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  1. Thanks mate, I used the aluminium cover from a can of coffe, is very easy to work with, and almost unlimited fot bealts and other little things, I suggest and believe me, get a another kit, this one (US Air Force, or the Navy version) Great kits no doubt, regards!
  2. Damn!, but some guys can see the photos, any trick here maybe?
  3. Mornings chaps! I little time since my last wip here, so I´m back, this time with the Tamiya´s "Sandy", as always this kit is a real joy to build, so far some pics from the beginning Later I will fight with this decals =( Here with the fuselage already closed, no problems so far =) Well, I hope y
  4. Ok, friday morning, and I have some free time to post the final update, a good kit no doubt, very enjoyable project, was a lot of fun with the paint job, I hope you like this WIP, any comment is welcome, regards and what´s next? General view... Thanks for follow this job and happy modelings folks!
  5. Superb job with this rescribing task, I will follow this WIP, regards!
  6. Nice scooter, waiting for more updates, regards!
  7. Thanks yardbird78, regards! Soon I will finish this WIP, thanks for watch!
  8. You make me feel nervous striker8241, and thanks for your words, I feel the same, maybe more dirtier could be a more realistic "Thud", but I feel ok with the final result, regards!
  9. Hi everybody! Almost done, more updates.... Well, as you can see, this little friend is near to be completed, just maybe a couple of updates and this will be another model ready for the flight line =).
  10. Ok friends, is friday and is time to show some updates, here we go! And finally, almost ready for the flight line our little friend! I think looks very clean this zone? Well buddies, I hope you like this little update, regards!
  11. Yes Arne, should be different the shape of the fin, right?
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