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  1. What are they like to use,looking at some for a 1/32 TBF-1C Avenger Cheers
  2. This forum is about the C17, start up your own forum on the C141 so we stay on the one subject
  3. The kit is out at Sprue Bros. After 284 pages of complaining who of you will buy it,its only a model kit, makes you think what would have been said over the real aircraft Now its out good luck with it if you buy A mate of mine is building the ICM 1/48 B26 and it has issues
  4. The time and effort put into this has well and truly paid off AWESOME HELO Greg From Downunder
  5. Yes and that's a valid statement there are a lot of large scale kits being released great, why do we need another 1/32 Lancaster amongst others but those companies aren't holding back modellers will still have the monies to buy it if they want Besides this would go well with my 1/72 B52 and 1/72 KC-135R Greg
  6. Don't want gossip enough of that already JUST UPDATES Greg
  7. Are we going to see the model, I'll have 2 thanks Greg
  8. Hey from Downunder, Oh so close know, looking even more realistic as you get there Great modelling Greg
  9. Would be good if you could find the Verlinden one at the show Great looking Skycrane Greg
  10. Sprue Brothers have a set of these antennas by Steel Beach 32011 I am using this set in my build at the moment Good luck Greg from Downunder
  11. Thanks for the reply Apologies again to ask The Tractor is the A/S32A-32A Hangar Deck Vehicle which in your photograph is in the far back r/h corner with the tow bar connected This is the one I'm and can't find in 1/32 and again asking which model is it and were to get it Greg
  12. Hello from Downunder Coming along nicely Looking forward to seeing the final paint scheme Still would like to know where to get the Tractor with the Tow Bar on it Anyway keep up the GREAT work Greg
  13. Condolences from Downunder Greg
  14. 239 pages going on on on on and on, when you've got the kit in your hands then have your 2 cents worth or in most cases with you lot $2 worth and that is still not enough
  15. As usual looking good Can't find this Tow Tractor on Video Aviation website Greg from Downunder
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