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  1. Some progress made on the EX! The pit is in and finally close up! I decided to use a pair of Aries resin seats to replace the kit seats, because the GWH seats are, in my opinion are over sized. Because the Aries seats don’t have belts, I chose to use 3D printed belts from a Quinta set for the F-15, that way I was able to make sure that the belt placements were not the same front to back. One other thing I tackled were the rear slime light placement. On the EX they are different than the E. I used automotive tape for the frames after measuring the lights that are in the Caracal EX decal s
  2. They are part of the BAM-Models conversion set! The pylons and the LAU-128’s. They are excellent and I should have some pictures of my build up showing the outer pylons soon!
  3. Hi Arnaud, I haven’t tried the nail polish remover trick with the MRP filler, just sanded, but it works really well! I have been working on the tail booms and almost have them done and primed! I’ll try to post some pictures of the booms and the pit this weekend!
  4. Thanks, working on the pit right now and the rear half of the fuselage! Hope to have some pictures up this week!
  5. Got a little work on the cockpit done. The pictures that I’ve seen of the real thing show it’s all black……I assume for NVG compatibility, so that’s what I did. The BAM IP’s and IP comings are excellent and the fit is really good. I should have the dry brushing and detailing done on it this week some time and I will post photos as soon as I do!
  6. And here is the first pylon, still have a little sanding to do on the backside of the 3D pylons and then I’ll prime it and start on the other side!
  7. Started working on the CFT’s. First thing was to loose the recessed panel lines. Used MRP liquid putty, absolutely love this stuff for small jobs. Then added the BAM Models pylons and finished with the stock GWH pylons and other parts! I’ll add some pictures after I get it primed! That’s it for now!
  8. After the GPS was done I installed the JSF and the vertical stab antennas/counter weights? Not sure what they are, but they fit very well! One think to be careful of on the BAM Models parts…..they are 3D printed and the resin is very brittle! But if you take your time and go slowly removing the parts from the printing blocks should be OK!
  9. Started to test fit some of the BAM Models parts. First observations…..parts are excellent quality and they fit very well. First thing I did was install the new GPS antenna just aft of the air break.
  10. Fellow Plastic Munchers…..Starting a new project today, converting a GWH F-15 Echo to an F-15 EX! Purchased BAM Models F-15EX conversion, along with some Quickboost Seats, Phase Hanger seamless gun fairing and their pylon set. I also purchased the BAM wheel set, it’s not pictured, because it’s on its way from France!
  11. Just ordered the wheels to complete everything that I need to start my EX!
  12. The detail from these 3-D printers is awesome. I just test fitted the IP comings and they fit very well! And I test fitted the GE nozzles and they are dead on…..perfect fit! I will be traveling for work next week, but I’m going to move this project to the front burner. The only thing I’m going to have to come up with are a bunch of AIM-120’s!
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