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  1. You leave me with the feeling there is something personal between you and this Airfix designer. You made your point numerous times on many different forums, with sentences written in capital letters, bold letters, red letters, sometimes all 3 at the same time, that this kits was not at your taste. I will not go that far saying "no kit is perfect then it should be accepted as is" but... I am curious as to what you want to achieve by repeating the same things numerous times here in there ("they had access to the real MiG-17 but they flawed, why, Why, WHY, etc") ? I am genuinely curious.
  2. I just checked the pictures on FB, full definition, the detail treatment is amazing, perfectly defined and not too wide. I can spot an improvement with every new release from them. It is nice to get exotic subjects from these new brands, but at such overall quality level ? Well done Modelsvit !!!
  3. Sukhoï Su-57 😱🤤 ?!?!?! Lockheed C-130 😱🤤 ?!?!?! 1/144 stuff 😱🤤 ?!?!?! That is for sure one hell of a nice program 👍🏼 !
  4. I can see AMP or Mikro Mir doing a 1/144 B-52.
  5. Oh man, that looks STUPENDOUSLY nice on 1st sight !!! Thanks for the photos 👍 !
  6. IMHO, not picky. Just different people with different interests. And both (the ones ecstatic about this kit vs the ones expecting better) are probably right. I do not like what I see overall (and I am dead certain it is not an optical illusion or lighting/reflection stuff) but I will probably buy one kit just for the dirty wings and sell the remainder. I just hope the recessed details on the wings are not that far off Tamiya's recessed details finesse.
  7. Wow, I like this MSRP of USD 118 much better 🤤 !!!
  8. I think he edited the post, what I read wasn't this "prediction". Anyway I am happy if this new release from HKM turns out to be more accessible. With the todays increase in everythings cost and apparent great level of detail, one could not reasonably expect a new tech 1/48 B-17 priced under USD 100, but USD 280 felt like we really had to deserve it.
  9. I think I saw the MSRP circulating over Master194, USD 280.- ! I was expecting it to be priced a little under USD 200.-... to hell, if done correctly (the nose, please Please PLEASE get it right) I will certainly get one.
  10. I am almost sure they will not go bombastic this time. Like play it safe. Anyway still happy we now have even more choice when it comes to Starfighters. Despite it's few flaws, I loved Hasegawa's rendition. Kinetic's kit looks a tad better (I will get mine, JASDF, next week) and now AMK : please please get these panel lines a bit more realistic.
  11. They reopened the topic 9mins ago. These guys are too funny...
  12. The moulding look absolutely exquisite, as on all Modelsvit recent releases.
  13. I do not know if the Daco drawings can be 100% trusted but I do get the feeling the inflatable bags concave curve will accentuate the hip curve issue. We are probably not talking 5mm difference but to me, it does not look right. But please to be proven wrong. Again AMK's communication, they really do not get it...
  14. What is with that raised line detail on the tire flank? I checked about 10 F-14D wheel photos, none show it. And basic rim detail. Surprising.
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