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  1. The level of workmanship was never in doubt, this is a great model. My point was that by buying Chinese fakes you are hurting small businesses within the hobby which leads to the eventual end of them, much to everyone's loss. Hornet (who owns the IP for these heads) stopped producing figures purely because they were being copied so blatantly. However, if you think intellectual property theft is ok, thanks for showing me the moral level.
  2. I'm sorry but I really don't get this at all. Its ok to drop almost 500 usd on paint and books but then you buy cheap chinese knock-off figures and head sets? And then to rate them as if the quality will ever be as good as the originals. You get what you pay for buddy and buying this cheap fake shoot does nobody any good. What if Vladimir from Bravo6 or Roger from Hornet decided to quit producing figures because they kept getting pirated? How does that help our hobby? Original Bravo6 figures are easily available, in your own country too. I'm pretty sure if you dropped Vladimir an email he
  3. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/sal_provenzano/hh-60g_ext_gun_mount/
  4. Really starting to come together now Oliver, great job.
  5. Hi guys, Does anyone have any clear pictures of the "Dark Knight" MH-60S from HSC-22 ? There are a couple in the web but not a lot really. I am particularly interested in the digital pattern on the tail and the markings above the gunners window with a view to modelling it in 35th scale. Many thanks Andy
  6. Thanks for the great feedback fellas, I really appreciate it. Full speed ahead with my UH-1N project now and I will keep you updated (and pick your collective brains too !)
  7. Guys, Apologies if you have already seen this on facebook but here is my finished Crystal Ship. Hope I've done it justice - thanks everyone for all the help along the way.
  8. Thanks Ray, really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Now to see how far out I am !
  9. Thanks Ken, it is the stock Dragon belt. Andy
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