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  1. Last one I saw on EvilBay ended up over 150 buckaroos!
  2. I am not too happy about the CFT s fit to the fuselage sides.
  3. GWH lacks intake ducts, even shorter than Hasegawa. I'd go with the new Academy, only shortcoming is the lack of open canopy option.
  4. Gents, if anyone has unused sprues with those chin pods that they do not need I am willing to take them over. I have a couple of Academy F-4Js that would like to make land based. Thanks all.
  5. I have it, since I'll be doing the Italian Navy one I can send that section to you except for whatever common stenciling I may need to use. Let me check to confirm.
  6. Revell all the way, best option is the C model also boxed by Monogram (actually easier to find). The only shorcoming is going to be the lack of buged main gear doors. The question however is what Block 52 you want to build, USA, Greece, Iraq....
  7. Several Tormentors received commemorative schemes for the Naval Aviation Centennial and I believe this is one of them.
  8. Adding the iconic soviet fighter to my to-do series, which is the best 1/72 kit series. Thanks.
  9. Are we talking 1/72 scale here, or any possibility of it?
  10. The original K was based on the Izdelie 13 (9.13), but had redesigned trailing edge slotted flaps, no auxiliary intakes and other changes similar to the Mig-29M, while the current Mig-29K/Mig-35 is a totally different beast.
  11. You should be ok with any Revell or Monogram F-16C, they have all the parts for A and B variants.
  12. Congratulations on your fantastic work, I am learning a lot from you. Are you planning to make those extended intakes available for sale, the Hasegawa kit is in bad need of some.
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