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  1. How do you know he didnt use siprnet? he certainly didnt mail that letter. how do you know he didnt contact the BGC? who was the BGC? how do you know he didnt contact the secnav or 7th fleet? Maybe he did all of that and they slow rolled him. We''re not at war with China. They can sail their fleet anytime or anywhere they wish. I always thought it was kind of interesting that we steam around the south china sea and think that's ok. Imagine if the PNC steamed around the gulf of mexico on a routine basis? As for your another comments about ops; they're and part of the mission. Having a deadly virus running rampant on the ship isnt. Fact is, we agree to disagree. You think the captain was wrong, I think he was right. So be it.
  2. I've been involved in navy telecom for 40 years, all commands. This isn't 1940; most every sailor on that ship has an iphone, ipad or PC plus the internet service to use it, plus pay phone and cell service close to land. The chinese know where that ship is via satellite recon and its probably being tailed by a chinese sub so let's not overdo the opsec stuff. One message from one sailor to mom or dad about the virus that goes to any congressional rep regardless of party and you have a congressional shitstorm. I've been involved in that too. the navy was clearly more interested in keeping that ship operational then it was in the safety and health of 5000 sailors, and quite frankly, that's almost criminal. One carrier, out of commission for a few months isn't going to shift the balance of power in the pacific. Lord only knows how the PRC navy has been affected. The chinese aren't going to make a move based on one ship. In fact, as far as we know, someone may have called them up and warned them. My speech would have been " hey, we're taking a carrier out of service and the only ship we have to replace it is a SSBN Ohio class so be careful". The captain did a brave and wonderful thing, the chain of command be damned.
  3. That was a diplomatic port call arranged at the highest levels , not some random call the captain decided. Those calls are arranged months in advance. Diplomatic visits and tours, dinners, plus provisions. Get your head screwed on right on this one. BTW , the cases are up to over 500 sailors.
  4. Guys..it's a movie..there is no real life timeline. The story could take place any year since the last movie.
  5. Tank...excellent article. Just what I was looking for. I've realized that for the price of any resin or brass update, I can buy an old Airfix kit as a donor for a few needed parts such as the beacons. Did the SH-3 have one or two windows on the port side? I think I see two windows on some photos, the most forward one partially hidden by the brace for the sponson. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Merry Christmas guys!! Just a thought while I was on the CPU before dinner. I just got hold of the "new" Airfix Westland Sea KIng HAR.3 and it appears to be a fine kit. I will build it as such, although I do also like the Revell offering also in 1/72. My question is simple. I always wanted to do a nice US Navy SH-3 like the famed " Helicopter 66". Is either the Revell or new Airfix offering buildable as an early US Navy version? I know I'd have leave off and shave off all of those add-on pieces for starters such as any ECM./radars etc. I can also also come up with the appropriate tail rotor from an old AIrfix kit if I have too. . I am mostly concerned about any major surgery on the fuselage. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.
  7. Hi gents..I see Revell is releasing a 1/72 F-104G soon. As I have been out of the cycle for a while, i've lost track of what is what. Is this a new mold or a re-boxing of someone else's kit? I know Hasagawa has a nice kit of the F-104G but that has its faults and is a bit long in the tooth. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. I'd love an EB-57 sheet, but there are no real kits of that version, and the conversion isn't easy. We need some enterprising resin company to release a conversion in conjunction with the decal sheet. Perhaps a package deal.
  9. Meng--worst best kit I ever built. I think I'm a good modeler but this one took me three (yes three) tries to get it right. Tolerances are so tight that tube glue can make the build very difficult . Lots of tibs and bits on the parts, some are locating pins, some are sprue attachments which can affect mating surfaces. More later.
  10. The the original kit from the fifties might be worth $50-60. The release is probably $20 or so.
  11. Here....


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  12. Excuse my stupidity gents..but just where do I find pictures of Shawn's F-4's??
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