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  1. Thanks for the overview Dutch, very helpful. Chris
  2. KC-135Q 58-0060, June 1993. Based on a photo in Don Logan's C-135 book. Family shots: Thanks for looking- Chris
  3. I appreciate your kind comments, thank you! The next model in the Barksdale KC-135 collection is on short final, just needs a flat coat and final details. I will post pictures soon, using for the first time the new lights I bought for photography! Chris
  4. Bump with updates; thanks to Dutch and Viking73 for their help with a couple of these! Chris
  5. edit: After completing a third Barksdale KC-135Q model, I thought I'd consolidate the threads rather than start another! ******** Lots of transition for the USAF in the 1990s; the combination of BRAC, MAJCOM reorganization, and the post-Cold War drawdown led to some unique and short-lived paint and marking combinations. In June 1992, the 2d Wing at Barksdale was reassigned from SAC to Air Combat Command, and the Wing's aircraft received ACC-style unit markings. For the KC-135s of the 71st Air Refueling Squadron, these markings were fairly short-lived, as the squadron was rea
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing. I especially like the Doolittle Raid B-1. Chris
  7. I may do the same Dutch. For Loring, the blue vs gray tail markings based on paint scheme was not absolute, I did find a photo of a strat-camo jet with the gray Loring markings (58-0255). Overall though, it seems that the blue was used on strat camo and the lighter gray on the FS 36081 jets. Chris
  8. 58-0195: I checked with a friend who is a B-52 expert; his notes indicate she went through depot maintenance in summer 1989 and received 36081 at that time. This photo was taken at Jeddah during the war, so perhaps the RIAT photo on Flickr was erroneously dated? Of note, the 36081 jets had the Loring tail markings painted in light gray, vice the blue used on the strat-camo jets (and therefore on GWH's decal). Also of note is that the photos on Jakub's site show the mission markings in two different locations on the fuselage, so there was evidently some touchup painti
  9. Phenomenal all around, and I like the choice of Grand Forks tail stripes. I look forward to the future SAC>ACC sheet as well, plenty of potential there for never-done subjects. Chris
  10. Good intel Dutch, thanks. I’ll get one of those. Wonder if Roden might go after the YB-60 & XC-99? Chris
  11. I have the Western decals from this boxing if you're interested: Boeing 727-200, Minicraft Model Kits 14536 (200x) (scalemates.com) Chris
  12. All great subject choices, and thanks for adding the windows! Chris
  13. Sunflake was retained on the 319th jets after the conversion to ACC, along with the extended stripes; here's the same jet (86-0116) a few months later with the sunflake: 86-0116 | Rockwell B-1B Lancer | United States - US Air Force (USAF) | Mike Head | JetPhotos
  14. Can you add OSO/DSO window decals to the 1/72 & 1/144 versions? Don't believe either Revell or Academy adequately account for those ... Thanks Chris
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