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  1. With the exception of a couple of airframes, all were painted in the same scheme. Mr Color has made it easier with these colours, the lightest grey being for the radome. They package these as a set too.
  2. Found these on Twitter showing a slightly zoomed view. A lot going on there.
  3. Here is 47-8335 in the time period that the decals would depict. This and other images are here http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/aF42j.html . They all look to be shot using Kodachrome slide film and the colours look very good. To me the greys look consistent on the three aircraft.
  4. 407 the sharkmouth most likely (I see no reason to limit myself to one build, I'm a dreamer too). Less than a month a way, maybe time to add a few items to the warehouse to fill the box.
  5. Follow up with 17-8440 taken at the same period. Conclude on colours as you wish. The other aircraft 47-8335 had no photos from this period on flyteam. These photos could have been scans from slides but don't look to me like from Kodachromes. Possibly Fujichrome which do have a more blue/green hue to them generally. Added the second photo, same time period but slightly less contrast.
  6. Found these on flyteam page. I made an account using Chrome to translate and able to download a larger image than a GUEST view. Comparing their side profile it appears they are using the 36440 grey as the lighter colour but in the actual photo the grey is much bluer than the paint on the intake ramp? I will correct myself after examining the higher res image of FM's profiles I see the intake ramp is the 36440 while the lighter blue grey is a different shade. Never afraid to admit mistakes.
  7. December 13th 2021 release date for 72737 and 3 special scheme aircraft are featured. It will be difficult for me not to finish it with the sharkmouth.
  8. Yes, currently the only listing I've seen is HobbySearch aka 1999.co.jp/eng
  9. Spurred by this FM release Model Art is re-releasing their Profile issue on the F-2. Check the usual Japanese online shops, it is available for pre-order.
  10. Finding nice detail views on Flickr and Twitter "A mechanic who uses the whole body to show how to manually open the F-2 fighter and air brakes, and puts his weight on it. Thank you very much."
  11. Wow!!! Love the look of that. Thank you Gabor.
  12. I'm glad others have an interest in this niche fighter. A few more CAD images and an outline comparison of the F-2A to the F-16A, in case anyone out there still thinks it's just a F-16. Twitter's @goshikiken did the comparison image with this text "I made it based on the image on the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries website. JASDF F-2 and US Air Force F-16, shape comparison of both fighters. It seems to be similar but not similar. It seems that the wing area has increased by 25% from the F-16, which contributes to the increased loading capaci
  13. My crystal ball says more Phantom releases...............
  14. Here is the J sheet. Of course they are thicker than aftermarket but printing is second to none.
  15. You can do one better than Eduard PE set. https://www.facebook.com/groups/quintamodellingstudio/permalink/1455344634822161/
  16. Another reason for this forum to have a big ❤️ button on their posts. Beautiful build and photography. Love the way those flags look as if they are blowing in the wind.
  17. Included along side their late summer releases of short nose Phantoms, you will find these Finemolds weapon sets irresistible.
  18. From the link provided and going over various photos, my guesstimate would be the early style without the extra horizontal splitter was for the J79-GE-8 powered airframes. DISREGARD late built RF-4E's rubbish my theory. 😕
  19. It seems a bit of a lighting illusion. The right sides of the both aircraft you can clearly see the light and dark ghost greys, while the bottoms do appear much lighter notwithstanding the false canopy. I'm suspecting they are flying low over snow covered ground and reflecting a lot of sunlight to give this effect. As a subject for my model project and collecting images of the 124 FW I noticed no other out of ordinary painting of their aircraft. Good observation.
  20. Thank you @Guard Hog and @mrvark for your replies. Some digging has pulled up some references for markings of different versions of the AGM-65.
  21. Researching through images of more recent A-10C's and noticing they will carry inert(proper name?) blue striped AGM-65 Mavericks on both left and right wings. Any particular reason for carrying two? Redundancy? Thank you.
  22. Looks like if your a stickler for the details, you will have to use a mirror like metal finish on the front tips of your inboard wing pylons, wing tanks and engine intake leading edges.
  23. A mystery. Borgfeldt use to have sole rights in distributing Tamiya products to retailers in Canada but not sure what there status is now. The Borgfeldt site looks quite primitive now.
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