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  1. Sold 2 kit Deal You will receive. 1. Revell 1994 repop of 1964 Mercury and Gemini Capsules. 1/48 scale. Box open in very good condition inner bags sealed complete and unstarted with uncut decals. 2. Atlantis repop of Uber cool Classic Revell "Everything is Go" Mercury Capsule and Atlas Booster launch pad diorama kit in 1:110 scale. Kit is sealed as new. 60.00 plus shipping from 60451 Payment through PayPal Goods and Services Please contact me directly at mightymoe323@gmail.com Thanks Max Bryant Illinoi
  2. Fonderie Miniature 1/48 Fouga Magister CM170 Multi Media kit Features injection molded main parts With resin and white metal detail parts. Vacuform canopy Colorful decals 25.00 plus shipping from 60451 Please contact me at licin6166 (@) gmail.com Do not use PM function as I probably won't see it... Cheers, Max Bryant Illinois
  3. F/S Revell (Monogram) B-24D 1/48 scale Kit is open and complete and unstarted with box in very good condition with inner bags sealed. 50.00 plus shipping from 60451 Contact me direct at licin6166 (at) gmail.com DO NOT use ARC PM function as I probably won't see it. Cheers Max Bryant Illinois
  4. Glencoe (ex Lincoln, K-Lineville) The White House Box is sealed with a few holes in the shrink wrap. Box is in ok condition bit I will say worn condition. No scale but I believe it is a railroad scale. Sci-fi builders usually buy this to pose flying saucers attacking it! 30.00 plus shipping from 60451 Contact me direct at licin6166@gmail (dot) com
  5. Here is a pkg Deal of U.S.Fighters that were powered by the Allison V-1710 Inline engine and I am throwing in a P-51D. ALL kits open unless noted. Inner bags sealed complete and unstarted. You get 1. Academy P-38J European Theater. Sealed 2. Academy P-39Q/N 3. Hasegawa P-40N 4. MPM P-63A Kingcobra 5. Hasegawa P-51D 32.00 plus shipping from 60451 Contact me directly at licin(at)comcast.net Cheers Max Bryant Illinois
  6. Revell B-17F 1/48 Box open inner bags sealed. 45.00 plus shipping Large box ships from 60451 Paypal only Contact me direct at licin@comcast.net Do not use PM function may not see it. Cheers and Thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  7. F/S U.S. only (Big box) Big 1/29 Revell Snap Tite Max T-65 X-Wing. Pre-Painted as Luke Skywalker's Red 5. This is the largest injection molded kit of a T-65. I have read reviews stating this as 1/29 and or 1/30th. I also read a review which I trust, where the author, based on measurements stated that this kit is actually 132nd scale. So this would fit in right next to your 1/32 F-14, 15s etc. There are many fantastic 3D printed upgrades for this kit on Shapeways (308bits) and Falcon3Dparts. Revell released this kit at 100.00 years ago. It was out of production and soon be
  8. For Sale, P-40 pkg. In 1/48 5 kits. All kits are sealed as new! You get. 1. Hasegawa P-40E 2. AMT P-40F 3. AMT P-40K 4. AMT P-40N 5. Revell Monogram P-40B 60.00 plus shipping from 60451 PayPal preferred Contact me direct at licin@comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION! Cheers, Max Bryant
  9. F/S 5 kits Japanese WWII You get 1. Hasegawa Jt95 Ki.45 Nick bags sealed 2. Hasegawa Jt69 A6M2-N Rufe 3. Hasegawa U2 N1K2-J George low wing 4. Tamiya 38 Mid Wing George bag sealed 5 Tamiya #6427 A6M5c Zero. Sealed All kits complete and unstarted #2 had a decal cut out. But I would not use the kit decals anyway. 70.00 plus shipping. Ships from 60451. PayPal preferred but will accomodate those who wish to use check or money orders. Contact me direct at licin (at) comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION Cheers and thanks Max Bryant
  10. Complete unstarted. Huge box about 4 feet long. I recommend ditch the box and I can pack the two inner parts trays into a square box your call. U.S. sale only 100.00 plus shipping Paypal Pics available upon email request. Contact me direct at licin@ comcast.net Do not use PM function as it will not be seen. Cheers and thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  11. Sealed box but wrap is split. Also side a bit concave from the plastic shrinking over the years. Top left corner torn. Some creases. This is the way I purchased it. Contents not affected. 80.00 plus shipping U.S. only. Box is huge. I take Paypal. Contact me direct at licin (at) comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION! I may not get your message. Cheers and thanks Max Bryant, Illinois
  12. F/S Trumpeter S.M.79-II Sparviero. Interesting 3 engine bomber serving from the Spanish Civil War through World War II in 1/48 scale. Box open inner bags sealed, complete and unstarted. 35.00 plus shipping I will take paypal as well as personal check or money order for those still using those. Contact me direct at: licin (at) comcast.net PLEASE DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION!!! Cheers and thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  13. F/S Revellogram boxing of the classic Monogram First Lunar Landing model. In big, detailed 1:48 scale. Has LEM, Lunar surface diorama base (with shadows built-in just paint it black) a couple Astronauts and some equipment. A neat little diorama kit of a subject near and dear to us Boomers! Both kits are still sealed never opened. 18.00 each plus shipping or take em both for 30.00 plus shipping Contact me direct at licin@comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION!!! I take Paypal and will accomodate those who wish to use check or money orders. Cheers and thanks
  14. F/S 4 French fighters in detailed 1/48th scale. The French fought bravely to stop the German onslaught in rugged state of the art (for the time) aircraft. Unfortunately it was too little to late. The Germans captured and used some of these aircraft. In this package deal you get. 1. Tamiya Dewoitine D.520 sealed 2. Classic Airframes Morane Saulnier M.S.406. Multimedia kit with resin detail parts and vacform canopy. Open box inner bags sealed. 3. Hobbycraft French Curtiss Hawk 75. Open box inner bags sealed 4. Fonderie Miniature Bloch MB-152C1 Multimedia kit with resi
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