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  1. I present my completed 1/35 Italeri Tiger I, Initial production in the markings of 501st schwere Panzer Abteilung, 1st Kompanie, 3rd Platoon, 1st Tank (Platoon leader), as appeared in Tunisia during Spring 1943. Thank you for looking. Comments and critiques welcome.
  2. Yes, last I knew,every post had a TMP (Transportation Motor Pool) of NTVs (Non Tactical Vehicles) for use. They were not assigned to individual units, but could be used by them as needed. I understand the reasoning behind the decision, but find it highly flawed. All units are supposed to be deployable, in our smaller current military. Equipping them with items that are not deployable, while making sense for the bean counters, does not make sense for those who will have to go down range.
  3. Oh those wooden decks look so good!
  4. OpforJohn, All those things have their wartime missions that they have performed, and are still performing, as intended- tankers, recce, etc. Dump them? No. replace them as they wear out with a platform that is as capable or more so of performing the same mission. 11B, so that sounds like it is a case of getting non deployable equipment for non deployable units. If they are not meant to go to do a wartime mission, and capable of doing that, be it as a combat arms, combat support, or combat service support unit, that unit should be deactivated and those funds and that equipment released and r
  5. It was in the movie Had self defense systems and everything... I realize that we dont have the budgets of the Reagan years anymore. But buying stuff that is not meant to be taken to war, for units that rotate to war, during time of war, is simply hard to fathom. Definitely stepping away from the "train as you fight" concept. But then again that has been going on for awhile... <_<
  6. Actually its the other way around, the HMMWV replaced the CUCV, M151, and a slew of other vehicles. The CUCV did do its intended job in war and peace and was not purchased as a peacetime stateside only vehicle. As stated above, tehy were deployed to Europe and Korea where if the balloon had gone up, they would have been expected to perform their assigned duties and not wait for a war designed vehicle to arrive in theater to take its place. I know that stateside aviation assets, and especially Guard units have more missions than training for war. I was on the short end of the stick more than
  7. Like I said, they are "tide marks" where the Micro Sol/ Micro Set contacted the rattle can Gloss Coat/Dull Coat. Not just the decal film edging. The marks took many years to appear. As did the amber tinge to appear. it was not an overnight thing. I mentioned it on another website forum discussing similar issues and a few guys there had seen similar things as well. I like to think that I wiped the build down properly, as my decaling methods have not changed in the past twenty some odd years, only my gloss and dull coats. And these things only occured with the Testor rattle can stuff. I wont be
  8. Yup, the CUCV is very familair to me... my old LRS unit had two. One for the CO, and one for utility/cargo use. I do beleive that those went to war in '91. They had about the same cross country capability as a M151.
  9. Lets see, the Army is gonna buy something it can not take to war except under the most dire circumstances. Yeah that makes a lot of sense...
  10. Well, I presume it is decal solution interaction due to where the staining shows up- around the decals in "tide marks". Believe me, I follow the directions of the Micro Set/Micro Sol with a damp soft cloth wipe up afterwards. As far as applying the stuff too thick? Possible I suppose, as it was out of those little Testors rattle cans, and it is harder to apply from those with finesse than with an airbrush. Like I said these builds were done many many years ago, mostly in the early 90's, and the top coat has discolored ever so slightly but noticably over time. No one in my home smokes so I
  11. If you plan on keeping your builds for many years, stay away from the Testors stuff. I have found that on the older builds of mine where I used that stuff, it tends to eventually interact with any decaling solutions underneath and show stains, and also begins discolor over time to give a slight amber hue. We are talking over 10-15 years later but... I am a huge fan of the Humbrol Matte Clear in the tin that I apply with my airbrush. Or their Satin Clear when I do not want a "dead flat" finish. B)
  12. Would the stands off of the Academy F-86 or Revellogram F-80 work? Or are they too wide since they are meant for the rear fuselages of those birds?
  13. Looking real good! I presume you are painting her up in pre war livery?
  14. I look forward to seeing your build of this. She is a beautiful ship to be aboard. I bet she was even in warpaint.
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