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  1. The IFR probe could be fixed with a drop in part and maybe a keyed vinyl cutting template. But that's optional. Start looking at F-14s from the past and none are perfect. This kit's a beauty.
  2. Thanks. So not an accuracy thing. Sharp enough for me, but agree, they're shallow. Nothing a scribing tool won't fix. Pretty easy. Hope you don't get a look at the new Eduard 1/48 P-51D. Very similar.
  3. What exactly are you trying to show with the photos - differences in left and right trunks, quality differences in the panel lines left vs right, accuracy of panel lines, or what? Looking at mine, I see a difference in how the hinges (?) were represented, but the panel lines on both look nice and sharp.
  4. In late September, they emailed me to ask if I still wanted the kit. I acknowledged. They replied Sept 28 that they would ship as soon as it arrived and send me tracking info.
  5. Another pre-order site: https://hobbymodels.com/products/hk-models-1-48-b17g-flying-fortress-heavy-bomber-new-tool-kit
  6. Thanks. I thought I bought mine fairly early on, but the cutout section has no stringers. So should the stringers be sanded off or the grooves built up? At least the BPC can be solved with a 3D part.
  7. Thanks. When you say the main body part, do you mean the part with the cutaway section in it or also the adapters above and below that section? On mine, everything from the adapter enclosing the single J-2 up through the IU is ribbed except the cutaway section. My IU is also ribbed, which is apparently wrong too. I''m not sure if that's a matter of sanding off the ribs or building up the grooves between the ribs.
  8. Thanks. I see images for a USAF 104 with the big "69" on the tail. So that was a trainer? Training for what if there were no 104 units?
  9. Can I build this kit in USAF markings out of the box or does it require mods?
  10. Hi Vince, I love your stuff. I've got to get your CSM parts. Have you formed an opinion yet on the accuracy of the Famemaster kit vs. the Dragon 1/72 or the 1/144 kits? Are you looking to do mainly the exterior parts or interior or tank interior parts? Maybe you've surveyed the kit already. I'd consider exterior parts stuff like an accurate CM, BPC, LES. I think someone already makes that .Not sure if the antennas and other fairings are accurate. The engines don't seem too bad but maybe batted F-1s. Some engine fairing structure might be nice. Probably several umbiical panels needed. I haven't looked close but the LM could probably use a complete re-do. Representative CM interior might be nice. Interior-wise, there's a lot of wiring and piping exterior to the S-II and S-IB upper stages, as well as some of the avionics boxes around the circumference of the interstages and the vent pipes atop the S-II that need representing. What I'd call "interior interior" would be the tanks and engine section. Lots of opportunities there if you have the imagery. In an effort to get SOMETHING Apollo built this year, I'm working to repaint and seal up the individual stages by Dec. 31, and then go back and work some of what I consider exterior and interior details over the next year, so I'd love to drop some money on your parts. Wasn't New Ware or someone planning correction parts for the Dragon Saturn?
  11. Anyone ever made a detail set for this 1/100 or any other 1/100 Saturn V? I'm aware of the New Ware 1/96 set for the Revell kit. Anyone ever compile a good list of corrections needed, if any? I'm also aware of some 1/100 parts for the 1/100 kit on Shapeways.
  12. In short, some things may be lost/modified in the "sausage-making" between official blueprint and drawings which may have other purposes/customers. Then, too, times have changed and there are proprietary and other reasons a company might not provide accurate, detailed factory plans for a high-performance weapon that millions were spent to spec, design and test.
  13. Forums like these are social media: https://theadminzone.com/threads/are-forums-classed-as-social-media.138473/ https://www.dictionary.com/browse/social-media?s=t I've never heard of a clearance - at least a lower level clearance - that bars the individual from participating in social media, only rules that govern their behavior/conversation on social media, such as one gets now regularly via training refreshers from their government or contractor org.. Pssst: your personal information is bought and sold every day by finance companies, mortgage companies, online retailers, web browsers, web search companies, credit card companies, data companies who aggregate public records, law enforcement agencies, etc. On behalf of "the rest of the world," I bid you welcome. 😀
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