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  1. Do they need to be Revell? What about Hasegawa or Fujimi or ESCI?
  2. What about the Dragon for the 40th Anniversary of JASDF?
  3. A military airfield not equipped for live ordnance... This keeps getting better.
  4. Contracts going to the lowest bidder again?
  5. There are some decal sheets for which people go crazy anytime they pop up on eBay, some of those are NAVY Adversary aircraft that have been neglected in 1/72 scale. 1/72 US MARINES NSAWC F-16s and F/A-18s have scarcely been covered, and that was was over 10 years ago. Likewise A-4 Scooters. Last time a particular decal sheet was out it went for over 75 bucks, the time before over 80.
  6. Howdy all, I have read some reviews of the Valom Marauders and to tell the truth they were not completely positive, however I did like some of their features and on top of that they are the only one that make (or made) the early short wings variants. As it is, I cannot find them anymore, not even on the EvilBay site, any reason for that?
  7. Thanks but I just need the pilots, not the kit.
  8. Where in the City? I am in NJ and I am interested in a few of the kits.
  9. Possibly the best 70s and 80s equipped pilots are in the Fujimi Tomcats in 72 scale. I have recently started portraying my models in action, unfortunately almost no manufacturer provide pilots anymore. Also good are ESCI Phantom pilots. If any of you has spare and he/she's willing to part from them, you won't regret it.
  10. Awesome, I am in for the F-16 sheet.
  11. Sorry buddy, eBay is not about charity, I made my mistakes and was ripped off on shipping by others. If you think that breaking even on shipping is not fair you should go complain to all the online stores that have a margin built in the prices. Good luck.
  12. You completely ignored the part where I say break even and partial refund. Why would I want to lose money on shipment, and so just you know I weigh my packages before quoting a ball park number and I always combine shipping charges to the point that more often than not one of the kits goes out for free. I also never take into account the time and material I use for shipping. But yes, there are those who really pile up on shipping charges, for example I just got a Fujimi Skyhawk that came with two additional decal sheets and separately I bought another decal sheet from this guy, yet, even though I know it shall be just one package he only shaved a buck from the 4 he was charging to ship the decals. I feel a negative feedback cropping up on morals alone.
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