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  1. Do you still need these? I MIGHT have a set from a salvage kit. Let me know via PM.
  2. Hey folks, I've had a disaster in the form of a roof leak in my shop. My storage box of BIG Monogram bombers got soaked, and it's moldy. I need boxes, instructions and decals for the following kits:* B-29 (1:48) x3 (yes, 3. I have more, but these 3 got wet. Don't judge! LOL)* PBY-5A Catalina (1:48, #85-5934 ProModeler boxing)* A-26B Invader (1:48, Fire bomber boxing)I can pay for them, or I can possibly trade. I have a stash of decals I could cull. Email me at miller.t.4373@gmail.com
  3. I have for sale a ProModeler 1/48 Do-217E-5 w/ a Lone Star Models Do-217N night fighter conversion kit. They must go AS A SET. No splitting. The ProModeler kit has had the bombs & missiles removed. This is how I received it. There are extra prop spinners and blades, plus an extra nose. The kit decals and instructions are included, but the kit box was not included. This will make a great project for someone with the time to put into it, but unfortunately, I am not that someone. Asking $65 + actual shipping or equivalent trade value. Trade ideas: Italeri 1/48 ACH-47A Armed
  4. Thanks, Brett. Looks like it's out of stock, unfortunately.
  5. Hey folks, I'm searching for a Bandai MG AMS-119 Geara Doga kit. I need it for a special themed build I'm doing, a 'Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai' mashup. This is my #2 machine for The Seven, and the only one I don't have yet. If anyone has one, even the P-Bandai boxing, that they're willing to sell or trade for, please contact me with pricing and/or trade wants. Thanks!
  6. By all that's holy, and MANY things that aren't, this thing is a plastic turd! With wings, no less! ROFLMFAO!!!
  7. To quote Emil, from 'Robocop': "I LIKE IT!!!" I have an Re/100 Efreet that I'm doing up as a reborn Efreet #7, the MS-08TX/SSX Samurai Special Custom. This is machine #6 of my "Magnificent Seven/Seven Samurai" mashup. It's going to be painted in AlClad II Candy Ruby Red over Steel, with polished Gold trim, a blue jeweled eye, and some actual Japanese insignias from a Ki-45 squadron. The weaponry will be: * 1x Short Range Mega Beam Cannon * 2x 3-barrel Heavy Gatling Beam Machineguns * 4x Heavy Beam Cannons * 1x Kämpfer Shotgun * 2x 4-barrel Gatling Beam Mac
  8. Oh, which P-47 kit is this from? They make a P-47D Razorback, a P-47 D Bubbletop, and a P-47M.
  9. Has this kit been sold? If the "pending" falls through, I'm interested.
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