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  1. So it looks like the first one was delivered back in May. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDPYUhRBPlB/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. Anyone happen to know the reason for the different tailcode on the cag plane? I'm guessing from the ice that they are, in fact, deployed rather than working-up.
  3. Yeah. He jettisoned everything.
  4. Yeah. I just came across the video and was looking for the story.
  5. Yes! Thanks, Whiskey. I couldn't find it for the life of me.
  6. A few years back I remember reading an amazing story written by the pilot of an F-18 who took in a piece of cat-track while launching off the Connie, and the subsequent barricade arrestment. I can't seem to find it anymore. Anyone know where I can?
  7. Interesting note... They removed the seat because they will be flown remotely from now on to comply with social distancing. When the CDC heard they only fly 18 inches apart, it was all over.
  8. My thoughts exactly. It really takes away from the beauty of the jet.
  9. Thanks boys! Thankfully, even my wife thought the same. Since I'm not on FB, she posted a couple pics of it to FB and IG. Possibly the most flattering thing she could have done. :)
  10. Thanks, gents. It was pretty fun and a great payoff. While the pics of it look good, They really don't do justice to sitting and looking at it. It was a fun project, and relatively cheap. I recommend it.
  11. With the quarantine, I wanted a project to keep me occupied. I had a big empty space over my basement mantle that had been in need of something cool for a long time. With my wife's permission, the basement is officially mine, and I made it aviation themed. So, somehow, I came up with an idea for a big picture, with a twist. I had this picture printed on canvas because the Big E has sentimental value to me. It's 60 inches by 44 inches. I also ordered 100ft of 1mm fiber optic, various 5mm LEDs, and a set of remote controlled decorative lights that would be th
  12. Not silly at all. It's a good question. The answer is, they don't. They can "bail out", but there are no ejection seats. Here's an interesting article discussing the topic: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25572/confessions-of-an-e-2c-hawkeye-radar-operator
  13. I am dumbfounded that this is 1/72. The detail is mind-blowing! Well done!
  14. Not necessarily about the kill. I'm not sure about the buno on that particular jet, but quite a few Alphas were re-manufactured into Deltas. It's possible that could be one of them. If it is one of those that earned a kill, I would think they would keep the marking on it, but who knows. As for the loadout, that would be possible. But the Phoenix would be slung from the left wing pylon, with a lantirn pod on the right. And there would likely be 2 JDAMs underneath.
  15. Was watching this video and saw this mishap. Can anyone shed some light on what happened? It seems extremely odd to hit the bow after a bolter and/or touch and go. https://youtu.be/CgMfqLzA0SY?t=329
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