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  1. Well it´s friday fellow modelers, so it´s time to show a new update, many hours with the sand paper and the scriber, but a first coat in the problematics zones and hoping now we can take the next stage, the paint! Not a bda kit al all but some “details” as you can see the way I solve this little details, regards!
  2. Yes Steve slowly but shurely, just step by step 😃 Must be great ear and see this airplane dude, regards!
  3. Ok, long time from the last up date sorry for that…but we have a new update, continuing with the basis from a kinetic´s model, sanding, rescribing, sanding, rescribing, more sanding, hmm did I say sanding? Well almost there, (Let behind all this sanding/rescribing stage) so let´s hit the road with this project again, and let the photos speak, soon more updates, thanks for watching 😃
  4. Sorry, much time since the first and lonely update of this WIP, so much work in this Kinetik mold, just a little scratch inside, the cockpit is a shame, nothing of detail so I add some of detail, same the seats, well, more updates coming, but for now this the second update, I have to say the model is almost ready for the flight line, maybe this WE…well, I see if a recover the mojo with this project, Why the mojo is gone? Stay tunned for …regards from Mexico City folks.
  5. Almost done with this Tomcat, lovely kit, so far sooooo good I have to say, I love it! I Can´t say the same thing about the D model from AMK, building actually but no wip yet here, maybe in the future upload the album, but for now, I feel a little upset with the AMK turkey, yes is a great model too but with some "details", those who have build the Tamiya and AMK will know what I´m talking about. And yes, some mishaps on the way with the tail, just paint again with some extra effort and done too, final photos soon, stay tuned folks, regards from Mexico City 😃
  6. Wow 3 of them? Amazing kit right dude, Maybe I buy another one soon, but not to soon hahaha damn money =P
  7. Well folks, after a little break I´m back in business with this turkey, nothing much to say just easy money, perfect kit, just I have to say, the decals, as all we know very thick, but ok, just a little help from our friend Micro sol/Micro set and some patience, carry on sailors! Sorry if you see twice the same pic =/
  8. Hi Mr. Happy, thanks, indeed in a few moments I will post a new update, thanks!
  9. Well dudes so far...decaling time, enjoy the update, almost there, but not soon I hope, I´m enjoying so much this kit, regards !
  10. Ok pals, more up dates, and there´s something to say about this kit? Is perfect, just the decals, as always, Tamiya´s way, very thick, but perfect register, sharp colors, and a lot of data/stenciles, but not like th F4, that drives me crazy (4 F-4 build so far, 2 Academy, 1 Hasegawa and 1 Zukei Mura) This kit is a real joy, I have another F-14 from AMK and well, this one have some minor issues, and then, if you ask me, if you can grab this kit or the previous model A, go get it, and if are two or more you never regret this, I can swear this, so, let the images
  11. Thanks and soon more updates, you know, the work, the kids and the wife...take care dude!
  12. I dip a tooth brush in some thinner, and give a gentile wash with the same thinner, and then with the hard part of the tooth brush give some strikes trying to make this effect, regards.
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