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  1. Numba 49! Ive been wanting to put a frame around one of the nose arts for several years, (nose "art"), but the right art hasn't come along, or I couldn't generate interest in the idea. A few weeks ago acft 104's crew chief contacted me and gave me the art that he wanted on the jet, so when I pitched the frame idea, they didn't jump on it, but they did like the idea of being radically different than the other nose arts that are out there. I'm sure that I'll get a love it or hate it response from the maintainers. I don't think that I've ever seen a picture frame around any nose art from
  2. Thanks! 18X24", oils Heres some details The lanyard is a B-52G fuel cap retainer, (H's didn't have the retainer, probably because everyone stole them). Tough to find, I was checking fuel levels on a G one day and ran across one, it immediately was removed and attached to my line badge. Only one that I ever saw attached to a jet. Crew Chief Bling The technical manuals did not have a hammer and screwdriver printed on the covers. I added them as a inside joke to my crew chief brethren, (only tools a crew chief needs is a hammer and a screwdriver) When we were issued ear defenders, I
  3. MIG17


    I'm in an oil painting class this semester and our 1st assignment was a still life, so I grabbed all of my old junk that was sitting here collecting dust and put it to work. Oil on canvas, 18"X24 Looks like I've got 5-10 more hours and I'll be done, so maybe this week. Steve
  4. Great balance of colors, very believable! Steve
  5. That's the kind of car those zippersuits drive
  6. Not finished- just showing the WIP. One more session with it and I'll call it done Steve
  7. Trying out some glazing techniques Steve
  8. I like the changes, take a second look at the car next to the CT, its out of scale with the building. I think the refuelers have the same problem. I'm in agreement about the clouds, but if you glaze the shape with the ground colors, it will straighten up. Keep at it, its really coming along Steve
  9. Looks great- I like the stairs, they really looks the part Needs some pitot covers! Steve
  10. MIG17

    YAK 18

    Awesome renditions of one butt ugly bird! The red paint does help it though Steve
  11. See- That's what I'm talking about, this piece gets interpreted in so many different ways. I won't tell what I was thinking when/during the process, only that it seemed to take on a life of its own. Who is Geiger? I'm not familiar with that artist Thanks for the feedback Steve
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