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  1. Here's the best I have for #3...taken during the ACC era, don't know that the sunflake changed much over the years if at all: Hope this helps- Chris
  2. Brilliant, thank you very much! Chris
  3. Those are very helpful; thank you very much! Chris
  4. I wonder if its proximity to the helicopter training at Ft Rucker was a factor in the selection. Chris
  5. Nice, don’t believe I’d ever seen the LY code before. Chris
  6. Intriguing, I didn't realize USAAF use of the Mosquito was extensive enough to generate so many different options...might have to get this one! Chris
  7. Thanks for offering; I could use some photos of the Doolittle Raid B-25 display. Website has a couple of good photos taken of the copilot's side, but I'd be interested in a few walkaround shots, particularly any details of the engine covers, tie-downs, chocks, etc. Chris
  8. Looking for some standing crew figures to pose with B-25 & B-26 models; what's out there other than the figures included with the Monogram kits? Thanks Chris
  9. Very nice Extender, Jabba. Thanks for sharing! I’m planning to use the same markings on mine. Chris
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