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  1. Hope to see reissue of the Gulf War F-4G.
  2. Hi! Any update on featured airframes and release date? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi comrades! Here is my take on old kit. Lot's of aftermarket used, some corrections were scratch-built. Thanks for looking
  4. I used the A-7 intake by RM. I'm happy with the result. Highly recommended!
  5. Hi comrades! Here is my take on Hasegawa excellent kit with additions by Eduard brass, Montex and self made masks, and scratch made wiring for engine, undercarriage and bomb. Airframe riveted. Hope, You like it! Any comments are welcome!
  6. Hi! Here my latest work. Additions-Xdecal, Eduard brass, Pilot pitot, Armory wheels, Quickboost small intakes & antennaes I tried to make the faded appearance. Hope You like it
  7. Hi comrades! Here result of my build. I really enjoy this kit and recommend it! Full build is in "in progress" section Thanks for looking
  8. Hi comrades! Finished (minus wire and pitot) Better photos I'll post later in Display section
  9. Hi comrades! Painted in colors of 27th Sentai in Malaya, 1942 Mainly assembled, next - some repairs of white element of the unit insignia, clear coat, decals (until now - everything painted). Thanks for looking
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