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  1. Awesome news Jake! Credit Card at the ready!
  2. I am looking for a ZM 1/48 F-4C, if you have one that you want to part with, please PM me
  3. I’m in for a couple of sets! And it sounds like Phase Hanger is coming out with pylons and LAU-128’s and ADU-552’s for the GWH F-15’s
  4. I agree with Jenshb, the nozzles are a bit over scaled. My personal favorite is the KA set....can’t go wrong. I looked into the Reskit set but it’s only available in 1/32 right now!
  5. I didn’t think that G Factor made legs for the GWH F-15’s yet.....tried them on other kits and they are awesome! Much better that the SAC legs!
  6. Just ordered the new Zoukie Mira F-4E and MRP paint.....no issues!
  7. GWH...no doubt, but I have a lot of Hasegawa in the stash as well. Won’t do Tamiya or Academy! Just my two cents worth!
  8. Has anyone tried to use the Kasl F-35 A cockpit in the newer Meng kit? Did it fit? What kinds of fit issues did you run into? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Brad
  9. ACMI pod, CATM AIM -9X and CATM-AIM 120 x 2. I think I have some pictures of the jet on SHG sheet when they were training at Kingsley Field with the ORANG . I’ll check and let you know
  10. MRP makes the color in lacquer and it lays down beautifully! Been a MM enamels guy for 30 years and I’m switching over to MRP!
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