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  1. Nice sheet Jake.....love the OR ANG Hill birds from Kingsley!
  2. Where can I source these paint pens?
  3. I've ordered numerous sets directly from KA without a single issue!
  4. Tamiya white all day long! It's never let me down!
  5. If you can find one......Blackbox made a really nice cockpit set that included Ejection seats! But long OOP, but you see them occasionally on Ebay!
  6. Hi Haneto, The Kitty Hawk F-101B has the same issue as the GWH F-15......would you consider making a correction set for that kit as well? Please let us know!
  7. I also used a product called Shine Cote. It's a two part casting resin that dries crystal clear and is UV resistant and won't yellow over time. You can also tint the product using resin tints. It's great for casting and it's on Amazon
  8. Hobbyboss......hands down, but it's not without it's issues depending on what model of the jet you're building. I used my build for my A-10C, and it turned out really well!
  9. The Cutting Edge AIM-120's are excellent if you can find them!
  10. I'm not buying anything from Two Bob's again.....he has lost my trust for good! Looking forward to the Caracal's offering though!
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