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    Mostly WWII, though I really wish there was more available for civil GA aircraft.
  1. The Pima Air Museum is restoring one of the short-wing B-26s out of Canada, and I got to poke around in it before they even started doing any work. As has already been noted, the interior (including wheel wells!) are unpainted. Interestingly, there were a number of small panels in the bomb bay that HAD been painted; some were mediumish green and others seemed to have been anodized a medium blue. Many of the fixtures -- crank, structural members, etc. -- were green. I have photographs of the bomb bay and wheel wells somewhere on one of the 26 terabytes attached to my work computer at home.
  2. Chadinko,

    Thanks for the reply. I'm really looking for the antennae and the ballast pieces that go on top of the vertical stabs. I believe these are separate pieces. I think they are the same for the C, D, and E models. Let me know if you have a set and I'd be happy to pay you for them. Thanks!



  3. I might have some. PM me and remind me. I'm at my day job right now, so I'll have to look when I get home. Can't guarantee I have them though... Would the stabs from an F-15C or D work? I don't know whether they're the same...
  4. Dieter, this is a truly beautiful piece of work. Inspiring!
  5. If I'm reading your photos correctly, you really should go back into the propeller on this; it appears your blades are swept back, and I don't know of any propeller airplanes that have blades that are off the centerline of the spinning arc. Also, it looks like at least two of your blades are not in line with one another. Inner gear doors up are a nice touch. On the Mustang, these are hydraulic and when the gear is lowered they come back up. They do sink slowly down after a while sitting idle, as hydraulic pressure bleeds off.
  6. You would think that someone as astute as Ethell would know a BT-13 from an AT-6... http://www.ww2color.com/nennius/webapps/slides/slides.php?action=update&primary_key=00175
  7. Somewhere I have some photos of T-37s with the decals actually on upside down. I'll have to go digging and find them.
  8. Welcome back to the hobby! You're having an easier time of getting back into it than I am.. :P
  9. Some amazing stuff here, guys. I actually make a large chunk of my living as a photographer, which means I don't get to do as much fun stuff as I'd like with my cameras. Boring, yes, but you can see some of my stuff here: http://www.pennracquet.com/tennis.html I'll post some of the more fun stuff later when I get my laptop set up. :)
  10. Naw it's such a good-looking airplane that I'll build two. Or three, if I find another one cheap... :)
  11. http://www.mandatory.com/2014/05/28/15-very-poor-business-logo-choices?icid=mens
  12. Here are some images of the Marsh turbo trackers I shot in 2004... wow, has it been THAT long?
  13. So I've been looking for a Nichimo Jake at an affordable price, because I had one, and knew I had one, but I couldn't find it so I figured I had sold it when I liquidated almost my entire stash in 2008 (it's a long depressing story). I finally broke down and bought one off EvilBay yesterday. As SOON as I got the shipping notice, I found mine in the stack in the garage. Sigh.
  14. The circle template works best for me. I usually stick the item through a circle template and just shoot it with my airbrush. That means I don't have to try to hold both the object with the template AND a pencil and try to be precise. Then I take Dymo tape, cut it into very thin strips, carefully run it around the demarcation line, and start scribing. But then I suck at scribing... So don't listen to me. :)
  15. Yeah way too much inspiration in those forums. Too much. Makes me feel guilty for not being at my model desk. :)
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