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  1. Yep, I've still got the instructions, but these extra photos are fantastic and help me with quite a lot of detail questions. Thank you so much! Cheers Jon
  2. Thank you so much! That port side shot is extremely useful. Cheers Jon
  3. Hello all, Last year I made the Academy 1/48 CH-46E using decals from the excellent AOA HMM-264 Black Knights sheet, and this year I've started the Academy 1/48 CH-53E to be made also using markings from this sheet. I want to model EH-20/161252 'Lady Luck', which was on USS Bataan in 2006. I've got the brilliant Cavu book, but would love some photos of this particular airframe if anyone has any. It would really help me pin down colours of various parts and some details of the aerial fit, etc. Many thanks for looking Jon
  4. Thanks 🙂 I don't think the Eduard seats are as good as the Sparkit ones, but for being under closed canopies and at their price point, they're good enough. Jon
  5. Thank you Haneto. And well played, sir, well played 🙂 Jon
  6. I can't think of a negative review (in English at least) for the F model. It was generally a positively received kit. Aftermarket companies released very little in terms of correction sets, including companies that usually go to town on complicated Soviet corrections (like Ciro Models, who did release a resin ventral fin and wheels). Any problems with the HB MiG-17F are not well known and so further information would be appreciated. Problems with the PF, however, have been well-publicised. Jon
  7. Me too. I think the window problem can be solved quite easily. Jon
  8. USA to UK in 6 days is pretty impressive in this day and age! Came through the letterbox this morning 👍. Jon
  9. Indeed, it appears mine has been sent! Jon
  10. I stumbled across this a short while ago: https://plastic-models-store.com/cat4-resin-accessories/cat4-r48053-148-a-4-skyhawk.-wing-slats-bay-correction-for-hasegawa-scale?page=5 It's my in progress photo they've used. Oddly, it has nothing to do with their product as I made the correction with superglue and plastic card. I don't mind - it's a Ukrainian company and I wish them well. I was more surprised to find photos of a model of mine published in this book without my knowledge or permission: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flight-Craft-Sukhoi-15-Boeing-ebook/dp/
  11. I notice that 'Our Lil' Lass' didn't make it onto the instruction sheet, but the decals are included. Any chance of a pdf update to the instructions? Thanks Jon
  12. Well I'm pretty happy with the new UK warehouse. Kinetic 1/48 Nesher shipped (with the Spring discount code) for £32. Hannants have it for sale at £65 + P&P... Jon
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