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  1. The photo is grainy but it looks to me like a -17 nozzle.
  2. For the Wave parts, HLJ usually has them in stock for super cheap, and they're small packets so if you buy like...a dozen or so, the DHL shipping option still makes it cheaper than if they were in stock over here.
  3. It appears that the nozzle is modular enough. You might even be able to get away with just using the nozzle itself and use the kit jetpipe, that will minimize the cutting you need to do, and as those nozzles look like they're molded "closed", you won't see very far inside anyway. I say give it a go.
  4. That is a chilling, cataclysmic sound. 😍 I ordered some -15 nozzles a week back for experimentation. I'm not liking how these Mirage F1s look with -17 nozzles poking out the back (far enough back not to incur the same aerodynamic penalty the Kfir suffers) and they will squat on the tail with the elevators installed. The -15 nozzles should put the burner cans a bit further forward and maybe I get away without using nose weights. Could the continued use of an ejector nozzle be a reason why the M53 was...not up to the same standard as its contemporaries, or would a turbofa
  5. It makes sense. It's just a couple small sprues and new decals. I wish there were test shots out though. I want to see what ordnance it comes with. I'm also curious about the magnets. Is the modeler going to have to glue them into the kit parts or will they lock in to cavities? The best way I see this being done is with metal in the ordnance and magnets captured in the pylons/rails, but getting a steel wire in the core of 1/48 Aim9 or even aim120 will be interesting. I tried using tiny neodymium magnets with an aim120 and its lau and the results are not too good, one can barely see the hole f
  6. The Whiffer community here isn't big but as the configuration has been tested, its not nearly as far as a stretch as my compulsion to imagine a J79 retrofitted into every 2nd and 3rd gen Euro fighter. Make it how you want. Maybe some Misawa AFB decals and pretend its flying hypersonic missile defense missions.
  7. I didnt realize images could be directly uoaded here. There is definitely a difference here. It might not end up being a big issue. I keep digging and it is sounding like Dassault serruptitiously made most of the Kfir fuselage and wings for IAI in the first place, which lessens my need to choose the Kfir over the Mir3 for this what-if project.
  8. For cooling yes, alot of the literature I've read indicated the Kfir had larger intakes than the Nesher. The Kin Kfir intake mics at 14.5mm (x48=696mm) like you indicated. The Kin Mirage-III intake mics at 15.7mm.(x48=753mm) I have a Hasegawa 1/72 kit I picked up a long while back just to walk out of the hobby shop with something, lol. 11.8mm.(x72=849mm) So we've got a bit of a scatterplot here it seems but your 1/32 Mirage is almost-on for what the Kin and AMK Kfirs measure out to. Its just...look at Kfirs on Airliners.net. Then look at the 1/48 Kfirs and tell me somethi
  9. I've got a couple stalled projects on my bench, both Kinetic; a Mirage-IIIE and a Kfir. Something seemed off about the Kfir compared to numerous saved photos I have of the real thing, and then it hit me. The Kfir's intakes are much smaller than those on the Mirage-III. It should be reversed, should it not, as the J79 needed more airmass than the ATAR? Its noticeable as the underside of the intakes with the cannon ports has to ramp up significantly, bringing the lowest edge of the intake just above the leading edge of the wing, where its mostly level on the Mirage. "Okay, so now I need to
  10. So it took a little extra searching but it seems the -15 was rated at 10,900lb dry and the -17 is rated at 11,800lb. So there's almost a thousand pounds of thrust difference. I wonder if there were other changes between the two engines besides the exhaust nozzle? (that was rhetorical)
  11. @Rob, that makes sense. This far really my best exposure to the J79 nozzles has been modles and the -17 kit nozzles and Wolfpack resin have all given me the impression of being the 'ejector' style described. Actually, even some YouTube videos by AgentJayZ that shows the detail of the nozzle still depict a significant step between the actual constrictor and what look like the outer feathers. I've seen that page you linked, I actually linked it earlier I'm the thread lol. But it only describes the what without the why. Seeing as how at least on wikipedia's article there is not a hug
  12. Hmm...I could understand the later power powerful engine needing more bleed air pumped through the nozzle, but from this link, http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2012/12/j79-exhaust-nozzles.html It appears the -15 nozzle has a more direct path for the bleed air than the -17. This question concerns theorycrafting a Whiff. I'm envisioning that the Kfir with a J79-15 would be easier to fair the fuselage down to the nozzle, and thus more aerodynamic in military power. (Kfir had more drag in military power because of the gap between the nozzle lip and the fuselage, with the nozzle fu
  13. This didn't seem appropriate for Jet Modeling or Research Corner. What drove GE to design the new exhaust nozzle for the later J79 engines? (F-4J/E/S) What technical benefit was there? Did the longer feathers work better with the F-4's aerodynamics? If so, why did the F-104 get the new nozzle as well? It appears both have a similarly shaped constrictor segment.
  14. My biggest problem with the Hasegawa F-4 kits in the current day are the exhausts; they're awful. So each one has an automatic extra $20-25 just to fix that, and I'm not even a huge detail freak.
  15. I dont have a take as I dont have any experience with Eagles (yet). And I'm one of those dirty whiffers so my opinion carries the same weight as a worn out mig29's wings. But as long as the shapes are mostly there I dont mind. I'm also a ho for options and leftover ordnance so I'd only ever buy the Academy kits.
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