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  1. Not Syria! We'd end up with him secreted in the 100's of kids and women coming here for free food, housing and wall to wall rights. He's Canadian stick him on gate guard at Goose Bay!
  2. Speechless!! Cant believe the level of detail and complexity of some of the mechanisms he's replicated. What kind of paper do you think he's using?
  3. Hi Scooby. Sorry, two of our posts crossed over within a half an hour of each other. I posted mine and shut down, in the mean time yours had been posted and I hadn't seen it. Happy new year!
  4. Good post Zacto man! So many people thinking they know from books, pictures etc. Too much criticism about stuff they don't actually know about, what they read about.
  5. I have more hobbies than hobbies. Swimbo said you need a shed (deep brown voice!). I got a shed! Its ace, internal cladding in poly and heaters (cant wait for a fire!), Hi fi, Record deck and......... 1000 LPs, double in cassettes,2 PCs, drawing board and...............her chest freezer (its not a bra with ice cubes!) I have no model stash, I haven't built anything since 1980 something. I've been working/planning a project to slide back into glueing plastic/resin for 18 months now, I've just about got the equipment together. Its going to be...........No. To early to tell you, its a minimum 12
  6. Scooby You are protesting too much. I forget the old English, it's got a thou in it somewhere. I lived 'round Heathrow from the end of the piston engine era. It doesn't matter, it ain't CSI Heathrow. Its been a wash pan since I can remember. All the other theories are out the window. Scorch marks are black, so is grease, oil, rubber bits and what is left from evap. If its obvious your procedures are different, why have you spent time arguing about what you do in Cold Lake? When I was about 3-4 yrs old I was taken on a Stratocruiser roughly in the same position (that bit hasn't changed as tho
  7. I'm not putting you down. And I used to go to Cold Lake exercises with the VC10s flying out the Bucc ground crews. You can instruct, its down to the Captain. He is taxiing with hot smoking brakes he knows he hasn't got any effective braking. Not the ones I had to deal with. Not the Captains I flew with, they'd stop and wait unless there was a (more)dangerous situation if they did stop. Once again, I'm not putting you down but in my experience the situation is dealt with "right now" not in 5 minutes time. No disrespect here but we are talking about Heathrow and airliners not Cold Lake's fast j
  8. Met-L-X IS dry powder and light blue, if I was in a situation where I need one I'll shout for the dry powder not the met dash l dash x and I've covered two instances of white hot glowing, smoking brakes. Fuse plugs blowing, tyres deflating and evil smoke too. Now the fuse plugs have blown and we have deflated tyres where are we moving to? . Hot brake areas for the 4 runway ends? If its landing over Hounslow the hot brakes will be at Stanwell end, or T5 end,on either of two runways if they are coming in over Slough the hot brakes will be at the hatton X end on either of two runways. Or are you
  9. That's a (definite) wash pan. Imagine all that carbon from the brakes and general muck around the center section. Magnesium brakes? forget that. an inflammable metal used as a heat pack? Wheels can be Mag alloy. But not mag brakes, ever. There isn't a hot brake area either. You get the thing sorted soonest not tow the kite to a special area, if needed the taxiway. Fire crews don't want a fire towing around the airport. If they're smoking for brakes we use DRY POWDER, the light (ish) blue ones.
  10. Boeing Repair teams are as good as any other teams. One unsatis repair by one team doesn't make a bag of rats for the rest of time. That's an answer to the cock up with the pressure bulkhead repair on the JAL 747 in the 80's. A 707 of either BOAC or BA ( I can't remember the year) had an engine fire on the Detuners and a wing was written off. BOAC/BA drew up the repair scheme the wing was flown from Seattle (?)in a Guppy to Heathrow and a BOAC/BA team fitted the replacement wing. In the back my of my head I have the reg. 'WHU, I'm probably wrong but that's the one that keeps coming back to m
  11. Hi Ross, Happy Christmas! We had Lekkies setting off BCF bottles on JPs at Halton 71. They, the sneks evacuated New workshops for an hour ish because the stuff,BCF, wasn't safe to breath. It was just one more thing to run away from!
  12. These local engineering teams? Teams? Its just a Station manager some contract staff,cleaners and SAA people contracted for handling or their version of Swissport. They wont be repairing this. It will be a fly away pack up and guys from LHR, SAA or even Boeing that could get the contract. The guy in the right seat has the responsibility of the right wing unless some thing has changed recently. If the left seat was in control all he can ask is if its ok on the right................ Unless he didn't! And why was it there on that taxiway in the first place? There is a lot money to be spent on t
  13. Don't panic Jennings.........I was talking about gaseous not liquid! Its the pressure not the gas. 200psi air,co2,Nitrogeon 200psi is the same pressure not the gas.(forget the previous gas in the bottle its been very well purged) Or what ever the max pressure for the receiver bottle. And you can get adapters step ups and step downs, tapered and/or straight. Some people are making a meal on this thread about filling a bottle. Take a four bottle trolley got 1000's of psi and VC10 C.MK1 main with 62 psi all I want is 5psi to take a VC10 main to the 65+10 - 0 as stated in the book (AP 101B-0201-1
  14. If were are talking Liquid gas, I had no idea about paint ball bottles and wouldn't have guessed liquid at all. I wouldn't do anything I said. I wouldn't want it anywhere near my house either. I don't think he's talking about liquid gas anyway.
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