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  1. The MiG-15 has two fences per wing, while the MiG-17 has three. That helps in identifying them on satellite pics.
  2. Holy thread resurrection! I would also like to receive a copy of the story if still available!
  3. The picture is not that clear and it is difficult to see if any stencils are on the jet. There is no way to check it now; bort 55 crashed in July of 1998. AFAIK only bort 52 survived, the other MFs that didn't crash were all scrapped around 2007 or so, including bort 177.
  4. MF 177 had indeed some black stenciling. The small picture above of 177 flying is actually my picture..... The pictures I took of this bird while on the ground are on slide and I have no way of scanning them right now sadly. MiG-21MF 52 in the Plovdiv-Krumovo museum was repainted recently and any stencilling she had left is probably gone now. I have seen Armycast but they only give you M 613 (that's in the museum) and no other M/MF aircraft AFAIK. ModelMaker gives us bis and UM.
  5. They still do: the 23rd FTS, flying 24 TH-1H (upgraded UH-1H) helicopters from Cairns AAF near Ft Rucker. That squadron will likely remain in place to train USAF CV-22 and HH-60 pilots although they could downsize a bit because training UH-1N pilots is no longer needed following the introduction of a seperate MH-139 training unit....
  6. This link gives you an overview of MF stencils: Amazon.com: EDUD72004 1:72 Eduard Decals - MiG-21MF Fishbed Stencils DECAL SHEET: Toys & Games On the pictures of 177 I have (managed to photograph it on two seperate occassions) it only has S6, S14 and S76 on the RH side of the jet. Don't know what's on the LH side. There is nothing on the nosegear door or speedbrakes. So stencilling appears to be almost almost nothing. Of course she does have the typical red triangle in front of the main gear bays. I echo Moritz' comments about Linden Hill no
  7. Have the selections been made? Tempted to start building a few Super Hornets in anticipation of decals..... OP talks about Top Gun aircraft but these are VFC-12 AFAIK or is NAWDC also painting their Super Hornets?
  8. I have the yellow one on pre-order but slightly disappointed there is no Cartograf marking on them meaning they are Japanese manufactured decals?
  9. Well, FWIW: both specially painted jets have embarked on a 'pharewell' tour of JASDF bases. They both showed up at Tsuiki (former F-4 base) yesterday and the yellow one landed at Naha (also former F-4 base) today. I guess the end is very near for the JASDF Phantoms 😞
  10. Yes: Wolfpak Decals 72-129 has this particular airframe.
  11. There's even an ALQ-131 in there
  12. More versions coming 2020/2021: https://twitter.com/goshikiken/status/1313687645860495365/photo/1
  13. Although I am impressed by the plastic and fabrication process shown so far I am really underwhelmed by the markings they've chosen. For both boxings two aircraft of the same squadron were picked, with only the serialnumber being different! I know this leaves them a lot of room for future special editions with different decals, but still: besides 301, 302, 306 Hikotai (sqn) and the test unit the Phantom was also flown by 8, 303, 304 and 305 Hikotai. Thank god I have plenty of aftermarket decals awaiting them 🙂
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