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  1. 1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    Um, 1/48 F-22 RAM panels?
  2. New from Mastercasters 1/48 F-15A wheels

    Sadly, there's been no action on the SH wheels for literally years. Res Kit issued a set in the past year, and they're a lot better, though perhaps not perfect. And they're expensive. And they appear to have become rare quickly.
  3. Hobby Boss Tomcat 1/48 intake error fix!

    On the other hand, thousands of us have HB F-14s and thousands more will continue to buy it as long as it's on the market and perhaps a simpler correction of the intake minus some of the internals might be more economical and would sell well to those who like the HB's other features. Simple as that.
  4. Hobby Boss Tomcat 1/48 intake error fix!

    Hat trick. Same question to Zactoman. X4. I'd be happy with something less complete internally and cheaper.
  5. Bombshell Brew Acrylic Paints

    I like the mission statement, the price, and the apparent ease and cost of use. I like the current selection, but it would be nice to have some WWII US, British, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, etc. colors. Otherwise, I have to ask, I've lost count of how many lines of acrylic and enamel have come out in the past 3-5 years. Is it that easy or that profitable?
  6. F-35/ Have Glass paints

    I'll have to search for the Wolfpack decals. I just ordered these masks: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GALAXY-D48003-1-48-F-35A-Lightning-II-Die-cut-Flexible-mask-for-MENG-LS-007/253161919034?epid=2201755356&hash=item3af1a0523a:g:E2YAAOSwcp1Zkh31
  7. F-35/ Have Glass paints

    Why/how is it that in some photos the serrated etc. panel highlights are lighter than the rest of the airframe, in some photos they're darker, and in some photos the finish appears very uniform? Are they the same material, or is most of the finish the metallic paint that looks lighter when the sun hits it but the panel lines are covered with something else with a flat finish that doesn't flash brighter in the sun? And if you use a gloss coat at any point, does that not darken your base color? It sure does when I gloss coat a flat finish.
  8. F-35/ Have Glass paints

    Like Humbrol tins? Like half ounce? For 5 bucks? Man, they love their paint. I guess I'll have to switch to 72nd scale or Krylon.
  9. F-35/ Have Glass paints

    Since Raptor Sheen came and went, I now see references to a few companies making "Have Glass" paint. Some looks passable. What are you folks using? On the F-35, what are you using for the contrasting color on the RAM panels or is there a specific FS number? Thanks.
  10. Which kit is easier? 1/48 ZM or Academy F-4J?

    Thanks, Gene, Not sure about what there is to work with. So the choices are: accept that your engine face may be wrong, use the kit engine face, use some aftermarket engine face? Or what? Thanks.
  11. ZM F-4 Phantom, Tamiya F-14, comparisons and observations

    I think you answered your own question. You hate PE. Many builders do. Some hate resin and love PE. Some crucified Tamiya's F-14 for not offering dropped slats. Model companies have to make a profit. They have a price point they have to hit. Toward the end of design as they input the budget for every feature they'd like to provide, something's gotta give. They know they won't make everybody happy, so they drop some features knowing the aftermarket will provide the details they don't. That's my guess, anyway, and I guess that's where your slat options and seat belts went. Price? Back when I started, I considered $40 for a model so close to criminal as to be indistinguishable.
  12. Which kit is easier? 1/48 ZM or Academy F-4J?

    OK, maybe that explains it. Years ago, I heard the F-4B/C and F-4J used different intakes and maybe that there was a different vent configuration. So the intakes didn't change between the real variants. They changed between the designs of early and later Hasegawa kits. Why would the aftermarket design intakes for the Academy Phantoms and list a specific variant then?
  13. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The good news is Tamiya is releasing an F-14 B/D kit. But they need 10,000 pre-orders to get started. Who's in? Hands?
  14. 1:350 Modern Aircraft Carrier Hangar Decals

    I'd like a set for the Enterprise during the 1974-75 cruise. I didnt' see a way to contact you offline. Let me know how I can make this happen. Thanks.
  15. Unslatted F-4Es in Vietnam?

    Got it. Thanks. How about the TSIEO thing on the left wing? Did that come after Vietnam?