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  1. One more question: what is the rational of using a coffee filter for the buffing instead of say kitchen towel or some soft cloth?
  2. I have recently become a big fan of "Kit sprues dissolved in Tamiya extra thin cement" as a filler. At the beginning of a build I take a small glass jar, put in some pieces of the sprues together with some liquid cement and then put a lid on it and let it dissolve over night. The advantages: 1.) you can apply it with a brush and control viscosity by the amount of cement you add. 2.) It literally melts with the plastic and has the same hardness which makes it perfect for sanding/scribing 3.) I found it to cure faster than other puttys except for super glue. It can be sanded within an
  3. Amazing work! Just a heads up, if you want to build a plane after the 2012ish time frame (could also be 15, can't remember right now from the top of my hat) there were two rather visible oxygen bottles installed behind the seat. Oh and I would strongly recommend getting some aftermarket decals - the lighter grey on the Hasegawa markings is very off. Either you manage to find some old Two Bobs (long out of print) sheets somewhere or you wait for the upcoming Caracal Decals sheet (I asked them late April about the potential release date and the answer was "at least 3 months away").
  4. Yupp dark gull grey is the right one. Got the two mixed up
  5. The metallic blue green is completely off - that used to be the color of the avionics bay of A model eagles. By now that bay is white in all fighter eagle. For the mudhen this color was never used in the pit. There you got your standard dark ghost grey interior up til the canopy sill, from there everything is flat black (or even better some version of scale black) The color of the cushion changes and fades very frequently and you can commonly see different colors on the seat and on the back cushion. Everything between olive to a sand color. In the recent years black sheep skin cushions have be
  6. Oh, Chris, Berkut. One thing I couldn't quite figure out on the Northrop plans. On sheet 1 there is a sideway view of the engine nacelle alone. Where, from a top view, runs the top contour line? I made a template from the plans, but trying to figure out where the centerline should run...Phew, she drives me nuts... that sexy beast :wub:/>/>/>/> So here is what you get after some minutes with the sanding stick. IMHO much better, but I think I am still not quite there. Your opinions and keen eyes Ladies- and Gentlebots, please! Oh, and here is mini-Paul Metz cursing at Hob
  7. Cheers Zactoman, your opinion on that matter is highly regarded, especially for a brave soul like me who tries to get at least a decent shaped black widow out of the kit. I guess I am just more optimistic ;)/>/> This is very true, but one must admit that even these drawings have their limits. The lines are just to jagged for me to completely make out the shapes. I started to compare the drawings (enlarged to scale) with the kit itself. There are some good news, and some bad news (and a lot of areas I have not took measurements): 1. The exhausts pretty much agree with the drawings of
  8. The YF-23 drawings. In case I expressed myself not clearly in my first post: I have not checked every detail against the plans. In some cases things which I will have to deal later in the build I have only schemed over. So my verdict on the total shape accuracy may be taken with a grain of salt, as I am still in the process of building that beast up.
  9. Just checked my references. You guys are right - I was completely of the mark. This are really nothing but products of the molding process Oh, btw, the scale drawings I have are the ones from Scott Lowther from up-ship.com
  10. Long time lurker, first time poster... I have currently the hobbyboss black widow on my workbench, and here are a few observations for those interested in the kit. First of all, this one is huge. It appears more like a 1/32 kit! This one will take quite some space on the shelf. Now for the point which is most talked about: Accuracy. I must admit I was positively surprised. Comparing with the Northrop drawings, everything seems to be spot on... well almost anything :whistle:/>/> . The aforementioned issue with the shape of the intake remains (see Zactomans post above), and the weapon b
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