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  1. Kingsley Field also ended up with 65th aircraft…..FYI
  2. Jake’s Modern Eagle Guide is very comprehensive!
  3. I am currently working on two GWH F-15C’s and I am using a set of KA nozzles and a set of Reskit nozzles. Both fit the GWH kit and I have dry fitted each to verify! It appears to me that both sets will fit easily. I will say that the KA set is the way to go if you don’t want to attach all of the actuators to the nozzle, like the Reskit set!
  4. Hey Larry, My preference would be either the Hasegawa or GWH kit over the Fujimi kit. The Has kit is older but good detail and the GWH kit is excellent in detail, but not without issues-canopy shape, ejection seat, nozzles. Either will build into great looking Eagles! And there are great aftermarket sets for both kits as well if you’re into hyper detailing and making the kits more accurate! Hope that helps! Brad
  5. Hey Bob, I prefer the GWH kit to the Academy’s offering! Both kits have issues, but in my opinion the GWH is a better/easier build…just my two cents!
  6. Hey Bob, if the 72nd scale kit is anything like their 48th scale kit, it will be a easy build! I’ve built several GWH F-15 C/E’s and have no issues. I’ll be in Hillsboro this weekend too! Looking forward to a great show! And the RedHawks always put on a great show for the home town folks! Brad
  7. I know that Speed Hunter has a new F-15E sheet coming out soon! If that helps!
  8. Just ordered mine too! And ordered some aftermarket stuff…..KASL ejection seat and landing gear and wheels and a exhaust nozzle and FOD covers from Detail and Wonder studios! Cant wait!
  9. MRP makes Air Superior Blue, looks pretty good to my eye!
  10. Best paint I’ve ever used! Glad I made the change!
  11. Thanks Kursad, your decals are awesome and layed down on this project perfectly! Keep up the good work!
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