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  1. Thanks. When I look at the Trumpeter intakes from the front, they are distinctly different than the Monogram built-up 106 on my shelf. I found a post either here or Brit Modeler or somewhere where the poster dry-fit the Monogram intakes to the Trumpeter kit but he never followed up with a finished build. But the dry-fit looked good. I looked again at the XMM intakes on their website and it seemed they just duplicated the Trumpeter intake shape. Anyone seen any online photos of finished models with the XMM intakes?
  2. What's the best solution for fixing the Trumpeter 106 intakes? A. separate the splitter plate from the outer intake and bend to the correct shape and fill accordingly? Anybody tried this? B. Use a pair of Monogram 106 intakes? Is it fairly easy to fair in the M. intakes to the T fuselage? c. Buy the XMM intakes? Do they correct the Trumpeter intake problem or replicate it?
  3. June on the CoJ 106? ARRRRRRRRRGGGG!
  4. Thanks for the link. So I have the later straight inlets but I bought the earlier Aires engines instead of the later J-79s, which I assume I could source from any later Phantom kit or aftermarket engines?
  5. Thanks. I bought a set of resin intakes before I knew there was a difference. I'm not so caught up on one or another version that I'm going to buy another set just because the markings don't match if I can help it.
  6. I know what's shown in the attached photo, but does anyone know if these planes actually had the straight edge intakes or the curved edge intakes? Thanks. (Mod, free to delete the previous post. My connectivity stinks.)
  7. Is there going to be addiction/job training when this thread ends?
  8. So the packaging was in good shape but the model wasn't? No mention of that in the listing? That's bad business. One good reason to deal with Amazon.
  9. Wishful thinking for a C-141A. Beyond that, not sure of the differences in the NASA plane specifically, but I'm willing to overlook them at that point. Would an A model not just require a different fuselage?
  10. The wait is interminable.
  11. Waiting on Roden to issue the appropriate variant for the NASA bird.
  12. I once read but have no way to independently verify that the enlargement of the aft fuselage to accommodate a gunner required the entire fuselage after of the wing trailing edge to be slightly enlarged. If true, you can't turn the AM kits into H or J variants. In addition to moving the dorsal turret forward.
  13. Ordered from Sincere Hobbies for $58 shipped in up to 90 days. We shall see. Cheaper than flying to Vegas anyway.
  14. What does shipping run for "Sincere Hobbies"? Because $44.71 at the current exchange rate has my full and immediate attention.
  15. He said through your local hobby shop or distributor specifically, but those folks have to know and perhaps they will in the next week or so.