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  1. Think I may have got it figured out .. Have to see... I was able to get it to the print stage and it accepted it and is in production. Only $7 as it is only a 72 scale munition. The 3d printer would be nice, but I do not know if I have the knowledge to create the files, the file I just hopefully printed was created by someone other then me.
  2. I was hoping to find someone whom might be able to help with getting a part printed. What I do already have is the file in the correct format, but I do not know where to go from here.
  3. Was wondering if someone might have the Fat Man bomb from the 1/72 Academy B-29 Enola Gay/Boxcar kit in spares box ? Thanks for looking ... RJ
  4. I have a unopened 1/32 Revell F-104 for Trade. Mainly build 1/72 Cold War era.
  5. Looking for reasonably priced Heller 1/72nd E-3F/B (release with CFM engines).
  6. Yes it is the 32nd AREFS patch that is on the right side of that particular tail #.
  7. I really like how the recent SAC B-52G sheet has the numbers provided to be able to create any just from the unit be it an FB-111A from the 380th or 509th or the G's from the 428th. Maybe something like that ? Also starts out as the 428th TFTS in Mar 1990 before becoming FS in Nov 91.
  8. That's great ! Glad to hear that and looking forward to it's pending release 🙂
  9. Not a new subject and not sure how difficult it would be but any thoughts on doing a printing of the FB-111 sheet in 72nd scale ?
  10. Sure that would be great ! Would like that very much 😃
  11. The tail with the " lumps " on the side is what I am looking for ...
  12. Just a long shot, but I am looking for an F-16A ADF tail, at the moment the ADF kits I have run across seem to be a bit steep. Thanks for looking RJ
  13. Anyone aware if of any currently available markings for CF-18's from 433rd Squadron in 72nd ?
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