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  1. roym, I did send that info to you in a pm. Just let me know when you get a minute. Robert
  2. Sounds good ! I tried to pm though and it said that you cannot receive messages ?
  3. Thanks for the reply, I would like to build F-15C 84-0014 from the 493rd FS. In 1999 after returning from Allied Force it briefly carried both and Iraqi and Serb flag kill marking till the kill was denied and removed. The Astra sheet has both the Iraqi and Serb flags. As well as the correct 493rd markings for that period 1999-2002 If you could be of any help that would be great and much appreciated . Regards, Robert
  4. Looking for Astra 1/72 Decal Sheet for the 48th FW F-15C/E , sheet # ASD7201 RJ
  5. Still looking if anyone might have one they would part with reasonably ?
  6. If there is any interest $9 shipped : Experts Choice 1/48 F-16C 174th NY ANG & 150th FW NM ANG 1/48 F-16A 127th FW MI ANG 1/48 F-16A 191st FIG " Six Pack " MI ANG Fox One 1/72 F-4G 561st FS, 190th FS, 81st FS
  7. Looking for an reasonably priced Monogram or Revell 1/72 B-36, find quite a few on ebay but not to realistic in price. Sure that it a well known topic here ! Thanks For Looking
  8. Curious to see if there is any other folks from Maine here on the boards ? RJ
  9. Looking for as many of these CBU shaped bombs that came/come with the Hasagawa 1/72 F-16A ? They may have come with some of the early C model kits as well. Hard part is going to be finding 24 of them. Hoping to use them for my B-52 project, so possibly some folks may have one or two in there parts box . Thanks for looking !
  10. One last request for now ... Looking for a copy of the Testors 1/72 XR-7 Thunder Dart at a reasonable price ? Thank You for looking !
  11. Looking to find a reasonably priced Academy RB-50. Thanks **** FOUND ***** !!
  12. Long shot but I am looking for a set of Spectre Resins 1/72nd B28, maybe someone out these might have an extra set ? Thanks for looking ! RJ
  13. Ha Ha a long shot but does anyone have a set of 1/72 B-52H engines they are not using ?
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