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  1. Nice build looking at what you started with. So the whole nose is built up and recontoured? I think I'd just be happy if I had some stripe decals.
  2. Anyone else got this kit? I wasn't expecting Tamiya. But I was expecting a full set of cheat stripes for the fuselage and wing tanks. Nope. Registries and - thank- you - the blue outline for the door. Even the Swiss Air Force version got some stripes. I will adjust expectations down accordingly.
  3. I will check that out. Not my first choice to mix acrylic with my existing enamels on a model.
  4. A slightly different google search yields this discussion: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/model-master-non-specular-sea-blue-fs-5402-t191127.html
  5. Thanks. I'd prefer it, too. If it were still available. Unfortunately, it wasn't among the handful of colors that Testors retained when they cancelled most of the MM line.
  6. 131 views and nobody knows? That's unusual.
  7. Is Testors 1172 Flat Sea Blue in the little square bottle the same as 35042 for WWII tri-color Navy schemes?
  8. This was the part I didn't understand: "For example, in the US, we cannot use Priorty Mail even if we are mailing to an address in town that we know will not get on an airplane. But, because of the method (that it could be flown), it cannot be used." Paint can't be mailed Priority from US to US location because it might get airmailed?
  9. I didn't understand that. I can order paint domestically and it ships surface mail. Could explain a little further?
  10. Thanks for the info. Everything was bottle paint, not spray. I'm happy Canada is doing this, so if the plane goes down six bottles of Model Master paint - and a planeload of jet fuel and lubricants - won't spoil the natural environment. 🙄
  11. I tried to buy some paint by mail from a Canadian shop but it refunded my money. I got the reply below. Why must all mail be flown to the US? Unfortunately, due to the fact that all mail is now flown to the US, I cannot ship this product across the border. I can send it by ground trsnsport anywhere else in the world, but cannot ship to its country of origin.
  12. Now, would anyone want to take on the herculean job of pulling out the posts that would be useful in building/fixing this kit and putting them in a single useful archive?
  13. Very nice visual comparison. The aft fuselages appear to differ in diameter. Would you care to tape those together for a comparison photo?
  14. Thanks very much for some really useful information I can refer to when building.
  15. Looks like the F-51 has the same Part Tree B as the P-51D with the same vertical stabs. Not sure about the canopies.
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