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  1. The TH-480Bs belong to the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF). So Army not Air Force. I'm nitpicking, I know 🙂
  2. And hello to Hungary! 🙂 Personally I would vote for the MiG-21UM because I have witnessed and photographed many UMs in action the past 25 years. And the list of MiG-21UM users is nearly endless.... Keeping my fingers crossed, also for the 1/72 MiG-21R!
  3. I'm really hoping Eduard will do an US/UM, more so dan the bis, but know chances are very small. With the PF, PFM and MF they have announced or already released we can with a little modelling also make the S, SM, M and (with Pavla set) the MiG-21R. I look forward to buying the PF/PFM in Moson!
  4. There is HighDesert Hobbies (790 W Ave Q Ste. B) in Palmdale which is an RC store but should have some plastic kits. Other than that the Palmdale/Lancaster area only has a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby.
  5. Stunning box art! Except for those nozzles; is it in afterburner? Is a downscale to 1/72 a possibility for the future?
  6. We're sorely lacking a decent UH-1 of any kind in 1/72! Hopefully Dreammodel will do the Huey family next.
  7. I was once told the Brussels MiG-23BN came from Ramstein where they had some kind of 'petting zoo' with some Russian build aircraft on display. The former Egyptian Su-20 at Leeuwarden apparently also came out of that petting zoo.
  8. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6421767410 Finally!
  9. A new 1/72 Mirage 2000 would be warmly welcomed! And since they are apparently taking requests: how about that 1/72 F-5E/F or MiG-23 Modelsvit?
  10. What happened to the three Turkish Phantoms that were supposed to be on this sheet?
  11. Niels, I was at Montgomery-Dannelly Field last October; 86-0262 had just arrived to join the AL ANG and was in the mx hangar, still in VT markings.
  12. I believe you. Doesn't seem to carry N83NX anymore on the exterior but 762256 though. I'll be at Pax next month and will keep my eyes peeled for the 'new' Twotter!
  13. Nah, there's also the CIRPAS UV-18 flying out of Salinas, CA. So that makes two Navy Twotters.
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