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  1. Federation Models picked up some of PNT's decals and conversions but I didn't see it in their listing. I didn't find much in a search. I did find a review tof a build. But on an online auction site with worldwide reach, it's worth whatever someone will pay for it. I'd post it for $100 and see what happens and re-price accordingly. IMO, the newer kits and scales have passed the old AMT kit by. Good luck.
  2. At last it's arrived! ... THEY have arrived. Just super printing and clarity! A couple of nits: the ink on the directions smeared on every page, making a line or two on "Before you Begin" in the directions unreadable. Would it be possible to put the directions on your reference page? Also 4 isn't actually available at the links provided, but I found what's probably it by googling. Overall, a fabulous sheet. Can't believe it's here at last.
  3. Very much looking to getting my "Jacksonville" sheets. Bicentennial markings on the July 4th holiday. Great way to celebrate.
  4. That many decals come in a zipper bag saved me recently. They survived when water penetrated the clear notebook sleeves that I was using to catalog my decals for easy viewing. Most of decals though are stored in 1-gallon zipper bags. But things like "F-14" or "P-51" have grown beyond a small handful and the zippers won't close. I'm thinking I need to upsize.
  5. That is just a fabulous tip. And I assume that applies only to the paper packets, not the little cylindrical plastic desiccant packs?
  6. Post plumbing disaster: What are the best zipper bags for decals? I like to consolidate types, i.e. P-51 decals, F-14 decals, etc. One-gallon bags wind up being too small for a handful of decals. I see 3-gallon bags for sale online. I need to protect the remaining stash better.
  7. Presumably those pieces are in the Academy F-4J kit?
  8. Why would one want to put B intakes on a J? Is there a F-4BJ variant?
  9. Those are listed for the A/C and probably D. Are there not some subtle differences between those and the J model intakes?
  10. Who makes corrected intakes for the Academy 1/48 F-4J? I looked around and didn't find anything.
  11. Trying to help out a buddy who got a kit with 4 yellowed canopies. Can anyone with clear canopies spare 1-2 for my distraught friend? The kit comes with 4, BTW. Thanks.
  12. Done. It only took 20 years for someone to do these markings. One to build, one to collect, and one to frame.
  13. I've envied your build and those homemade decals since I saw it years ago. Did you just drill a hole for an MV Lens?
  14. Perhaps not up to contemporary snuff, but Revell's F-16 C Wild Weasel has a nice vertical stab, GE engine, separate tires and hubs, antenna bumps, and HARM missiles.
  15. You can search for it on ebay or the wolfpack design sites. There's a new nose, upper and lower bird slicers, ADF tail, LAU-129 missile pylons. No spotlight.