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  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Lots of impressive work, and always a treat to see a 1/48 B-1B built up! Chris
  2. Got a copy a couple of weeks ago and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in any flavor of -135. I learned there are two editions; the 2017 version is much more comprehensive than the original. Chris
  3. Wow! Looking forward to your Bone & BUFF builds also. Chris
  4. Great idea, I’m in. Chris
  5. I'm intrigued by the J57 engines on the left wing of the test shot buildup and what look like AGM-86 under the right wing... Chris
  6. Looks great, the walkway stripes turned out sharp! I like the 2 AF marking on the fin, too. Chris
  7. For the late aft fuselage halves, you’ll need to remove the antenna fairings from both sides of the fin, as well as the wedge-shaped fairings on the aft fuselage. Also, remove the upper & lower “tree” antennas, and omit the two triangular “spade” antennas on the lower fuselage. I think the structural reinforcing bands would need to go too. Chris
  8. For what it’s worth, Magnesium Overcast (Jenkins, 2001), lists the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE lettering as 9” tall on the B-36. Chris
  9. Yes, a great choice; the 428 FS (& 523 FS) seem underrepresented in both F-111s & Vipers- Thanks Chris
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