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  1. I am jumpin in to ask whether 500 lbs GBUs where ever carried on a TER on the outboard pylons.
  2. It's about 30 $ from HLJ and Plaza Japan, me thinks you've been ripped off.
  3. What about some AFTI decals for the F-111D.
  4. Me thinks you have those descriptions reversed. Also, the F-117s do not fly at Mach 3+ and their surfaces temperature does not reach those of an object flying at those speeds, just a thought.
  5. So, is that a position reversal from: "CD48203 will be a 1/48 sheet with markings for two recent USAF heritage jets that were painted in the Vietnam-era SEA camouflage scheme: an F-16C (86-0331) and an A-10C (81-0962). There will be a 1/72 version (with markings for a SEA camo heritage T-38C) available soon". Asking for a friend.
  6. You hoarder!🤣🤣 What about some Edwards AFDC tail chevrons?
  7. I did not know that you had the F-15SG set in 1/72.
  8. For the only scale that counts, Rocketeer decals had a fantastic F-104 sheet called NASA Progressors that included most test Starfighters, including the rocket powered ones.
  9. Last one I saw on EvilBay ended up over 150 buckaroos!
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