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  1. I’ve used TrueNorth enamel on my F35 Kitty Hawk last year and it turned out supered. They have both FS 36270 and FS 36170. You should not have any problem using. Check out there site for many more colors
  2. Hi guys! what do you use to thin out microscale micro satin? do you use it just as is? Thanks for the reply
  3. I'm from Northern Ontarioand we dont have any hobby shop here in Timmins. I need satin clear to finish a 1/48 Citation Jet. What supplier do you guys recommend?. What works best for you guys? Thanks for your help!
  4. i've got one question for the expert. I am building a commercial business jet in 1/48 scale. Cessna Citation by Haseguawa. Almost complete. The real jet is glossy. Do I complete it with a clear finish. a glossy finish or a flat finish. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Where can we purchase Reedoak figures in Canada and US?
  6. My top 5 request: 1/32 F5-A Freedom Fighter 1/32 Bell 206 Jet Ranger 1/48 Boeing Bird of Prey 1/72 B1-b 1/72 B21
  7. How do you fellows do to get a fine demarcation line when painting outside canopy. I seem to always get a bit of paint creeping inside the masked edge. I trie different way but still have problems. Thank you for your help
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