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  1. Gator52

    1/32 F-35A

    Looks good!
  2. Gator52

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Can you post the profile for the option(s) with the blue SAC band please? Thanks Jonah
  3. Gator52

    CD144003 - 1/144 B-1B Lancer

    Awesome, didn’t know that was on the way!
  4. Gator52


    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! How do the pylons & weapons look? Jonah
  5. Gator52

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Thanks for accommodating the request! It won’t matter much in 1/144, but based on the 1993 date of the photo I linked to I believe it’s AMC vice MAC. I think all the KC-10s transitioned from SAC to AMC & ACC in 1992; I don’t know if they were ever assigned to MAC. Jonah
  6. Gator52

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    I hesitate to ask as it may up the color count, but is it possible to add a pair of this variation of subdued AMC badges? https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-KC-10A-Extender-DC-10-30CF/1169704 Thanks for the consideration, I’m in for a couple of copies regardless- Jonah
  7. Gator52

    New Caracal Models Basics sheets

    USAF command badges have my vote; hi-vis & lo vis SAC, ACC, MAC/AMC, etc. There may be some overlap between 1/72 & 1/144, i.e. a 24” badge in 1/144 is the same as a 12” badge in 1/72. Jonah
  8. Gator52

    1/72 Convair C-131B, Texas ANG

    Looks great! Jonah
  9. Gator52

    Minicraft 1/144 CFM-56 Engines Available

    I'd be curious to see what's involved in getting the DC-8 engines integrated onto the -135 wing...most of my 1/144 -135s will be A models, but I plan to do at least one R. Thanks for the link! Jonah
  10. Gator52

    1/144 Photo-realistic Window Decals

    The thermal curtains are prominent on the B-52 even when stowed; they would make a great enhancement to a cockpit decal. Thanks for all the 1/144 subjects! Jonah
  11. Gator52

    BUFF-H antenna

    The only lumps & bumps I’m aware of are those included in the Cutting Edge & BUFF Master conversions. I used the BUFF Master parts for a build a few years ago, most were usable. I scratchbuilt all the blade antennas from sheet, rod, & strip styrene. The Cutting Edge parts look good in the box, though the GPS antenna is incorrectly shaped. Jonah