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  1. Aircraft Recognition and Formation Lights

    Great tip Wolfman, Thanks.
  2. GWH F-15C Oregon ANG kit not having missiles?

    Hey Aaron, I did the same thing when I bought the GWH kit of the PDX ANG boxing for Claw Huang after he retired. I was able to get mine cheaper from their original ANG boxing, but I thought the same thing! still a great kit, so I'll have to source armament from aftermarket suppliers or the spares box! Brad
  3. Academy F-15C MSIP II (12531) decal question

    No not at all.....the PANG painted his two kills on the jet that he was taking his fini flight in. My understanding is that they were removed right after. They were recognizing his accomplishment before he retired! I believe you are 100% correct in saying that 156 was the actual aircraft that splashed the two MiG-29's
  4. Academy F-15C MSIP II (12531) decal question

    If you google Captain Jeff 'Claw' Hwang and look under images, you will see the aircraft with two MiG kill stars. My understanding is that the Air Guard put them on the aircraft for Capt Hwang's fini flight prior to retirement, then they were removed. Great Wall Models did a special edition F-15C for this aircraft. Claw was credited with two MiG 29 kills. Hope this was helpful
  5. 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 intakes and exhausts

    The ADF conversion is a huge need! I'd be in for several sets!
  6. +1 for the ADF, I'd be in for several sets!
  7. Oh go ahead and take my money! Those look awesome Jake!
  8. Resin Guys need some help!

    Sure does.......now if we can find a resin caster to make these things!
  9. Resin Guys need some help!

    Hey Aaron, I'm planning on being there too with a former Base Commander. Let me know when you'll be there!
  10. Resin Guys need some help!

    They have the technology......we just need to find the resin Guys to do it!
  11. Resin Guys need some help!

    Hey Resin guys, We need some help.......With 4 F-15 units now flying the Sniper pod-Oregon Air Guard, Florida Air Guard, California Air Guard and the Mass Air Guard, we need some aftermarket parts to mount the Sniper Pot to the Centerline of the F-15 Light Gray's and the new MFD update to the IP. I'd be in for several sets...........anyone else?
  12. New outer wing pylons for Zoukei Mura Phantoms

    Hi Jeffery, I did some test fitting and you're right the thickness is the canopy plastic is the difference, it's close but off far enough that I'll use the set I have for a Hasegawa build. Do you know how long it will be before you master the canopy set for the ZM kit?
  13. New outer wing pylons for Zoukei Mura Phantoms

    Hey Jeffery, As soon as I get back in town I'll cut some resin off of the pour blocks and see how they fit....I'll let you know. Unless I totally missed my measurements, I think they will work! Photos to follow!