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  1. Here are some good photos of the parts. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/aurora-69-lockheed-141a-starlifter-1914986635 Steve
  2. I bought one from ARMA. I wonder why they can sell it for so cheap using the Hasegawa molds. They are so expensive on EBAY. Steve
  3. Has anyone bought this kit.? H2K48031 Douglas A-4B Skyhawk 1/48. https://www.armahobby.com/h2k48031-douglas-a-4b-skyhawk-1-48.html Steve
  4. Gwen, I tried that but the clear sprue is not available. Steve
  5. I am looking for a Hobby Boss 1/48 F-105D Windshield and Canopy. Thank You Steve
  6. AFammo, Unfortunately the A-4C windshield is smaller than the A-4F. Thank you though. Steve
  7. I acquired a kit 07221,that is missing a windshield. Any spares out there? Steve
  8. Why are there so few updates to the site? Updates were usually very frequent but no more. Steve
  9. The December issue finally came in an B&N. Sealed in a paper cover and with a calendar. I am thinking of buying a subscription. Do they usually come in the mail sealed or just a address sticker? Steve
  10. My local Barnes and Noble has not had the last two issues. Any one heard of any problem? Steve
  11. Don't bother with this turd. It's never available. Always back ordered. Brigade does not respond. Countless time on notification list. They must make 1 or 2 at a time and call it quits. Steve
  12. I have a 1/18 F-86 that is missing parts. Both stabs and elevators. Right aileron, Left gun door cover and landing gear doors. Any idea where I could get parts to restore it? Steve
  13. Does Kitty Hawk the FJ-3 80156 kit have a different nose than the FJ-2 80155 kit? Steve
  14. At one point they they mounted an Aim-7 Sparrow on that pylon. Steve
  15. Do any one of you guys know who actually has the Dragon 1/72 Saturn V in stock? Thank You, Steve
  16. Did it say in stock when you ordered? It shows back order now steve
  17. Did this conversion ever get released? I am on the list to receive an email when released by hanants but nothing yet.
  18. I am looking for just the box for the Aurora Regulus II. Kit #132. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thank You Steve
  19. Thank you guys for all your comments. Going to cancel order with CC company. Steve
  20. Back on December 1 I ordered a Dragon 1/72 Saturn V. Said it would ship by late January. Now it says late February. The problem is they don't return emails. Also I have friends that have got their Saturn V when purchased from other companies. Any feedback on this company? Steve
  21. I just bought an Aurora box only that was in great shape on Ebay . I had an Aurora AH-56 Cheyenne that was in need of a box. Value just went up. Only problem is Atlantis just re-issued the kit so value went back down. Oh well. About the boxes with things that are wrong. Nope. No increased value. Actually less. Steve J
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