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  1. It only lasted a couple of years; along with the other BRAC-era B-52G/H codes like FC, GR, CW, LZ, MO, & CA. Of those, I believe only FC & MO have ever been captured in decal form, both 1/72. Chris
  2. Don't recall if I already shared these links at some point, but here are a couple of short videos covering the departure of the final B-52H to transfer out of KI in 1994: KI Sawyer B-52 Final Flight - YouTube KI Sawyer B-52 Series 2 - YouTube 60-0026 in these markings would be a great subject! Chris
  3. Candy cane was used by the 23 BS, which at the time was the only active BS at Minot. As the H-models from KI, Fairchild, Carswell, and Griffiss were distributed between Barksdale and Minot, a second sq was activated at Minot in December '94 (72d) to absorb the additional jets. That led to the creation of the Barons stripe for the 23d and the lightning bolt for the 72d. Good shots Dutch, thanks for sharing. Chris
  4. Good video, thanks for sharing. I always enjoyed Modelfiesta when I lived in Texas. Chris
  5. That seemed to be the most common; though at least one SIOP jet (61-0018) wore a subdued version of the rainbow towards the late 80s. KI Sawyer trivia: apparently the rainbow marking and "Someplace Special" theme trace their roots to a promo put out by WLUC, a local TV station. Upper Michigan Someplace Special promo (uppermichiganssource.com) Chris
  6. Not that I’ve seen for a strat-camo jet, but the hi-vis SAC & wing emblems would work well for the SIOP scheme- Chris
  7. That all fits together Dutch, thanks for the info from Jeff’s site, hadn’t seen that. 398 OG was the parent unit of Castle’s 93 ARS during the transition of the KC-135 schoolhouse from Castle to Altus (around the time the 97th left Eaker, was redesignated, and reassigned to Altus). And, the 398 OG traces its lineage to the 398 BG; I was missing the linkage between the 398th and its historical Triangle W marking. I think you’re right, the text could be as simple as literally “Triangle W” particularly since that was reported as the jets name in 1994. Thanks f
  8. Hoping to find a closeup where the text above the "Triangle-W" nose art is legible- Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker (717-148) - USA - Air Force | Aviation Photo #1004277 | Airliners.net Thanks! Chris
  9. If you selected to paint or decal your windscreen and have the cockpit parts leftover, I’d like to fit them to my Revell KC-10. Can trade or buy outright, located in CONUS. Thanks Chris
  10. Received my copy of Randy's book today, very nicely done. I'm wondering how I overlooked it for the past 30 years! Nice photo of the Swamp Rat as Habu mentioned; still hoping to ID the emblem on the right side of the nose. Thanks Chris
  11. So the McDD color applies to the Shamu undersides also? Thanks Chris
  12. I'd be interested in an overall 36118 jet from Cannon: F-111D, 1991: Aircraft Photo of 68-0100 / AF68-100 | General Dynamics F-111D Aardvark | USA - Air Force | AirHistory.net #256503 F-111F, 1994: 70-2365 | General Dynamics F-111F Aardvark | United States - US Air Force (USAF) | Mike Head | JetPhotos F=111F, 1995: 73-0715 | General Dynamics F-111F Aardvark | United States - US Air Force (USAF) | Ken Withers | JetPhotos Chris
  13. Very helpful, thank you! I will watch for a copy- Chris
  14. Wow those are great! Chris
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