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  1. Hannants Lowestoft is indeed amazing, but basically a warehouse where you have to work to find what you're looking for. It's shut to visitors at the moment. Hannants London, however, is nothing special. It used to be prior to moving to its current location, but these days it's a fairly small shop with limited stock. It's main use, for me, is you can pick up orders from there with a 10% discount, which given I can travel in London for free, is a facility I occasionally use. Jon
  2. Thanks! It's all written here: https://jonbryon.com/amp-1-48-kaman-huk-1-huskie/ Jon
  3. Hello all, This is my latest finished model, AMP's HUK-1 Huskie in 1/48. It's the most fun I've had building a model in a long time. There's no aftermarket and I only made some small changes to better reflect this particular airframe. Paint is Mr Color 365 and the decals are from the kit (although I replaced the national insignia). It's a tiny model (excluding the rotors, about the size of a 1/72 WWII fighter) with lots and lots of parts. The close-ups show a much rougher finish than I would like, although in real life it looks pretty smooth. Comments welcom
  4. Email received from Italeri: Dear Sir, herewith we inform you that we have checked. As our first aim is our customer satisfaction, we can send you the part D1 of item 2733 free of charges but we kindly ask you to pay 5 euros for the transport charges. Here following you will find the instructions to pay: The spare part(s) is (are) available, see below the instructions to pay on our site: - search the article 99995 in the field “search item” - click on the image - select the quantity and click on “add to cart”
  5. I really hope some people who know what they're talking about can get hold of this kit as soon as possible after release and give us a detailed evaluation. I'm really hoping it's more 'A-6 Intruder' than 'Tornado' on the accuracy front. Jon
  6. I think it's identical to the Squadron one. Certainly the one I ordered from OZ mods a few years ago *is* the Squadron canopy. Jon
  7. I've had this response: Dear Sir, thank you for your e-mail. We kindly ask you to send us a picture so that our technical department can better check. Best regards, Italeri Staff I've emailed back with some photos. Mine is not quite as bad as Pappy's. I've looked through a couple of articles on finished models and they all state the fit of the canopy was good. The photos in those articles would seem to bear that out. I'll let you know if I get a response. Jon
  8. Thanks. As long as some are on their way, I'll be okay 🙂 Jon
  9. I've preordered mine through Hannants. I presume they are going to get some? Jon
  10. Thanks for this post; it has made me check my kit. Mine is the same. I am worried it's a design problem, rather than a moulding problem. The part can be bent to fit most of the way round, but not everywhere. I've submitted a request for a replacement part via their website. I'm not optimistic, but we shall see... Jon
  11. It doesn't leave any fibres or lint. Jon
  12. Yes, blackbasing for the blue, and then a dirty blue/grey oil filter over the top, applied with a very wide brush over the paint (no clear coats used anywhere on the model), left to dry for a while and then buffed off with a coffee filter. Thanks Jon
  13. Thanks chaps 🙂 Working on making a stand for it to ensure its survival. Cheers Jon
  14. Hello All, 1 collection, 26 years, 142 aircraft, and this is the biggest failure. This is Revell's 1/48 Catalina with Belcher Bits resin tail, Quickboost resin engines, Eduard Brassin wheels and PE undercarriage. As the kit decals were pretty inaccurate, all markings are masked and sprayed - there are no decals on the model. The finish is mainly Mr Color with some MRP and Hataka lacquer thrown in for good measure; there are no clear coats. Quite a few little additions and alterations were made to better represent the real thing, from Hamilton AFB in 1949. The r
  15. Thanks guys for the comments - much appreciated! Jon
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