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  1. Nothin' wrong with that bird. Nice work.
  2. So Great Wall and Revell are both releasing F-15 kits with these markings. Is anyone releasing a decal sheet? I've seen a sheet out of China, but what it shows is not complete.
  3. At some point, I'd read that the B/C/D fuselage from the wing trailing edge back was deepened to make room for the new tail gunner station in the J, so it would take a lot of hacking to graft a J tail section onto a C/D or G forward fuselage. But maybe that wasn't your goal. However well-known author Vic Tatelman flew with the Air Apaches during WW II and modified a B-25D airframe with an 8 gun J nose and a radar receiver to turn it into sort of (to me) an early Wild Weasel plane. Perhaps even better for a modeler, the OD was stripped and "Dirty Dora II" as it was renamed flew in bare metal with a big blue Bats Outta Hell head across the nose. Link to the story and a modeler who built one. I tried contacting him and got no reply. He made his own decals, which I'd like to have. tatelman.htm
  4. Thanks for the good pics. Nothing there suggests even a smidge of red. Who knows? Even "strawberry blonde" hair to me looks basically blonde with little to no red in it. Maybe sand colored planes were considered "strawberry blonde."
  5. Hawk10, Thanks for the formula. Love to see that on something if you can share a photo. I use MM enamels too.
  6. Thanks icar, if what you have is 1170, I can find that. Is yours really called 'desert pink'?
  7. Thanks for the pics. Those are great. In any event, very dusty environment. I've always been leary of any stateside pics of Strawberry bad girl, figuring it had been repainted. Sure, I could doctor a bottle and nobody could complain with any authority. Polly S used to make a 'desert pink' shade that I painted an old Revell B-25 with.
  8. Thanks. That doesn't sound like the color I see in the Model Master bottle.
  9. Thanks. Wow, I had no idea that worked. I know exacty the color you're talking about. The MM color is pretty close from my memory. That article above made me wonder if the planes picked up red soil wherever they were stationed and made them look pinkish.
  10. Was the sand color that US planes were painted in the Med in WWII ANA 616 or something else? I have yet to use the Model Master 616 that I bought for the pupose for planes like the B-25 "Strawberry bad girl" or the B-25 "Pink Petunia." I found this link and there are 6 desert schemes: Painting Practices During WWII.pdf that appear to be an effort to match the local terrain. ANA 616 in the bottle looks too light for the pictures and color plates that I've seen. Could it be this paint picked up the local grime and weathered to some shade tinted by the local dirt? Or was there an entirely different paint than 616?
  11. Thanks. Are the canopy/windscreen parts actually like the artwork?
  12. I did a search and came up with mostly nada, including here. Anybody got a link? Thanks.
  13. He shows some raised panel detail on the mid fuselage sides of the HB kit but doesn't know if that's accurate. Anyone know?
  14. This link provided the actual lengths added but not where: Somewhere I read the wing 'shoulders'/fairing was changed. Can't find it now. I hope they will do an A model.
  15. Can anyone walk me through how to convert the Roden 1/144 C-141B to an A variant? Thanks. EDIT: OK, I see on another forum it requires cutting sections out in front and back of the wings, remove the refueling fairing, and apparently reshaping the wing/fuselage fairings. The latter doesn't sound easy. Wonder if Roden will do an A model?