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  1. So my in-progress Viper model got wrecked in a move a while back, and today I ran across the leftovers in a box...weapons, canopies, decals, seat, pitot, and some other misc parts. Asking $15 shipped within the CONUS. Please note that most of these components have been assembled and at least primed...some have been painted & decaled. Thanks Chris
  2. 22d ARS badge, which was the -135R unit at Mountain Home. Nice find! Chris
  3. Thanks for the photo Dutch; a MO Tweet is new to me. Chris
  4. I've only built the Wolfpack kit, and it was a nice build. Chris
  5. Lots of great subject matter out there for companion trainers; in addition to Mountain Home, Grand Forks, Minot, Barksdale, Dyess, McConnell, and Ellsworth all come to mind as having jets in 36118 with unit markings similar to the heavies, and Seymour-Johnson had T-38s in AMC gray. I've also seen a photo somewhere of an Offutt 38 that looks to be in overall 16473. Chris
  6. I'm one of those who will be content with my own ham-handed conversion of the Monogram A-37 to a T-37, so definitely interested in decals! I've seen a couple photos of Fairchild & Barksdale companion trainers in the blue/white from the 90s. Dutch, can you share the MO Tweet photo you mentioned? Chris
  7. Thanks for the update! That’s a great lineup, and I think 917 ARS/96 WG from Dyess would be a great candidate for Shamu and/or AMC gray A-models, as both paint schemes could be found on jets with the DY tail code and steer head fin flash. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/96th_Test_Wing#/media/File%3ABoeing_KC-135Q_Stratotanker_(717-148)%2C_USA_-_Air_Force_AN2017644.jpg For 2 BW, most photos I’ve seen of the 1980s overall gray jets featured the green and yellow checkerboard fin flash, and around 1987 the fleur-de-lis was added to the tail. Chris
  8. Dutch, I haven’t seen any updates on the B-52, but finally picked up the Academy B-1 today and completely echo your praise of the kit’s detail, and I certainly hope the BUFF kit is of the same caliber! Jonah
  9. Thanks for the suggestions; I'll look into those products. Chris
  10. I’m wanting to try cutting some paint masks, and thinking that something like what Eduard uses for precut masks might work better than vinyl, since it seems thinner. Any thoughts on this? What’s a good source for material like what Eduard uses? thanks Chris
  11. Wow, didn’t know that was coming! Jonah
  12. Those look great Dave! Do you do your printing in-house? Chris
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