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  1. Let's hope they do most, if not all, versions of the Flogger, including a UB!
  2. Germans have RAL, the Brits British Standard and the USA Federal Standard when it comes to painting military aircraft. I believe the Russians have a similar system, but the problems begin when modeling companies or modelers use a western paint standard to try and match a Russian colour. As an example, Humbrol XX might be a perfect match for a certain Russian paint, but if that aircraft has been outside in the elements for a year or so, Model Master XX might be a better match. And maybe a certain Russian colour is matched by paint from different model paint manufacturers, so it is
  3. Apparently the first MFs were received by Cuba in 1971. In that year, only GAZ-30 built the MiG-21MF meaning the 'Fighter-Bomber' version (Eduard made that designation up). However, it might be later MiG-21MFs received by the Cubans (1974-1975) were built by GAZ-21, so 'Interceptor'. Safe choice would be 'Fighter-Bomber', with a bort number between 510 - 520.
  4. Wow, she really suffered; being outside all those years in the rain and the burning Hungarian sun! Nice to know she is in good hands now 🙂
  5. Which one are you working on Gabor, the F-13 at Budaors?
  6. Well, I have been constantly nagging on this forum because I want my Eduard MiG-21UM (in both 1/48 and 1/72). Just look at how many airforces flew this bird and in how many different colour schemes and markings she appeared. That alone should keep me busy for the rest of my modelling career, no WWI or WWII needed 🙂 Now fast forward to the F-35, and although many air forces are already operating it and more will be added to the list, the variety in colour schemes is rather non-existent. Yet, some of the mainstream kit producer dove on to the subject, and more will follow in the fut
  7. I have the Aires set and a Prowler, but in the stash. Like I said earlier, Aires cockpits are a bit notorious for being a tad oversized, so they'll need thinning to fit. They do look great though!
  8. Condor, RV and Fujimi all did an SMT in 1/72. Dragan built the Condor one which look quite decent, maybe he can give his opinion on the kit. But since Gabor S is working on a bis conversion for the Eduard kit, maybe we can pressure him into producing an SMT conversion kit 🙂 Gabor are you listening?! 😉 Oh, and I need two bis conversion sets for pick up at the Kecskemét airshow please 🙂
  9. Wow, nice build! You don't see 1/72 E-8s too often...
  10. Thanks for the info Gabor, although it isn't the best news for MiG-21 fans in the 1/72 scale. I think Eduard (and also Mr.Sulc) has a preference for WW2 aircraft, you just have to take a look at the monthly Eduard online magazine to realize WW2 does it for them.
  11. For the bis variant I'd choose the Zvezda, because the KP kit is older and supposed to mimic an MF if I am not mistaken. Still hoping we'll see an Eduard UM at some point in time, but certainly not holding my breath..... If you would like to add just 'any' variant to your collection, just to have a MiG-21; go with Eduard!
  12. There were 1133 MiG-21UMs produced....Add the U and US and you approach 1700 aircraft. A lot of kits out there of aircraft with a very tiny production run, wel below 1133..... Also, I believe most if not all airforces operating the M/MF/bis operated the UM. So a very wide variety of colour schemes available for us modellers to reproduce 🙂 But I can wait till 2023, and then I'll take ten please 🙂
  13. So many countries fly/flew the twoseater UM! I don't understand model companies sometimes.....
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