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  1. Search for Platz, MYK, they might have some stuff you're after, depending on scale. HLJ carries both, IIRC
  2. Ok, a bit of backstory - my dad got some old modelling scale plans - 1942/1943 vintage, German (A Stuka rubber flying band model, a Schnellboot and a submarine). He's thinking of selling them, since he won't be using them, but has no idea what they're worth. Can anyone here give us an idea or at least point us in the direction where we might find out? Thank you!
  3. I'm looking for 1/72 scale NASA decals for the F-18. Either the Hobbycraft box, Hasegawa box, Fujimi box or aftermarket will do. Can offer money, trade or undying gratitude :) Thanks!
  4. France: http://www.sncf.com/en/passengers You got the Germany one. Also, if you're so inclined: http://www.eurostar.com/ I have no experience with train travel in France, but in Germany you can expect punctuality, information and clear instructions. There are many classes of trains, and some private operators as well, so googling will be your friend. Eurostar operates much as an airline - you buy early, you get the cheapest ticket. Please be advised that in what are considered peak hours, the Eurostar will be rather pricey.
  5. Alternatively, you could try and find this boxing of the AZ kit: Caveat - I don't know how accurate the Arctic decals are! http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=678 Cheers!
  6. So, following up on their AS365N2 kit, Dreammodel have come out with a HH-65A (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1070106-dreammodel-dm-720003-hh-65a-b-dolphin , and also already available on e-bay). Anyone have an idea on how accurate it is for a Coast guard version? Thanks!
  7. I think they're mentioning 99 euros for it here in Europe
  8. We have one at work. The one hiccup we had was the motherboard connectors for the monitor burning out. However, this was most likely NOT due to the Nuc, but to the monitor. Since it was replaced, smooth sailing. Otherwise, it works fine, but since it's passive heating (no fans), make sure it's well ventilated. Hope it helps, Cheers!
  9. There is also a recently announced Star Destroyer kit coming from Zvezda
  10. So, still cleaning out my stash, so onto the block: Hasegawa 1/72 AH-64D $10 - please be aware that the kit actually represents a FSD machine, so is basically just an A with a Longbow radar on top) Hasegawa 1/72 Fuji T-1 "JASDF 50th Anniversary", two-kit boxing, OOP, $25 Fireball Modelworks VAL-4 Black Ponies decals - $9 OV-10A's in US Navy Service, please note that these are ALPS decals, thin and sensitive, printed on continuous carrier film. the book: Osprey Modelling the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer $12- read only once, in great condition. Ships from Croatia, Europe. Will ship anywhere, bu
  11. Ok, I see what you mean. Again, matching things like this has its drawbacks, but I see your point, Laurent. The problem *could* be that the intakes on the CAD are smaller than they should be? Maybe the new bulged ones MoFo mentioned? Cheers!
  12. I'm wary of comparisons like these... Are we sure the angle on the CAD and the photo is correct? Also, i'm not knowledgeable on the Mirage/Kfir family, but are the intakes the same? Different engines usually spell a change in intake geometry... (And it's a Kfir CAD vs a Mirage III photo) Cheers!
  13. Excellent! I am very impressed by the L-29 I got recently, so this will be a must have! :)
  14. That's a great video! Unfortunately, Top Gun 2 will (I presume) be mostly CGI... ;)
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