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  1. It is done! I took some pics but they are a bit dark and have too much reflection. I will link to the display case thread once I get some decent pics in my photo tent done. But here is one for reference:
  2. Update: The wash is down and was successful! I like how dirty it looks, especially on the bottom. I cleaned it up a tad more after these photos, but all went well and ill be sealing it up tonight. Final steps will be final assembly of the landing gear, adding weapons and cleaning/dipping the cockpit. Also: The 2000lb GBU-31 JDAM is built, and will be primed tonight. This thing was an absolute bear to build. Those PE bits were next to impossible to grip with tweezers, let alone set correctly. But, its done and looks pretty solid
  3. Great. Will do. The panel lines are super shallow so I know now ill need to be really careful when wiping excess away. Btw, a few shots of attempt one: Aside from the deepest areas, its impossible to tell.
  4. So I used a paper towel with a tiny bit of enamel thinner, but it still wiped almost everything away. Though first, it began by streaking heavily. I will wait a bit longer as the stuff i used was not completely dry yet. Also, do you thin your MIG washes?
  5. Gotcha. I did a test of the MIG starship wash. Its more of a grime deep deep grey than black, but its decent i think. I also mioxed up the Abteillung black with some turpentine and it worked really well. I just did not let it dry sufficiently, so I wiped a lot of the wash off. How long do you typically let your washes dry before wiping them?
  6. Getting pretty nervous as the final step is to apply the Wash, and this is where I messed up majorly last time. Any last minute advice from anyone? I purchased a few different washes so I have options: 1. Abteillung black oil paint, and turpentine to dilute. 2. MIG Aircraft washes for dark grey aircraft. 3. MIG starship wash (black). Anyone have any feedback on any of these? Suggestions for my F15 based on the shade of grey? Would black or a dark dark grey be best on my gunship? Thanks, Zach
  7. Gotcha. That's the loadout I will go with then. 2 Aim-9s, 2 Aim 120s, 6 500lb JDAMs, 1 2000lb JDAM. Thanks much Falcon!
  8. Steve, I know this comment ^ was a while back, but now that im days away from mounting weapons, I wanted to revisit. I plan on the AMRAAMs and Sidewinders on underwing pylongs, AMRAAMs outside, Sidewinders inside station. Aside from that, what, in your opinion, is the most realistic loadout with the 500lb JDAMs to round it all out? Also, the center station did not come with anything to mount on it. I have a full compliment of missiles from the last kit that I can put there, or I could get a 1/72 scale 2000lb JDAM. Thanks, Zac
  9. Use Imgur. Super easy to upload into and allows you to simply copy and paste directly into the thread. Nice work on this! Maybe it is the lighting, but it looks very much like just reflective silver and black towards the front. Hard to tell due to the low lighting.
  10. Bummer. Really awesome concept. Boeing seems to have a lot of modernization/upgrade options available for legacy aircraft like the F-15s, F-18s, etc. Wonder why we don't make use of more of them?
  11. Yeah it is a seriously pretty paint scheme. And yeah, believe me, after all the stupid setbacks with this kit, am very happy about the goo gone actually working as well.
  12. So now I am facing another issue. Since i built the F15e kit with the stock exhaust tubes and not the aires ones, I am forced to make a choice here as I near completion. If I choose to use the aires bits, I will have to shave down (presumably with a dremel tool) this section: And then glue this bit on: That would necessitate me cutting just that bit off of the Aires tubes, which will allow the exhaust nozzles to fit inside like below: So the question is, is it worth it at this point, when I am on the last step of t
  13. Update: Clear coat is down and decaling has begun. Got most of the big decals down top, sides and bottom. I am reusing the vertical stabs, drop tanks and weapons from the last kit as they are already completely painted and decaled. I threw most of the pieces on to get an idea of what it will look like when I am done decaling and putting the wash down. Looks pretty good, minus a few mess up areas. Looking forward to putting this guy up on the shelf at the office by next week!
  14. Yeah it worked perfectly. Nice clean surface now!
  15. Yeah it is. Well I took that PDf that Hasegawa provided, and did some magic in PS, and had a couple stencils made with them. Next time though, I will be using Friskett paper. Now, I have no idea what sprayable glue is/looks like. I have liquid mask I could have used. I would love to explore it for future use.
  16. I actually resprayed a very light coat over it last night. My airbrush is out of commission for a few days so I figured i would cover up the mistakes there, and touch up a couple other areas. I used a small bit of Japan drier to speed up the drying too, so Thursday evening I will lay down clear coat. The Alclad wasn't pooling, it was the MM enamel Gunship grey. Not a big deal Its barely noticeable.
  17. I had stencils made by a sticker company. Not sure, but it sure as hell was not meant for use on delicate model paint jobs for sure. Something akin to Duct tape level tack. Not best idea I know. Should have just made my own stencils with friskett paper.
  18. Another question, mainly out of curiosity. Do/did Strike Eagles ever carry more than the normal underwing Air to Air loadout? Basically, were there ever Aim-120s or Aim-9s on the lower fuselage hardpoints?
  19. Its well cured enamel underneath. Probably safe if i am careful. I am going to try the tape method then ronsonol if that doesn't work.
  20. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for removing adhesive residue from a model without stripping the paint beneath. Picture below shows the residue on the lightest gray section. This residue is from the mask used to make the camo scheme. Any suggestions?
  21. Finally got the Camo scheme down and (mostly) good to go. Paint down: And Masking removed: But there were some problems. Lots of lifting of the mask, so lots of bleeding, and lots of sticky residue left over from the not-model friendly masking decal. Anyone have suggestions for getting the residue up without stripping paint? Next will be the Vertical Stabs and then a good while for curing.
  22. Update: Got the Exhaust fixed up and now will lay down a coat of Alclad Aqua Gloss to prep for decals. Getting very close! And have some work to do on the missiles from this kit, as well as fixing up the white tips of the AMRAAMs from the last kit, that are already decaled.
  23. Im sure some of you have seen/heard about this, but the F15C may be getting a bit more than just new wheels: 16 AMRAAMs, CFTs, TALON HATE pod, and maybe some new wheels too
  24. Hi all, Any ideas for a color to use for the clear/green HUD screen and the displays for a strike eagle. Ref. picture here: I have Tamiya clear blue and clear yellow that would mix to a clear green, then could allow the tiny little clear bit to be dipped. Additionally, I have a paint pen (below) meant for the green eyes of Gundam models that Looks decent as the display screens I did on a tester. Heres an accurate color swatch representation:
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