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  1. As always Great work Greg From Downunder (in the Land of OZ"
  2. Thankyou So the 1/32 Growler I'm doing is 502 that means the Plane Captains' cranial would be "5P"
  3. Thankyou for the replies all good info Here is what I am asking I have photos of Brown Shirts with 3P on the back of there head gear what does the 3P stand for Greg
  4. Hi, The number and letter on there headgear what does it stand for Is 'P" for plane caption - what is the number following it stand for e.g. P2 Greg from Downunder
  5. At least the Hornet has style and poise - don't know what the other aircraft has - don't like it Greg
  6. The 2 tone grey looks the best Greg From Downunder
  7. Anyone know anything more about what's happening with this kit Greg
  8. Eagerly awaiting to see the finished model but in the meantime it just gets better and better "EXCELLENT" work Greg From Downunder
  9. Hi, Greg from Downunder What Series and Episode are these We get the show here Cheers
  10. EXCELLENT your getting there Brilliant scratch building Greg From Downunder
  11. just purchased the 1/32 Trumpeter kit as Steel Beach had just reissued there update set which I got from Sprue Brothers Q: Why has nobody done decals for the kit outside of FCM Decals. There are quite a few in 1/48 so come on decal producers how about some more choices in 1/32 Greg
  12. Lost a canopy part from sprue M would any one have this sprue they didn't use on there kit Greg
  13. Greg, Excellent work - please do continue Any chance I can order that last Tractor you posted to go, would look great with my Tamiya F14
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