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  1. hemspilot

    CD48062 - 1/48 F-104 "Starfighters"

    Great news, are you planning on scaling them down to 1/72?
  2. hemspilot

    F-104 Starfighter

    Awesome reference!
  3. hemspilot

    knights of the orange tail

    Ahhhh, OK I had forgotten the small devils..
  4. hemspilot

    knights of the orange tail

    What are SDBs, Self Deployed Bathrooms?
  5. hemspilot

    CD72080 - 1/72 AV-8B Harrier II

    Looking forward to this, hopefully with the Wolf tail art.
  6. hemspilot

    F-4 Israeli Peace Jack pic help

    I have a 1/72 Paragon Design nose job
  7. hemspilot

    britmodeller forums

    Unable to access for the last three days, anyone else?
  8. hemspilot

    HASEGAWA F-35B 1/72

    Hasegawa is going to leave the weapon bays closed as for the F-35A they already modeled.
  9. Howdy, anyone not using the belly tank in the Condor or ICM Mig-25 PD kits willing to jettison it? I'll pay reasonably and shipping. Thanks
  10. hemspilot

    1/72 F-16F from Hasegawa F-16I?

  11. hemspilot

    1/72 F-16F from Hasegawa F-16I?

    It's the Sniper pod, on Hasegawa weapons set IX.
  12. hemspilot

    1/72 F-16F from Hasegawa F-16I?

    Thanks, I was looking for those pictures. Sprue M is the targeting pod, available elsewhere. Sprue W's parts are easily reproduced. Got to get the Model Alliance dexal sheet.
  13. hemspilot

    1/72 F-16F from Hasegawa F-16I?

    Are all the parts already in the sprues?
  14. hemspilot

    Possible new topics?

    It has been 10 years or more since the Guys at TwoBobs released the US NAVY/MARINES NSAFW 1/72 sheet for the F-16, those are impossible to find and fetch high sums on Ebay. USMC F-16N Miramar And of course nobody has done this in 1/72 scale.. Or this, unless you want to spend a fortune for Hasegawa double set.
  15. hemspilot

    CD48115 - 1/48 AV-8B Harrier II Plus - Part 1

    What happened to this?