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  1. Indeed, it is a little too bright! But then the original was pretty bright too 🙂 Jon
  2. Xtraparts/Paragon used to make them. Sadly no longer available unless you can persuade someone to part with an old set. Jon
  3. The IDS version can be made into a GR.1 with a couple of changes. The only significant things missing from the box are the clear part for the LRMTS pod and (IIRC) the RAF style pylons. I made a GR.1B from it here: https://jonbryon.com/tornadogr1b/ Jon
  4. That's amazing given the enormous gap that runs span wise along the flaps. Jon
  5. Well, this is not proving straightforward! Focusing my search on USAF T-33s with buzz numbers on the nose and no 'U.S. AIR FORCE' markings, I first found this: Which would lead me to conclude the inner wing tanks were aluminium. But then I found this: and this: Both leading me to think they would be black. So I'll toss a coin... Thanks for the replies Jon Edit: Just found this also (another vote for black): https://www.alamy.com/stock-image-a-t-33-aircraft-is-towed-on-the-flight-line-at-the-north-dakota-air-167443366.html And this (another vote for aluminium):
  6. Excellent information. Thanks! I shall leave the wingtip tanks in aluminium 🙂 Jon
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know what colour a USAF T-33 cockpit would likely be in 1954? Were they Interior Green or Grey? GWH recommend a light grey, but I'm not so sure. Does anyone also know if the inner halves of the wing tanks would be OD, black or just aluminium? I'm building this aircraft: Cheers Jon
  8. Here's my latest built: Kitty Hawk's 1/48 Lockheed F-94C Starfire in Caracal decals. The finish is Bare Metal Foil and Mr Color paint. The nose and wingtip tanks are Uschi van der Rosten polishing powder over Mr Color gloss black. It's my second attempt at foiling, and better than the first, but still means a lot of compromises. An extensive build article detailing the kit and my faults is here: https://jonbryon.com/kitty-hawk-1-48-lockheed-f-94c-starfire/ Comments welcome. Thanks for looking Jon
  9. Any chance of some T-28C Trojan decals for the US Navy in 1/48? Or for the AU-23A Peacemaker in US Army markings in 1/48? Basically anything for Roden kits with their terrible decals! Jon
  10. IMO, they're a lot more work that a kit from 2014 ought to be. Fit is below average as is moulding quality. There are several inaccuracies, which I mention here: https://jonbryon.com/tornadogr1b/ plus it seems the fin is too short. Jon
  11. The kit decals are so awful that even straight replacements would be welcome. At the moment I am planning on using my own cut stencils given the lack of aftermarket available. I'd like markings for the JOV-1A with the hi-viz Vietnam markings 🙂 Jon
  12. What do you reckon the chances are we'll get an Mi-8 in Soviet markings? Jon
  13. This looks very nice; great to see the older Hasegawa kit looking so good. What resin accessories did you use? Jon
  14. Thanks for your message and the photo Michael. To answer your question, the wingtip tanks were painted. As you say, using foil would have been a nightmare, plus they were a dull aluminium on the real thing, compared to its polished airframe. Cheers Jon
  15. Thanks Eric 🙂 I've actually decided to use foil again on my current build: Kitty Hawk's 1/48 F-94C Starfire. However, this time I'm going to try Bare Metal Foil to see if that alleviates some of my metal adhesive woes! Here are some photos of the finished Shooting Star. As you can see, it doesn't look nearly so good close up. More info and pictures at https://jonbryon.com/monogram-1-48-lockheed-f-80c-shooting-star/ Jon
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