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  1. I have the following for sale due to health issues.I am posting here before they go to Evilbay. Prefer to sell all the cutting edge stes as a package. Cutting Edge F-105B/D Thunderchief open Canopy Correction set. Cutting Edge F-105D Corrected tail. F-105D Corrected nose and strike camera and Master metal Pitot tube included. Will sell all for $300 and will give free a set of Cutting Edge M-117 700Lb bombs x 12 and Albatross Thud Alley Decals. Aires F-105D cokpit set 20.00 F-105D wheelbays 20.00 Buy both and I will through in the quickboost airscoops and tail ventral fairing. Big ED 3206 F-105D set 40.00 GFactor brass undercarriage and Fisher models resin wheels 40.00 I will do a package deal if someone wants all the F-105D items. Email me. I have various Aries and Eduard A-4 Skyhawk sets for the Trumpeter A-4 going cheap if anyone is interested. Revell Dassault Mirage with Eagle Desighns 32-CK-03 Mirage III/5 resin update set, Master metal Pitot tube and Southern Sky Models 32 scale Australian ARDU Mirages decals, silkscreend with 4 single seat and two twin seat schemes on the decals. $100.00 takes all. Thanks for looking.
  2. Yasa

    Zactoman Abducted?

    The only ones interested in abducting him would be Trumpeter! It would be cost effective as they would then know for sure that their canopies, and intakes would be correct!I think they would owe him for work already completed
  3. Really nice. I like it a lot, great job! I hope one of those packages are from Sprue Brothers:)
  4. As above I am looking for the Cutting Edge replacement resin tail for the Trumpeter F-105G kit. I will pay good money for one. Thanks for looking.
  5. Yasa

    Fairchild XC-120 'Pack Plane'

    The pod looks to me as if it was the bottom of a C-119 from the cockpit windows down and minus the rear clamshell doors. I would start with a 72 scale C-119 fuselage and convert from that. It may save you a lot of work.
  6. Yasa

    1/32 Trumpeter F-14D Super Tomcat

    Both of mine, the F-14A and F-14D cockpits dropped straight in after I removed the stubs from the pour. The new stuff from Aires are mostly drop in fits. I have had no problems with the AV-8B and the A-4 sets also.
  7. Yasa

    Airbrushing MM metalizers

    I usually spray them at very low pressure, about 6-8 psi. They do not need much pressure as they are very thin.I would be very careful applying masks even after the sealer is down as the metallizer is not bonded very well to the plastic and you will pull the sealer up and the metallizer. It is best to work opposite and spray your colors first and then mask and spray your metallizers last.I polish or buff the metallizer after only a couple of minutes while it is still very soft on the plastic as I think it buffs up better. Bare metal foil is just as or even more difficult to apply than metallizers.It takes time to get the hang of applying foil to look really good and them you are dealing with apply foil on compound curves etc and getting to down without any creases. I think kitchen foil is much better to use and stretches better and does not tear as easy as bare metal foil. I would build the second one without foil and paint all your normal colors etc first. Mask them and then spray your metallizers, polish and then a light coat of sealer and then unmask the color portions that you have masked. Remove the masks very quickly after you have sprayed the sealer.
  8. As the title says I am looking for the Cutting Edge MER that they made in 32 scale and also a ALQ-71 pod for the F-105. I only require one pod so if you have a spare I will happily buy it from you. Thanks for looking.
  9. I am looking for a Cutting Edge MER or a MER from the Tamiya F-4 Phantom kit. Happy to pay for one or two of them plus postage. Thanks for looking.
  10. I'm searching for any 1/32 scale F-105D resin items that you may want to dispose of. I am willing to pay top dollar Evilbay prices for them. Any Cutting Egde sets for the F-105D such as; Tailfin correction set Canopy and spine conversion Nose cone. Jamming pods set I am also looking for any RC Resin items such as the engine speed brake petals and such. Thanks for looking.
  11. Thanks for the info. I thought it would have to be prefinished. I just wish they would update the molds for this kit and correct some of the small errors such as the intakes and panel lines and refuelling door etc. It is still a nice kit considering it age and is better in some areas than the Trumpeter kit. We still do not have a really nice F-14 out of the box.
  12. Interesting pic. I wonder if they have done some rework on it to improve it? It looks as if the display model has recessed panel lines and I see the refuelling door is now there. Wonder if they have fixed the other problems such as the air intakes? What scares me is the new price 60000 = 760 USD!!! Maybe it is prebuilt and finished for this price? I'm sure once someone can read what it is saying in Japanese we will understand exactly what it is. http://www.hobby-show.info/shizuoka2012/cimg6949.htm
  13. I am interested in buying two of the AGM-65’s from the Academy kit including the stencil decals for them and the clear nose caps. I am also looking for some CBU’s from the 1/32 scale Tamiya F-15E kit if anyone has some they do not want. Thanks for looking.
  14. I am interested in buying two of the AGM-65’s from the Academy kit including the stencil decals for them and the clear nose caps. I am also looking for some CBU’s from the 1/32 scale Tamiya F-15E kit if anyone has some they do not want. Thanks for looking.