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  1. Included in the Monogram kits...would like to find 2 pairs. F-15E Strike Eagle, Monogram 5476 (1991) (scalemates.com) Plenty of 1/72 & 1/48 weapons/decals to offer in trade- Located in Nebraska, thanks! Chris
  2. Colors for the prototype scheme were 36118, 34092, and 34102? Thanks Chris
  3. Looks great, I especially like the prototype option. Chris
  4. Looks sharp, I’d like to build a 1/144 YB-60 and XC-99 someday. Chris
  5. Elmo, I have the VA-75 half if you’re interested- Chris
  6. Same here, and I have a HC RB-36 on standby as well! Chris
  7. Really a terrific build, thanks for chronicling it so thoroughly for us. I might have missed it, but what shade of blue did you use on the inert bombs? Chris
  8. Great, was just looking at my unstarted C-17 kit the other day... Chris
  9. Thanks, good to know that option is out there. Another member offered up his Repli-scale sheet, so I believe I am good for now! Chris
  10. 78-0582 of 46 TFTS is on Speed Hunter Graphics sheet 48012 for the Desert Storm deployment. Heavenly Hogs, Part I: Hogs in Reserve — Reid Air Publications (reidairpublishing.com) Chris
  11. Can buy/trade for just the VF-201 option, or the entire sheet. Or if there's another sheet out there with an F-14 VF-201 option that I'm not aware of, I'd be interested in that! Located in Nebraska. Thanks! Chris F-14 Tomcat , Repli-scale 5011 (scalemates.com)
  12. Very nice Frank, I just started the Revell Germany boxing, which I believe is the same plastic as your model. Chris
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