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  1. What exactly detail set? Do you have any info about it?
  2. Hey Tim! How is your build going? Any updates?
  3. And here is another modulation technique, with oil paints. I've tried oil paints on my figures and it's give really nice results. It much more easier to create nessesary smooth gradients with oils than with acrylic paints.
  4. Hey guys! I gave the video a few pages back. It may be helpful to you. Take a look.
  5. Yeah! The single is the best! Looks more accurate.
  6. HI Oliver, Why don't you made a decal yourself? If you need I can draw It in coreldraw for you. I'm sure, there is some guys California who can print it on decal paper with ALPS printer that can print white color. I've made all decals by myself for my uh-1.
  7. Hi Oliver, Just tell me, how could we miss that topic? That's about your exhaust supports. There is nice pics with detailed mount scheme. Still hope you will remake it, if you find that your scheme is wrong of course.
  8. I see now. Hope it will be the last remake on this helo. You've done so many remakes, so it enough for another one more build. Cheers Oliver! Waiting for another update!
  9. Why did you do that? It was perfect, as for me.
  10. Nice results, Oliver! Keep going! Hope all we are will see this great work finished soon.
  11. Thanks for advice my friend, but the problem is in another place, not in chicken plates. This is a fully scratch builded seats, and they was maded for figures from the kit. But now I have bravo6 pilots, and their butts does not fit the seats. Of course I can cut off some space of their butts, but I think It will look not good. However I will try to follow your advice, maybe I can make a nice sculpting to make them fit.
  12. Hey comrades! Some updates. Instrument panel repainted, highlights added to stiffening ribs, it was flat black. Hope now it looks better. Finished radio bay, electronics, wires, and front window's ventilation pipes. Figures - right hands glued, seat belts cutted off. Now I see their knees hits the instrument panel, so need to pull seats back a little bit. So I cutted off seat's guides, need to scratchbuild them again. And now I'm trying to figure out how to make pilot's left hands fit and hold elevation stick. This is a real mind-breaking task.
  13. I've made 2 orders, for 450 euro = 512 usd. And they didn't give me any discount on this orders. But they gived me members club card with second order when I reached 450 euros total, think I can get some discount next time. Today I have tried paints with brush, and I'm very satisfied. I used only tamiya before, so can compare only with it. Easy to apply, good coverage, no smell, so don't like tamiya anymore 😊
  14. I thought you have only 4th part. I almost finished rotor, instrument panel and radio bay. Hope I'll show you my progress in a couple of days.
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