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  1. Matter of fact I just got two winning tickets for Mega Millions.
  2. 35109 is widely available as it is one of the most used blues for the aggressor/adversary community.
  3. Howdy folks, working on casting some parts for my kits and I wanted to use grey resin rather than the usual Alumilite cream colored one, does anyone know of one out there? Thanks.
  4. We moved to NJ from San Antonio ten years ago and are keeping tabs on all the folks in Texas. Wish we could be there to help.
  5. Some of the photos show what seems to be an aerodynamic fairing in front of the main gear door where the pylon front part would end, and the pylon being just as long as the door.
  6. Some of us forgot what model building is all about. You do it from scratch so that immediately after that someone releases the easy mod for exactly what you took weeks to realize.😆
  7. If I may, comparing the latest Zvezda kits of the Mig-29, Su-30 and Su-33 to their Su-57 it's evident how this latest one lacks in the finer details that would normally be available from a not so classified aircraft. At least the shape is good, and while I do not build 1/48, I may even get a second of their 1/72 ones hoping that one day we may finally see how those pesky weapons bays look inside.
  8. My F-16 decals arrived last week. All is well.
  9. That's the one I was thinking about, the "NASA Progressors" sheet. I have been searching it forever, together with the early NASA sheet, until the Caracal sheet was released.
  10. Well it looks like they definitely abandoned the 1/72 HH-101 CSAR tease.
  11. Interesting bit regarding the Israeli inboard pylons, are there any in 1/72?
  12. Hopefully they won't use the same people who sculpted the 1/72 RAM panels.
  13. Agree.....in 1/72, and why not some Edwards Test and X-15 chase planes as well. F-104D Edwards Chasing Starfighter Pllleeaaaaaseeeee!
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