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  1. Just ordered the new Zoukie Mira F-4E and MRP paint.....no issues!
  2. GWH...no doubt, but I have a lot of Hasegawa in the stash as well. Won’t do Tamiya or Academy! Just my two cents worth!
  3. Has anyone tried to use the Kasl F-35 A cockpit in the newer Meng kit? Did it fit? What kinds of fit issues did you run into? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Brad
  4. ACMI pod, CATM AIM -9X and CATM-AIM 120 x 2. I think I have some pictures of the jet on SHG sheet when they were training at Kingsley Field with the ORANG . I’ll check and let you know
  5. MRP makes the color in lacquer and it lays down beautifully! Been a MM enamels guy for 30 years and I’m switching over to MRP!
  6. Take a look at the ZM F-4......superior in almost every way to the Hasagawa kit!
  7. My F-106 from Trumpeter.........with a ton of aftermarket and of course Caracal Decals, which went down without any issues at all! Brad
  8. Title says it all. I’m looking for one of the books that IsraDecal made that was dedicated to the F-15I Ra’am for a project that I’m going to start. If you have one you’re willing to part with please PM me!
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