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  1. The exhaust nozzles definitely need to be updated……highly recommend the KA nozzles! They’re excellent!
  2. Thank you to everyone for the kind comments! I appreciate the feedback!
  3. I used the GWH F-15E as the basis for the conversion to EX 001. I used the BAM Models conversion set and their EX wheel set, Caracal decals set for the EX, with several decals made by me to portray the jet in its current state. PlusModel boarding ladder, Brassen AIM-120’s and Upwind landing gear! Thanks for looking!
  4. The GWH F-15E conversion to the new F-15EX is done……I will post more images in The Display Case! Thanks for looking!
  5. Hey Matt, A total of 12 AIM-120’s-4 on each wing, inner and outer pylons and two on each CFT lower stations! I thought I was going to go blind putting decals on those things!
  6. Thanks Arnaud, couldn’t have happened without your excellent conversion set!
  7. The EX Project is done! Here are a few teaser pictures! I’ll post a full set of images in the Display Case as soon as I find my background! Thanks for looking and all of the feedback, I appreciate it! Brad
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