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  1. I don't mean to sound "Karenish" but there are several of us that care less about scales different from what you build or into which you are interested. How difficult can it be to insert 1/48 or 1/72 or 1/32 in the thread header?
  2. Ya' know, it be nice to tag the scale before someone reads through all the chaff.
  3. Looking to load up a SU-25.
  4. Likely, also hope they include the reactivated stations 1 and 9 pylons.
  5. That's not her F-18.😄 Just kidding, thank you for adding another great product to your lineup.
  6. The USAF is going to have 144 or more F-15EX fighters vs 24(?) for singapore? Different customer base.
  7. What about a full F-15EX conversion, including the renewed station pylons 1 and 9.
  8. I stand corrected, I had confused the Platz kit with the Italeri's rebox by Tamiya.
  9. The Platz kit is actually a rebox of the Italeri/Testors kit and not the Dragon kit. I agree the Testors kit is the least inaccurate of the two and hence it commands higher prices on eBay. Perhaps Hobby Boss could scale down their 1/48 kit.
  10. The upper blue chosen does not seem to be realistic, even on the actual airplane.
  11. Getting back to the F/A-8E/F/G, I wonder if the NAVY/MARINES reason to remove the CFTs from the Block III upgrade was because they would interfere with those aerodynamic surfaces over the LERXes.
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