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  1. Here's a couple of better shots of 72 BS jets, taken in 1995:
  2. Vent off the base of the fin...carpet monster got mine. If you have F4 perhaps you have F3 also, as at the rate I'm losing parts I could use both sides! Located in Louisiana, can pay shipping. Thanks Jonah
  3. Here's an example of the 72 BS markings: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Boeing-B-52H-Stratofortress/787934/L?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH%2Bl7FkPVSq0N/0BPfQH1mTQYNuEzYKG0n93Dd4eb4aZlVxcFB8dSwINlMHinrSjxMJzpmGlF8o7ijem%2B747NHNYojZt33dWy1H0UizyrDg7h6Twf38VD/lFyK4uPuyhNYDcKtPxZN6HnCauG1AOE23bF6v4MNA%3D And the short-lived 'candy cane' stripe used at Minot around the same era https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Boeing-B-52H-Stratofortress/223975/L?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH%2Bl7FkPVSq0N/0BPfQH1mTQYNuEzYKG0n93Dd4eb4aZlVxcFB8dSwINlMHinrSjxMJzpmGlF8o7ijem%2B747NHNYojZt33dWy1H0UizyrDg7h6Twf38VD/lFyK4uPuyhNYDcKtPxZN6HnCauG1AOE23bF6v4MNA%3D Jonah
  4. Sounds good, looking forward to both sheets and both scales! Jonah
  5. 60-0057 marked as 340 WPS flagship, May 2019: And a couple from November 2014 when it had 'Luck Be A Lady' nose art: 60-0003, November 2014: 61-0031, November 2014: 60-0041, November 2014: I don't have tail photos of either 0003 or 1031, but the above shot of 0041 is representative of those two jets. 60-0061 marked as 307 BW flagship, May 2014: I believe the BD, 307 BW, & AFRC text are vinyl decals, accounting for the unusual reflection, compared to the tail number which is painted at Tinker. Jonah
  6. Yes, and as you probably know there is also a tie-in back to CD72058, in that 61-0007 is the jet pulled from AMARG to replace 0049. Additionally, here are a couple of 60-0034 'Wise Guy' taken last spring, shortly after it was regenerated from AMARG to replace 60-0047: Jonah
  7. This tail flash appeared about 10 years ago; I believe it was a function of the 69 BS reactivation at Minot...my best guess is that for a period of time there were two ops squadrons supported by a single AMU, so the non-flagship jets for the 69th and 23d received this until the 69th AMU was fully established as its own entity. 60-0049 circa 2012: Jonah
  8. Yes...I think some of the most interesting B-1s are those that were still wearing the Strategic scheme during the SAC to ACC transition. Similarly, I like the markings from the bases that no longer have B-1s, such as Grand Forks and Mountain Home. Jonah
  9. I look forward to the Euro scheme bones! Jonah
  10. For 72098, I think 72 BS from Minot in the mid 90s would be a neat subject; short-lived squadron that was formed to absorb the influx of B-52Hs from KI, Fairchild, Griffiss, Carswell as the fleet was consolidated to just Barksdale & Minot. Black tail flash with a '72' shaped lightning bolt...I'll look for a photo. Jonah
  11. Awesome, I’m in for both. Thanks for the update! Jonah
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