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  1. SNIPER on the right, and yes RED FLAG more than likely. Jonah
  2. Range pod on the ”L559” station between the nacelles https://i0.wp.com/theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/B-52H-Approach-1.jpg Jonah
  3. Only thing I’ve seen under the left wing the past several years is a range pod...don’t know what specific model, but looks like the ACMI pod included in 1/72 Hasegawa weapons set V. Jonah
  4. Thanks for checking, I appreciate it! Jonah
  5. Thanks Dutch, that’s definitely helpful. Those get me close enough! Jonah
  6. Thanks Dutch, I’ll have to go back and look at the AMP decals again; I’m specifically after the lo-vis 2 BW shield and the black fleur-de-lis and subdued US flag, like on this jet: https://dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/kc-10/louisiana_yard_dog_4.jpg Was Peace Maker a Barksdale jet? Jonah
  7. If the HPH kit represents a “later” configuration, one relatively significant modification for backdating the airframe will be the removal of the 40” extension to the aft fuselage behind the rudder; otherwise it’s mostly a matter of removing and/or omitting the various antenna/sensor housings that were added throughout the B-52H’s career. Looking forward to watching your project! Jonah
  8. I can help with this, but PM got kicked back... Jonah
  9. Marc, which era are you specifically interested in? Jonah
  10. In general, most of the external differences are clustered around the nose & tail, plus a few antennas along the fuselage. I recommend the Aerofax Datagraph on the B-52G/H by Jenkins & Rogers. Jonah
  11. Partly because that's the kit he already has, but also because I think overall there are several things about the G/H that AMT/Italeri represented better than MC, though Italeri kit certainly has its shortcomings as well. I've built a couple of the AMT/Italeri but not MC, have only looked at the H in the box, haven't seen the G plastic. The main things that jump out at me for the MC kit are the oversized external tanks, the poorly represented spoilers, and the nose...even with the correction, the EVS fairings still look a bit off to me, and MC did not define the line between the fuselage and the radome, which at least for me would be challenging to scribe. As with the AMT/Italeri, you'll still have to come up with most of the antennas. Lots of observations & opinions throughout this thread covering both G/H versions: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/293753-modelcollect-b-52h/ One of these days I'll build the MC H, even with its issues I think it has potential! Jonah
  12. Unless you really want dropped flaps or an open bomb bay, I would stick with the AMT/Italeri kit. Jonah
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