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  1. Last minute add, perhaps the Norwegian P-3 involved in the "midair" with the Su-27 way back then?
  2. The above mentioned F-35B comes to mind in 1/72, not sure in 1/48.
  3. Sooo, when in 2024 is the Kinetic 1/72 C-17 going to be released. Asking for a friend.
  4. How about some CBP decals for the AEW P-3?
  5. Very similar to the short and long nozzles as found in early and later Phantom variants. F-4B, C, D and N vs F-4 E, F, G, J, S.
  6. I had missed that. Awesome news!
  7. There is no mention of the C-17 on their Facebook page, just a portrait of a box art from their display at a modelling show.
  8. It's definitely undersized, sort of like the Trumpeter's 1/72 AGM-78s.
  9. That Phoenix seems a bit undersized, could it be just me.
  10. I don't mean to sound "Karenish" but there are several of us that care less about scales different from what you build or into which you are interested. How difficult can it be to insert 1/48 or 1/72 or 1/32 in the thread header?
  11. Ya' know, it be nice to tag the scale before someone reads through all the chaff.
  12. Looking to load up a SU-25.
  13. Likely, also hope they include the reactivated stations 1 and 9 pylons.
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