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  1. Italians......Dealing with that for our helicopter as well....
  2. Updated Israeli F-15D cockpit Israeli F-15 Baaz photoshoot Israeli F-15C/D modding
  3. Those are not Mod Eagle colors, they are standard 36320 over 36375. Mod Eagle is 36176 over 36251 much more distinct. Israeli F-15 did not receive the Mod Eagle scheme.
  4. Was this sheet ever released? I have recently seen a thread in the forums but cannot recall where. Phantom F4H-1
  5. Warbirds Decals Red is suspiciously brownish, and like someone else posted there are no placing guidelines. You did one for the C-54 which was waaayyyy better...
  6. I am going to jump on the Vietnam F-104 reprint as I missed the first one, and of course 72155 Test and drone zippers! When are they going to be open for preorder?
  7. Ouch, right you are! In any case, found the aircraft in reference, VA-27 in 1978.
  8. Was this a NAVY or MARINE unit? The camo is similar to that received by seeral USMC helicopters during Desert Storm in 1991.
  9. Another wet dream in 1/72 would be the release of an F4H-1 sheet, if only someone came out with a conversion.
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