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  1. New outer wing pylons for Zoukei Mura Phantoms

    Hi Jeffery, I did some test fitting and you're right the thickness is the canopy plastic is the difference, it's close but off far enough that I'll use the set I have for a Hasegawa build. Do you know how long it will be before you master the canopy set for the ZM kit?
  2. New outer wing pylons for Zoukei Mura Phantoms

    Hey Jeffery, As soon as I get back in town I'll cut some resin off of the pour blocks and see how they fit....I'll let you know. Unless I totally missed my measurements, I think they will work! Photos to follow!
  3. The Modern Hog Guide, 2nd Edition

    Hey Jake, Just received my copy of the Modern Hog Guide.......well worth the wait! Excellent job!
  4. New outer wing pylons for Zoukei Mura Phantoms

    Hi Jeffery, I just received my set and they look fantastic! I also ordered you're F-4J canopy detail set. After measuring the ZM canopy's against both Academy and Hasegawa I think they will fit just fine. Can't wait to get started on my J model F-4
  5. Trumpeter F-106?

    MY build is about 90% done, and I can post some pictures as soon as I'm back home.....on the road right and won't be back until tomorrow. The XMM intakes do a great job correcting a glaring mistake! Brad
  6. Trumpeter F-106?

    I used the XMM resin intakes on my Trumpeter F-106 build and found them to fix the kit intake issue very well, and they have full intake trunking!
  7. How do I PM another member on ARC

    Thanks for the help everyone! Much appreciated
  8. How do I PM another member on ARC

    Hi Guys, Sorry to sound like an FNG, but how do I PM another member. GT Resin is making a set of F-4J exhaust nozzles and he mentioned to PM him to order. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Brad
  9. Best F-4j Ejection Seat

    Hey Everyone, Getting ready to start a project and need some input.....what's the best aftermarket F-4J ejection seat out there? 1/48 Scale!
  10. How does the Trumpy F-106 go together?

    Hey Swimmer, I'm building this kit and using the exact aftermarket you're using, plus some additional stuff. Having a great time on the build but it's over on Z5. I'm having a great time building the kit and it goes together very well, but you do have to take you're time with the intakes and dry fit them before gluing them in place, making sure that the two halfs of the intake tubes on the inside come together as there is a single tube that connects to the two halfs and if they're off, it's a bear to fix!
  11. CD 48060 F-106 Decal Placement

    Hi, I purchased your decal sheet CD48060 for F-106's and I have a question regarding the placement for S16, S17 and S18. There are no call outs for these decals on the placement guide. If you can let me know where they go I would appreciate it! By the way......the decals are excellent. I'm doing the option for the Montana Air Guard. Thanks
  12. Academy 1/48 F-22A Raptor kits

    I've built both kits and I think that the Hase kit is by far the best one out there! Just my opinion!
  13. New Steel Beach item for the Tamiya Tomcat

    Sorry Darin, I meant to say B Model! Looking forward to the set.....consider 1 sold!