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  1. CAD picture is showing a G.91R/3 if I am not mistaken. So why announce a G-91, only the prototypes were named as such? Same as announcing a MiG-21 or F-4, everybody would like to know which version exactly you will be producing... I was hoping for a G.91T/1 or a Yankee , hopefully there is room for those somewhere in the future.
  2. Those bombs are GBU-24, not Rafael Spice. To carry AIM-120s, you will need the LAU-129 launcher and not the older 16S210 launchrails.
  3. They announced the Mirage F1 in 1/48 and C-17A in 1/72 many moons ago. Would be really surprising if it turns out to be something completely different......
  4. Fine Molds stands out from all the other Japanese kit makers as they are located a staggering 65 km (40 miles) away from Shizuoka 🙂 Companies like Tamiya, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Platz, Asuka are either from Shizuoka or very closeby (Hasegawa). It seems these companies are all related in one form or the other....
  5. I'll post here immediately upon receiving the kit, Stefan. Let's see if they were really in the same container 🙂
  6. The trouble with unguided munitions is that you have to get closer and lower to the target and fly a predictable pattern making the airplane more vulnerable to ground fire. Even though it's a flying tank 🙂
  7. I value your opinion and that of others! Usually I try to read as much opinions about new models as I can, but the decisive factor for me is always my own experience with it. If I like it; I will buy more. If not, I'll stick to Hasegawa; simple. In other news: Yesterday (wednesday 17 March) three JASDF Phantoms of the testunit made a last flight from Gifu airbase. The Phantom no longer flies in Japan. The very first JASDF Phantom, number 17-8301, was part of this formation. Phorever in our hearts!
  8. I'll buy that when it comes to bombs under the fuselage stations. But they also carried S-24, B-8M and UB-32 rocket(pods) there. They probably just didn't want to remove or upload the centerline tank each time they switched to freefall bombs or vice versa...
  9. They didn't use a centerline fuel tank with any of the A-G weaponloads? That's remarkable
  10. Just got word from Hobby Search mine is underway...by boat Interesting to read it does have its problems. I have built quite a few Hase F-4s and will carefully compare the ease of building with the Finemolds example. I am all for accurate kits with fine detail but if they are a dog to build then I'll pass. Still have 25+ Hase, three Fujimi and an Esci F-4 in the stash, including four F-4G 🙂 so no shortage of 1/72 F-4s in the near future
  11. pollie


    The F-111G is not a catalogue kit but special edition. A few thousand are made and distributed and when these are gone, they are gone.
  12. Very modular sprue set up, so other versions might follow. But with Tamiya you never know....
  13. The Trumpeter Su-30(MKK) would work, since the Uganda Su-30s don't have the canards. The first Su-30s were fairly close to the Su-27UB, but I'm not enough expert to tell you how close the Ugandan examples are (they seem to have the double nosewheel whereas the Su-27UB only has one).
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