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  1. The Revell kit has the strakelets, I plan to use it for my builds of the Barksdale Secret Squirrell options. If you go with the Revell kit, you'll likely want to fill the windscreen and use the decal--the kit windscreen framing is the kit's weakest point. Chris
  2. According to my references, 58-0195 and 58-0241 are the only non-ALCM B-52G options on the sheet- Chris
  3. I have one copy of the Minicraft tall-tail kit...might need to acquire 17 more! Chris
  4. Looking for the C-135 family tree referenced in the first post, or something similar- Thanks Chris
  5. Planning to modify Minicraft's EC-135C kit to an OC-135B...looking for info/close-up photos on the Open Skies sensors, particularly the modifications around the boom pod. Thanks Chris
  6. Really nice shot; I believe the 2 BMW was flying B-52F models in the mid-60s. Chris
  7. Click2Detail scaled down his early wheels to 1/144 for me; they look pretty good. I was thinking of representing the 20mm cannons & fire control radome with leftover B-36/B-47 parts, and perhaps modify the external tanks from Revell G/H kit, but would love to see a comprehensive conversion set. Chris
  8. Fantastic, thank you! Would you consider adding extra 24" subdued ACC emblems, and also the sawtooth-pattern RAM panels? Some have the lighter-colored element, and some are just the brown: Chris
  9. Thanks Dutch...where'd you find the drogue pods? Looking forward to seeing what GWH offers...I've just about finished up my first Minicraft Herk (a slick E), and there is certainly some room for improvement and of course many other variants that Minicraft didn't get to- Chris
  10. Interested in building a four-bladed USAF version of the rescue Herk; are there any conversion parts out there? Thanks Chris
  11. I'm in for 1/144...looking forward to seeing the Wolfpack kit when it hits the streets- Chris
  12. Looking forward to these in 1/144; I hope 64-0539 with the sharkmouth (tigermouth??) is one of the options- Thanks Chris
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