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  1. Cubs2jets, man, you've made a great job, thanks a lot for that!
  2. Why some decals (navy star and navy text) are faded, but scorpions looks like the new ones? Do you faded that decals with thin layer of paint?
  3. Congrats, Oliver! It looks super mega cool! But still wondering, what if it will be with red tail?..
  4. My wife and I laughed at your message for 5 minutes. Half a gallon of tears flowed from my eyes ... Great joke about stereotypical Russians 🤣
  5. Hi Snake, I will not rip out my hairs because there is almost nothing to rip, unfortunately... Copy that about front sight. Thanks! Still working on 3d m60, and still waiting for resin for 3d printer. I didn't post cdr file yet, only png. Can't find the right one. Maybe tomorrow I'll give it to you. Thanks for the offered help with the Coreldraw, but I'm good with it. More than 10 years experience in graphic design, so I'm sick of it. Now I use all that software only for my hobby. Got you, about Rostov :) What did you do in Moscow? Vodka, babushka, blini, ikra, harasho? :)))
  6. Copy that! No top cover. No hanging ropes. Don't sorry! Thanks! Now i see wy some PIGs has short barrels. I have one short barreled m60 from Daragon's Vietnam Seals set, and thought is some kinda mistake, but now i see it's correct. Thanks again! I'm still in progress. Learming 3Ds Max software. Trying to create correct and (most important - printable in 1/35 scale) M60 3D model. More than 6 weeks passed, but i'm still in the same place. It's hard to create proper model, because i need to balance between realism and printability. If i make it like the real one - small relief details will not be visible. So i need to make more structural hypertrophy on this model. And in 3d view it will looks strange and ugly, but after 3d printing is should looks embosed and pretty, in theory :))) Theory is a key-word :))) If i got you corrent - i should NOT peel off front sight on my Miss Mini? Really inspirating pic! Thanks! But i planning to make left gunner with M60 mounted on Sagami. There is no other way to pose my gunner because i have already paint him. With pleasure my friend! But i stiil didn't make nothing interesting in my build. In real i did, but it some separate pieces and it will tell nothing. I'm stucked with my custom m60, this idea completely filled my mind so i can't do nothing and can't think abount other parts of my build. It is a "Dark side" of my nature - obsession. Here is my custom decal sheet. Also will be available use for everyone totally FREE. I'll share vector CDR file after it remake. Because there is a lot of mistakes (black outline around oval yellow Bandit's door signs). And thank you AGAIN for let me know aboaun that black outlines! The result of watched thousands of photos. Hope it worth that hundreds of hours i spent on this work. Maybe i'am wrong, but think here is full stencil data for that birdy. I looked at every inch in the photographs. But he could have missed something, of course. Click to enlarge Where is that phrase from? :))))
  7. Thanks my friend! I guess gunners use that crates without top wooden covers? Did they used the same crates for grenades and for m60 ammo belts?
  8. Copy that! Where is that picture from? US or some combat point? And about Huey restoration, it was my dream too. Ofcourse my dream less real than yours till i'm living in Russia? here is not too much Hueys 🙂 But maybe, some day, who knows... I dream at least to see Huey in reality. Till that i'll try to do my best with my 1/35 Huey restoration. I remember a day when i was 7 years old maybe, and i saw some assembled 1/72 Huey gunship kit at local model store. I was asking my parents to buy it, but they don't. And now 28 years have passed since then, and I did not give up trying to make such a Huey by myself, and make it 1000 times cooler than was in that store. I'm still remember that small Soviet store, with 5-10 models was in it, and that little green Huey... Broken childhood dreams become big, long adult projects. I am happy that my parents did not buy me that Huey. Otherwise, this project would never have happened :))) And i wish you from all my heart you make your dream reality. Marriage, kids, jobs, pets, friends is a good things, but we should make something special, something for our passion in our lives, until our lives are over.
  9. Hi Snake! Thanks again and again and again! Sorry for my late respod. Was stucked with my 3d printer. Chineses cheated me with resin, now open disput with them. And i still don't know your name!
  10. Thanks Oliver, Wish i own it... I have Werner's Wings DVD (bought it 7 years ago) and 3 more gigabytes of other photos and PDF's, but is still not anough for my greedy soul.
  11. I totally agree with you! Dragon is the best of these M60s. I have one from Vietnam Seals set, but it has too short barrel and there is only one m60 in that set. But I was looking towards Bravo6 M60. This one As for me it looks great. But i wrote Vladimir (Bravo6 manufacturer) and he said: "Not in stock, sorry!" Returning to the question "whether to buy Chinese copies or not" ... So my last hope now is 3d print it.
  12. Thanks for that photos! I have all of them exept the last one.
  13. Thanks again, Snake (wish I knew your name)! It's very handy! I have a couple of low resolution photos of Sagami, but yours one is my lifesaver. Almost all issues have been resolved. But i still have a couple. If you can post another pictures of that Sagami mount in different angles it will be great! And no need to isolate them, don't spent your time. How was that spare barrels under the seat looks like, like on this photo? And a personal question - Have you served at Vietnam War?
  14. And about brown shading. I guess it suitable only for light colors, like your grey. For my olive drab huey need black shading, how do you think?
  15. Looking great, Oliver! The most crucial moment has come. Do not rush!
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