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  1. Looks great, I need to get my order in! Looking forward to part 2! Jonah
  2. The brown is 34086 that discolored as it faded/weathered. Jonah
  3. Link didn’t work for me Rick- Chris
  4. Thanks for the links Dutch, at the very least it looks as though the MD-11 engine design mitigates what I see as the weakest point of the Revell KC-10, hopefully that carries across to Micro Mir’s new KC-10 as well. Jonah
  5. I don’t have anything by Micro Mir; not real sure what to expect from them... Jonah
  6. Looks like the FAR option leverages a MAC/MATS tail band; is there a blue patch to apply before the white FAR lettering goes on? Jonah
  7. Well done, I look forward to watching this project. I did a fuselage swap awhile back to enable a non-ALCM B-52G, and was left with the 'strakelet H' parts that you describe...I'm thinking I might leave the engines off, modify the aft fuselage, and represent a retired & cannibalized G in a Davis-Monthan diorama setting... Jonah
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