo is almost completely masked and I just have to spray the gray on. Thanks again for your comments and your Sword build is looking great, btw. BD
  18. Great progress so far, ALF! Looking good! :thumbsup: BD
  19. Thanks, Alf. This is the first time I have ever used resin. I don't think it existed when I was a kid, lol. I just have to be patient I guess and not move too fast. Thanks again for the encouraging words. Cheers, Don
  20. Well, I have been madly cutting, sanding and dry-fitting of this Aries cockpit set for the last two days. What a challenge! The pilot's seat just does not want to fit. :bandhead2: This is supposed to be fun, right? The Aries parts definitely look very good but their instructions are terrible. Fortunately I found a link to some great pictures of a Spit Vb cockpit called "Anatomy of the Spitfire's Cockpit" and it has been extremely helpful. I guess I just have to keep sanding until it fits <sigh> Anyway, here are some pics of the parts in question. I think I may have to leave the seat
  21. My FIL always lamented the loss of so many friends through flying accidents. He always referred to his years in the RCAF as the best of times, but there was always a "but" at the end and he would talk about the regret he felt at the losses due to the demanding flying conditions.
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