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  1. Gator52

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    No more reason for me to delay ordering a copy of this kit! Jonah
  2. Gator52

    CD144021 - 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster

    Great, I'm in! Jonah
  3. Gator52

    1/144 Roden C-133 - For Sale on eBay

    Thanks for the photos. I’ll need to get one of these! Jonah
  4. Gator52

    CD144020 - 1/144 SAC B-52 Part 1

    In for a couple of copies! Jonah
  5. Gator52

    CD72091 - 1/72 B-47 Stratojet

    Very good, I’m in for both! Jonah
  6. Gator52

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    It was pointed out to me today that these were the 42 BW's special markings for the 1974 Giant Voice bomb comp at Barksdale...this jet is featured on the back cover of the original Squadron/Signal B-52 In Action. Jonah
  7. Gator52

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Very good!
  8. Gator52

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Wow, never seen that one! Love the eyeball-EVS. Jonah
  9. Gator52

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    I don’t think I’ve seen anything different than what you observed, in that the switch seems coincident with the paint change. Jonah
  10. Gator52

    Modelcollect B-52H

    I don’t recall seeing any antennas or other small external details in the Eduard sets that have been released so far, seems a bit surprising. I’d rather have a relatively small external detail set than the expansive PE flap & bomb bay sets. Jonah
  11. Gator52

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Looks nice, Paul. Jonah
  12. Gator52

    1/144 EC-135 ARIA

    I would try some silver decal stripes like these...not sure if they'd be quite narrow enough though. http://www.fundekals.com/stripes.html
  13. Gator52

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Eventually...Not sure how soon I’ll get going, I’d like to see what the aftermarket offers before I get too far along. Looking forward to to seeing your model & hearing your thoughts Paul. Jonah
  14. Gator52

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    Looks great! Jonah
  15. Gator52

    Converting Monogram,s B-52D to an F

    My understanding is that Big Belly did not alter the size of the bomb bay, but consisted of high density racks. Aside from the racks, I don’t think a B-52F bomb bay would look much different from any other B-52 variant. Jonah