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  1. Got mine, they look phenomenal! Thanks for doing these! Chris
  2. Looks great; can't remember the last time I saw someone build an ADF Viper with AIM-7s. Chris
  3. I don't know how well GPS does with terrain avoidance, and in my experience both LITENING and Sniper rely on the host aircraft for the navigation data. I think we've become accustomed to medium altitude employment from many years of permissive environments...anything more challenging may drive the Strike Eagles low again, hence training such as the Mach Loop. To the original question, I'm not aware of any upgrades, and haven't seen a nav pod on a Block 40/42 in many years. Chris
  4. Hoping someone who used a resin cockpit still has the cockpit tub (26), instrument panels (69, 70), sticks (29, 129), and the handhold (28) from the kit. Can trade or buy outright, located in Nebraska. Thanks! Chris
  5. Is this one of the decals you're looking for? TWA 757-200, Minicraft Model Kits 14482 (2001) (scalemates.com) Chris
  6. It's actually a P-38 silhouette; Major McGuire flew Lightnings in the Pacific. Chris
  7. After looking at the kit (I have a G) & some references, the kit OOB is very close to the late 80s configuration...pre-GPS and pre-MRT. I don't see the AFSATCOM antenna fairing represented on my G though, and it should be there for a late 80s jet. If you want weapons under the wings, go with the AGM-86s or M117s from the G & D boxings instead of the kit's AGM-28s. I have extras if you want them. The overall 36081 paint seems to be most prevalent in the second half of the 86-90 timeframe you mention, and one published source describes it as appearing "by 1988."
  8. Jon- Let me dig my kit out tonight and take a closer look, but overall, yes, that kit will set you up for the timeframe you're looking for. Chris
  9. Really nice model; I hope Caracal reprints that sheet! Welcome to ARC- Chris
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