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  1. Hobby Town LAS - Hobby Shop Directory - ARC Discussion Forums (arcforums.com)
  2. Info on colour schemes on their FB page. Sadly no Bulgarian option, but two Czech.... Clearpropmodels | Facebook
  3. I don't think it is a matter of 'if' but more of 'when'. My bet will be an announcement during Shizuoka hobbyshow 2023 (May).
  4. Thank you Gabor! What did I win? Having worked about a kilometer down the road from the NASA compound for a year and half is what made me recognize it instantly. Strange choice by FineMolds, but that doesn't affect the high quality of the kit fortunately... And I am eagerly awaiting them to do an F-4G Wild Weasel!
  5. Great box art? Why is an Iranian Phantom bombing NASA's Neil Amstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB??
  6. Yes. Although it is called a T-50TH, that's essentially an FA-50 (with correct tail and gun in LH strake area).
  7. T-50 and FA-50 have a different tail, to name the most important visual difference. The T-50B aerobatic aircraft has a smoke producing system onboard, externally not different from a standard T-50 (except the paint scheme of course)
  8. Nice camo. Where did you find the decals?
  9. Nicely done! You are not going to put any missiles on the model? 😉
  10. I sincerely hope the colour profiles shown on their FB-page are not anything like the kit, cause else we have a hybrid AM/C airframe on our hands.... Some of the panel lines shown are C/D-specific.
  11. It find this kit a bit confusing; Revell provides you with a set of decals from the 2017/18 timeframe, yet the weapons in the box (AIM-9L, AIM-7, Mk.82, GBU-12, LANTIRN pod) make it more like an early 1990s aircraft. Has this kit been in the design stage that long??
  12. There has been fierce fighting going on, including helicopter assaults and rocket attacks, at the airport. I find it hard to believe an aircraft of that size would remain unharmed. Why wasn't it flown out before hostilities started? Four Ukrainian An-26/32 aircraft along with four IL-76 freighters and three Super Puma helicopters flew to Poland last friday.
  13. Saw it on pre-order for almost 45 euro (US$50). Curious to see how sanctions will hit the sale of this kit.
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