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  1. pollie

    Wishlist for 2017

    My wish for 2017: No more wishlists :-)
  2. pollie

    Hasegawa kit decals

    The past five years or so the colour of the Hase 'in-house' decals has improved and white is now truely white and not cream. They also seem to be a bit thinner than the older decals. But Cartograf is preferable :-)
  3. pollie

    CD48006 - Turkish Air Force F-16C/D Part 1

    I'd buy it for sure. And an 1/72 Turkish F-4 sheet as well :-)
  4. pollie


    I know they have different arming keys; in the L the arming key is turned and removed while the arming key of the M stays with the missile. So when not modelled in flight no real external differences I believe.
  5. pollie

    MiG-21R and canopy mirrors

    The MiG-21R doesn't have vanes on the pitot tube.
  6. Whatever happened to these?
  7. pollie

    CD72061 - CASA C-212 Aviocar

    Great choice! Hope the kit will be out soon...
  8. pollie

    Jas-39D Gripen

    Do you mean bad when it comes to the fit, Dragan? You did a good job on it!
  9. pollie

    IIAF F-86F-40 Sabre

    That looks great!
  10. pollie

    Hasegawa 1/72 UP-3D

    Thank you, Ray!
  11. pollie

    Hasegawa 1/72 UP-3D

    Thank you, Darwin, much appreciated. Do P-3 Orions show any riveting on wings or fuselage? If so, anyone that can point me towards a good walkaround on the internet?
  12. pollie

    Airfix E-8C JSTARS

    Great! I will follow with interest.
  13. pollie

    1/32 CT-133 Canadian Silver Star in NMF

    Great finish! Still have to build 133165, because I flew in that one fifteen years ago....Due to your comment on the ill fit I'll pick one in a smaller scale :-)
  14. pollie


    Lovely Skyraider!
  15. pollie

    1:72 revell J-35 Draken

    You seem to turn out a lot of kits lately, Dragan. But the tempo isn't effecting the quality; this one looks great too!