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  1. Thanks for the info; hoping a sheet with Werewolves or Lancers tail flashes will come along! Chris
  2. I've been on the lookout for 457 TFS Thud decals; will definitely get this one! Chris
  3. Are there any 1/48 decals for 347 Wg Vipers from the 1992-2001 timeframe? 68 FS 'Lightning Lancers' 89-2060.jpg photos | F-16.net 69 FS 'Werewolves' 89-2099 photos | F-16.net bbz.jpg photos | F-16.net 307 FS 'Stingers' 89-2054.JPEG photos | F-16.net Thanks Chris
  4. Gator52

    WC-130A Rainmaker

    I might have missed it; where did you source the troop seats? Chris
  5. Maybe split into G and H sheets? Here's the other version of the Mather fin marking, which I believe came after the version with the rays: I've got photos of both these Mather jets carrying the above version that I’ll email you: 57-6468 "Eldership" (first B-52G produced) 58-0189 "Forty Niner" Chris
  6. Here's photos showing 58-0195 in both strat camo and overall 36081...I see blue Loring markings on the strat camo, and light gray on the 36081 in the postwar photo. With a couple of exceptions, that color scheme for the unit markings seems consistent across other photos of Loring jets. AIRFIGHTERS.COM - Military Aircraft Photo Database and Aircraft Info I'd love to find a photo showing Loring jets side by side with both strat camo & 36081 and compare the tail markings... Chris
  7. Superscale 48-345 included an F-16D option for 52 FW sharkmouth: F-16s, SuperScale International 48-345 (scalemates.com) Chris
  8. I don't have anything on 58-0241 Pterodactyl Courier, other than a boneyard shot linked from the dstorm.eu page showing her in strat camo: 'Boring Loring' by F16CrewChief on DeviantArt Tough to say for sure, but I lean towards blue. I've seen photos of both versions on both strat camo & 36081 on other Loring jets. Chris
  9. She flew Desert Storm in overall FS 36081 with the gray version: That said, I've seen at least one photo of her in strat camo with a similar version of the Eternal Guardian nose art, but the image isn't clear enough to make out the Loring tail marking.
  10. Sent what I have as well…let me know if I need to keep digging or if that works. Loring blue vs gray: for me it will come down to nose art; I’m otherwise ambivalent on the color of the tail markings. Really looking forward to these in both scales! Chris
  11. Will 144020 draw from both 72077 & 72097? Chris
  12. Logan's ACC Bomber Triad is terrific but narrow in scope. Would love to see something comprehensive come along.
  13. Sounds terrific, and as others pointed out, many SAC-era bomber markings will easily transfer over to the tankers...Blytheville/Eaker, Carswell, Grand Forks, Barksdale, Wurtsmith, KI to name a few. Chris
  14. 93 BMW, Castle AFB: "Wild Thing" 57-6486, overall FS 36081, Nov '89 "Specter" 58-0199, Strat camo, Nov '89 "Majestic" 59-2577, Strat camo, Nov '89 Big Stick: I'm told 57-6480 also wore Big Stick nose art at Blytheville, apparently after 57-6485. I should have good shots of that version in a day or two. Chris
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