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  1. I got mine 2 days ago. Overall a nice kit from Revell with some flash here and there (easy to deal with) and some sink marks on the wing riveted areas (less easy to deal with without ruining the recessed rivet details). HOWEVER !!! Make sure you check your 2 clear sprue : mine are unusable, all the parts being marred by flow lines.
  2. I heard that all kits released since and including M-346 will be Gold standard.
  3. That is the thing : I can spot differences between the 2 kits but do we know for sure Tamiya is 100% correct? I would not know. Comparing them would only prove there is, or not, a difference and from there we can start, or not, investigating who is right. Anyway, right or wrong, I am glad we now have more choice when it comes to 1/48 Tomcats. I like some aspects of Tamiya's kit, I like some aspects of AMK's kit. Not being on a budget, I will probably combine the best of both kits to pump out my dreamed Tomcat kit. Ok, that was page 196.76, anyone for page 196.80?
  4. Presumably less rounded. I can clearly see differences between the Tamiya and AMK curves and volumes but I have absolutely no idea if they are to be attributed to the camera focal or effective differences. Besides, those white curve lines do not help at deciding for or against. As far as I am concerned, I will wait for a detailed comparison but I am thinking that even if the AMK kit fails in the hip test, I will find a good home for its dirty wings -> use them on my Tamiya Tomcat, and sell the remainder of the AMK kit.
  5. It's the Italeri kit sprinkled with CMK resin detail resin parts. I have it, most of the parts join very nicely but the overall detailing is very limited and the CMK parts are not the best moulded and detailed, no Brassin stuff here. When it comes to accuracy, I really wouldn't know, sorry, just that the Italeri is easier to build and the Kitty Hawk looks more actual if you think detailing.
  6. IMHO, the detailing is quite good : cockpit and landing gear details are more than adequate, recessed details are extensive but as usual with Revell, slightly uneven, slightly too wide and shallow and different from right to left (fuselage side flank parts). The fit : okayish, lots of mating surfaces are uneven, some short-shot parts on my 2 releases, IDS and GR.4. The engineering : problematic in the sense that it appears too complicated and most of the parts that make up the main structure are a bit thin. Decals : thin, flat, detailed but in a certain places out of register. Accuracy and shape : said to be much much better than Italeri's and especially Hobby Boss's renditions. To me, it feels like lots of work to invest in a modern kit that was released first in 2014. As I'm no Tornado freak, I kept some the detail parts and bombs and binned the rest. But I sincerely applaud modelers who enjoy its building and turn it into a beauty. All this may sound too negative to you but these are honest personal views. It is true that I'm no big fan of Revell new way of designing and tooling kits, I regret the times where their kits were tooled in South Korea. And to me, price is no issue : even if no Tornado freak, I'll gladly pay USD150 for a Tamiya Tonka.
  7. Great news, I heard the HPH kit was a bear to build. Surprised Zvezda didn't pull it earlier, anyway good to see Kitty Hawk release it, I really like their latest releases.
  8. Looks way too fine for a 3D print. I'd say 3D model. Happy to bin my OEZ 1/48 kits and their too wide recessed details.
  9. Don't worry, it'll be released this year, you mentioned it in the GWH MiG-29 1/48 help topic. Quite impatient to discover this Su-33 kit.
  10. £119 leaves me with the feeling it's basically the price of the previous release from 2-3-4 years ago plus the cost of the Eduard photoetch sets. No real savings here, and I'm dead certain they didn't touch the moulds. So yes, those magnificent Barracuda set will come handy.
  11. Thank you for the photos. I'm no Tomcat expert, is the side view "sponson" thickness the issue? Or the the inflatable bag end angle at cross section? I was under the impression the big deal was the top view too curvy contours leading to what a booty.
  12. If they release an accurate kit, I'm sure it'll sell and they won't be done. Mind you, it's just my personal opinion. I still remember VW's "Diesel gate". In the first months of that scandal they were crucified, car sales plunged. Now, the Diesel gate is still far from being resolved, but I read VW now selling even more cars than before. People have a short memory, but I'm not saying this in a bad sense : time passes, people forget, and one day people think "yeah, why not give this new mouth-watering product a try, after all". In any case, if AMK succeed in releasing an accurate Tomcat kit, you bet they'll be tight-lipped on the next project. Well, it's all I wish them. And they folded, too bad for them, they'd be 100% responsible, but we'd still have Tamiya, Hasegawa, Kinetic, GWH, Zvezda, ICM, Roden and, when their A-Team is hired, Revell, Kitty Hawk, Hobby Boss and Trumpeter to deliver us exciting new kits.
  13. Same here. I haven't preordered so AMK obviously owe me nada, and I'm obviously fine with that. I'm simply interested in the technical aspects of the kit and its conception. I'll just have to get myself some of their other kits, they look so well designed. I lost track wether they still intended to go forward with the glazings separate from the canopy frame. Or perhaps it wasn't finalised ? Anyway, if it's released, I'll get one. If it's not, man sooo many other new exciting kits from other brands available.
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