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  1. Super nice work, where did you source the antenna housing? I’ve got 4 or 5 of these kits, the only conversion planned is a mild one to an OC -135 Open Skies jet. Jonah
  2. Great news about the B-52, I can’t wait to see it! Jonah
  3. Very nice wheel well detailing! Jonah
  4. Yes, the launcher and it’s supports are removable. I would leave them out and depict an empty bomb bay for such a long range mission. Also, I’m not aware of a cover or fairing for empty stations on the external pylon. Which of the 7 jets are you building? Jonah
  5. No additional fuel tank in the bay...the B-1 can do that but not the B-52. Looking forward to watching your progress! Jonah
  6. Last I checked, Eduard had produced extensive PE for the interior, wheel wells, flap wells, & bomb bay, but I haven’t seen anything from them for the exterior. I would trade all of the above PE for a decent exterior correction/detail set. Jonah
  7. Great, I’m in for both scales! Jonah
  8. The Diabolical Angel art was also applied to the center caps of the main gear: Jonah
  9. Thanks for the links Dutch, really looks nice. I'll backdate mine a bit, from the parts breakdown it looks like it will take some straightforward filling for the targeting pod pylon and the towed decoy housings, no grinding or cutting required. Jonah
  10. I did not check tracking on mine, sorry I can’t be of more help Jonah
  11. It was probably close to a month between when I received a shipping notice and actual delivery. Jonah
  12. Yes, would really like to see this light gray version of the AMC shield seen on some Shamu KC-135s & KC-10s, compared to the all-black version used on the AMC gray jets. Thanks Jonah
  13. Looking good, gives me an urge to get back to my 1/144 projects... Jonah
  14. He may be distinguishing between custom artwork and printing; I just got an order from him last week that I did my own artwork for. If if you have your own artwork I’d suggest sending a query; his printing quality is outstanding in my opinion. Jonah
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