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  1. Nice camo. Where did you find the decals?
  2. Nicely done! You are not going to put any missiles on the model? 😉
  3. I sincerely hope the colour profiles shown on their FB-page are not anything like the kit, cause else we have a hybrid AM/C airframe on our hands.... Some of the panel lines shown are C/D-specific.
  4. It find this kit a bit confusing; Revell provides you with a set of decals from the 2017/18 timeframe, yet the weapons in the box (AIM-9L, AIM-7, Mk.82, GBU-12, LANTIRN pod) make it more like an early 1990s aircraft. Has this kit been in the design stage that long??
  5. There has been fierce fighting going on, including helicopter assaults and rocket attacks, at the airport. I find it hard to believe an aircraft of that size would remain unharmed. Why wasn't it flown out before hostilities started? Four Ukrainian An-26/32 aircraft along with four IL-76 freighters and three Super Puma helicopters flew to Poland last friday.
  6. Saw it on pre-order for almost 45 euro (US$50). Curious to see how sanctions will hit the sale of this kit.
  7. I had exactly the same idea. In the first picture of the built model in this thread the nose seems to be too 'fat'. Hopefully that's not the case, will eagerly await the day it comes out. Just hope real world events won't impact the availability of this kit...
  8. Pity the Russian company doesn't give us a Ukrainian option on the decal sheet. I wonder why?
  9. 69-16434 was seen, in non-flying condition, at Silver Bell AHP, Marana, AZ, in October of 1996. I was there in February 1998, but didn't see it (which doesn't imply it wasn't there).
  10. Hopefully the 1/72 model will have the correct 'sit', contrary to its 1/48 brother which looks like it is up on jacks.
  11. Negative. The boxart shows the 2017 4th FW 75th anniversary bird (which carries the Sniper pod in pictures I've found online). Lately Revell issues kits which often only have a single decal option, that might also be the case here.
  12. That is indeed bad news for the 72nd Fishbed family, but I have to say I'm not suprised. It was painfully clear the 72nd Revolution had been surpressed. Hopefully a MiG-21bis conversion set for the Eduard 'Interceptor' will be available soon. With the decent Modelsvit F-13 around, it would leave only the pain of having no decent twoseat MiG-21 (have I already mentioned the MiG-21UM was operated by at least 42 countries? 🙂 ).
  13. Revell Aircraft kits - RV3841 | Hannants Sprueshots of the new Revell F-15E are up and have to say I am slightly underwhelmed: -single seat canopy included? -AIM-7 and AIM-9L/M instead of AIM-120 and AIM-9X? -Mk.82 freefall bombs? -LANTIRN pod instead of Litening or Sniper? Seems to be an end-of-90s era Mud Hen instead of an up-to-date one....Missed opportunity. But still; looking forward to F-15EX decals and conversion set!!
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