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  1. A new 1/72 Mirage 2000 would be warmly welcomed! And since they are apparently taking requests: how about that 1/72 F-5E/F or MiG-23 Modelsvit?
  2. What happened to the three Turkish Phantoms that were supposed to be on this sheet?
  3. Niels, I was at Montgomery-Dannelly Field last October; 86-0262 had just arrived to join the AL ANG and was in the mx hangar, still in VT markings.
  4. I believe you. Doesn't seem to carry N83NX anymore on the exterior but 762256 though. I'll be at Pax next month and will keep my eyes peeled for the 'new' Twotter!
  5. Nah, there's also the CIRPAS UV-18 flying out of Salinas, CA. So that makes two Navy Twotters.
  6. The past five years or so the colour of the Hase 'in-house' decals has improved and white is now truely white and not cream. They also seem to be a bit thinner than the older decals. But Cartograf is preferable :-)
  7. I'd buy it for sure. And an 1/72 Turkish F-4 sheet as well :-)
  8. pollie


    I know they have different arming keys; in the L the arming key is turned and removed while the arming key of the M stays with the missile. So when not modelled in flight no real external differences I believe.
  9. The MiG-21R doesn't have vanes on the pitot tube.
  10. Great choice! Hope the kit will be out soon...
  11. Do you mean bad when it comes to the fit, Dragan? You did a good job on it!
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