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  1. But as he asked, how do you paint a brass pitot silver?
  2. Thanks. For sure, it's more than just changing wheels. It's pits, antennas, etc., and I'm capable of doing small changes - or buying them. But I'm not super accurate. I found what I think is a model ship grill that's almost a dead ringer for the vent panel behind the cockpit of the A and plan to use that to replace the vestigal, split-down-the-middle Monogram vent.
  3. I'm not sure if I could fully explain it. I snipped off the Revell/Monogram hubs to install C resin wheels as part of a plan to make it a C model. Then I changed back to an A model, but the Monogram A has the hubs integral with the landing gear. My thought was I could borrow the B wheels from Great Wall B/D kit for the Monogram A since the GW wheels appear to be A style and then get a set of C/D wheels for the GW kit to make a D model.
  4. Wow, this F-14 thread is so long, that it's now about the Mig-31. That's gotta be a record.
  5. So as CF104 said, the F-15D uses what the aftermarket terms "C " wheels.
  6. I didn't have any trouble with that join. Some guys squeezed either the fore or aft fuselage too hard when they glued it together and wound up with a step/mismatch at the join. A good idea to get the rear fuselage together and dry and then fit and glue the forward section together accordingly.
  7. I've had one on the table for 10 years waiting for early A wheels. There's a lot more right than wrong with it. You might want to tab the fore/aft fuselage joint.
  8. I would say the chances are virtually zero. I've been waiting for Wolfpack's F-15 C/D Aggressor set to be restocked for years. No dice. I never understand why producers discontinue products and sit on the molds for years instead of leasing to someone else or some other arrangement.
  9. Do the current/recent F-15D aggressors use the old A/B wheels, C wheels, or E wheels? Thanks.
  10. Is this the only 1/48 Su-27 on the horizon, or do I recall someone else is working on a new Su-27?
  11. Nothin' wrong with that bird. Nice work.
  12. So Great Wall and Revell are both releasing F-15 kits with these markings. Is anyone releasing a decal sheet? I've seen a sheet out of China, but what it shows is not complete.
  13. At some point, I'd read that the B/C/D fuselage from the wing trailing edge back was deepened to make room for the new tail gunner station in the J, so it would take a lot of hacking to graft a J tail section onto a C/D or G forward fuselage. But maybe that wasn't your goal. However well-known author Vic Tatelman flew with the Air Apaches during WW II and modified a B-25D airframe with an 8 gun J nose and a radar receiver to turn it into sort of (to me) an early Wild Weasel plane. Perhaps even better for a modeler, the OD was stripped and "Dirty Dora II" as it was renamed flew in bare metal with a big blue Bats Outta Hell head across the nose. Link to the story and a modeler who built one. I tried contacting him and got no reply. He made his own decals, which I'd like to have. tatelman.htm
  14. Thanks for the good pics. Nothing there suggests even a smidge of red. Who knows? Even "strawberry blonde" hair to me looks basically blonde with little to no red in it. Maybe sand colored planes were considered "strawberry blonde."
  15. Hawk10, Thanks for the formula. Love to see that on something if you can share a photo. I use MM enamels too.