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  1. Thanks - I intend to get the Wolfpack ones. It's for a US Navy F-16B so I think they might not be quite right, but they will be close enough. I wish I could get SHM products, but I live the UK where they are unavailable (and shipping, at $25, plus the risk of adding 20% VAT and an £8 handling charge, is prohibitive). Jon
  2. That's really helpful - thanks. Jon
  3. Hello all, Before I spend money, can anyone confirm which aftermarket resin seats are compatible with the Hasegawa 1/48 F-16 kit cockpit and the Kinetic 1/48 F-16 kit cockpit? I've made the mistake of buying resin seats before only to find they are too wide for the kit plastic. I'm interested in the Quickboost 48002 resin seat and the Aires 4141 resin seats. Many thanks Jon
  4. No. You need to seal it. Jon
  5. Mr Metal Color is buffable and so needs sealing to prevent being rubbed off. Jon
  6. Not really, but that will depend on how you thin the paint and spray it. Jon
  7. No - the reverse. Regular MC thinner is quicker to dry than MLT. You can make it behave more like MLT by adding a drop or three of Mr Mild Retarder in an airbrush cup full. Jon
  8. IMO the GWH T-33 is a very quick build for a 1/48 jet: https://jonbryon.com/great-wall-hobby-1-48-lockheed-t-33a-shooting-star/ Jon
  9. Nice. I really hope this sheet is re-printed as I missed out on it. Jon
  10. jonbryon

    Mr Color

    They do, but some of them are sold out: http://www.sealmodel.com/product_details.php?category_id=117&item_id=1204 http://www.sealmodel.com/products.php?category_id=117 Jon
  11. Hello all, This is Special Hobby's 1/48 Fiat G.55A Centuro. It's a mixed bag and what you'd expect from a 2008 moulding: variable fit, lots of clean-up, chunky mouldings and multi-media parts. The undercarriage is particularly terrible. The decals are excellent. It's meant to be painted silver, not NMF. Various metallic paints used with oils on top, which was difficult as they tended to get little traction on the smooth surface. Canopy is vac-formed and was designed for a different kit so unsurprisingly, in my view, is the biggest weak point of the finished article. The undercarriage actuating arms and pitot have been fabricated from Albion Alloys brass tubing. This is the first model I've made in the past 25 years (I think) with no clear coats on it. I finished it in under four weeks, so that's the fifth for 2020 and I'm on track with my build schedule More photos and longish build article at http://jonbryon.com/special-hobby-1-48-fiat-g-55a-centauro/ Thanks for looking, Jon
  12. Thanks all for your comments 🙂 Cheers Jon
  13. My project to complete all the Hasegawa Skyhawks in my stash is now complete. This is their A-4H with Quickboost resin cannons (although the barrels were replaced by Albion Alloys brass tubing) and Armycast decals. A longer build article is at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-douglas-a-4h-skyhawk/, but the TL;DR is: Built mainly from the box with some small modifications (filled in leading edge slat wells, some parts removed/filled in, fin on leading edge of tail added from plastic card). Paint is mostly Mr Color except for the green, which is MRP. All of the camouflage is free-handed, not with my usual Iwata Custom Micron, but with an H&S Evolution for a softer demarcation. The finish is Tamiya XF-86 that was thinned about 50/50 with Mr Rapid Thinner. There's lots wrong with it - I wish I'd faired in the intake lips properly, the canopy isn't installed very well, and there are the faltering first steps of doing some oil paint rendering - but I'm happy enough with it in the display case. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. Jon
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