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  1. Sealed box but wrap is split. Also side a bit concave from the plastic shrinking over the years. Top left corner torn. Some creases. This is the way I purchased it. Contents not affected. 80.00 plus shipping U.S. only. Box is huge. I take Paypal. Contact me direct at licin (at) comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION! I may not get your message. Cheers and thanks Max Bryant, Illinois
  2. F/S Trumpeter S.M.79-II Sparviero. Interesting 3 engine bomber serving from the Spanish Civil War through World War II in 1/48 scale. Box open inner bags sealed, complete and unstarted. 35.00 plus shipping I will take paypal as well as personal check or money order for those still using those. Contact me direct at: licin (at) comcast.net PLEASE DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION!!! Cheers and thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  3. F/S Revellogram boxing of the classic Monogram First Lunar Landing model. In big, detailed 1:48 scale. Has LEM, Lunar surface diorama base (with shadows built-in just paint it black) a couple Astronauts and some equipment. A neat little diorama kit of a subject near and dear to us Boomers! Both kits are still sealed never opened. 18.00 each plus shipping or take em both for 30.00 plus shipping Contact me direct at licin@comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION!!! I take Paypal and will accomodate those who wish to use check or money orders. Cheers and thanks
  4. F/S 4 French fighters in detailed 1/48th scale. The French fought bravely to stop the German onslaught in rugged state of the art (for the time) aircraft. Unfortunately it was too little to late. The Germans captured and used some of these aircraft. In this package deal you get. 1. Tamiya Dewoitine D.520 sealed 2. Classic Airframes Morane Saulnier M.S.406. Multimedia kit with resin detail parts and vacform canopy. Open box inner bags sealed. 3. Hobbycraft French Curtiss Hawk 75. Open box inner bags sealed 4. Fonderie Miniature Bloch MB-152C1 Multimedia kit with resi
  5. FS 1/72 MPC boxing of Airfix B-1 bomber. Box open in very good condition except the panel where I cut out the Golden Tokens, back in the last Century in the last Millennium.... Inner bags sealed kit is complete and unstarted. 24.00 plus shipping I take Paypal and will accomodate those who wish to use check or money order Contact me direct at licin at comcast.net Cheers and thanks, Max Bryant Illinois
  6. I know some of you folks dabble in Sci Fi so here ya go. MPC/ERTL Millenium Falcon model kit With Haynes Workshop reference book. The MPC kit is the first kit that was made of this famous YT-1300 Corellian Freighter. Scale for years has been determined to be 1/58th but depending on the source it is 1/72. I know it is the same size as the 1/72 Fine Molds kit! So you pick what scale you think it is! Anyway you have here a large model that is a great canvas for you to paint and weather. Haynes Workshop manual is packed with great drawings, diagrams, and photos from the Star Wars Films. A gre
  7. F/S 4 late war Luftwaffe machines. 1:48 You will get 1.DML 5507 Me262A-1a/jabo sealed 2.DML 5504 Me163B-1a Komet. Box open inner bags sealed 3. DML 5525 Ba349A Natter with HWK-109/509 Engine and crew. Box open inner bags sealed.. 4. AmTech Ta-183 Huckebein. This one is a started kit. I obtained it this way. The cockpit, fuselage, wings, wheelbays have been glued. I inventoried the rest and it is complete. I noticed the dihedral is wonky. One wing fine the other slightly low. at least I think they are slightly off. Decals missing. Take all 4 for 55.00 plus shipping I
  8. F/S New/sealed Revell 1/48 Rafale M single seater. 15.00 plus shipping I take Paypal and will accomodate those who wish to use check or money orders Contact me direct at licin at comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION! Cheers and thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  9. F/S sealed in excellent like new condition. Monogram 1/72 F-16XL. 25.00 plus shipping I take Paypal and will accomodate those who wish to use check or money orders Contact me direct at licin at comcast.net DO NOT USE PM FUNCTION! Cheers and thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  10. F/S From the I'm never going to get the build this collection. Hasegawa F-18C Revell F-18E Super Hornet. I never thought in my lifetime I would be able to afford a Hasegawa F-18 but I came across one at a show one time guy was selling it the deal was that it was partially assembled. So the kit is partially assembled. The nose, tanks, pylons, flaps, splitter plates and intake part all assembled cleanly. Cockpit tub and instrument panel painted cleanly. It has a Black box resin set. The BB decking part behind seat is cleanly installed. The previous owner cut the wingtips off and th
  11. F/S shipping at actual cost. 1. 1/72 Hasegawa HE-111 H-6 with AMT Ju-88C-4/C-6. Both kits sealed 24.00 2. Sold...1/32 Williams Brothers Gee Bee R-1 Jimmy Doolittle Racer and Lindbergh Gee Bee racer featuring customized Coca-Cola markings by Cartograph. Both kits sealed 17.00 sold 3. Revell 1/48 Rafale M single seater. 17.00 4. 3 kit Polish Aircraft deal. a. Mirage PZL 37A Los twin engine bomber. Single tail. Box open nice condition. b. Mirage PZL 37B Los twin-engine bomber. Double tail version. Box gone kit factory sealed. Complete. c. LTD PLZ P.
  12. Other than not closing, it sounds no different than what my company told us. All vacation time will be used. once the employee has depleted those hours then we should file for unemployment... Max B.
  13. F/S 6 Airbrush pressure regulated manifold. Includes 6 different handle colored double action airbrushes in a nice hard case. 6 separate, 6' braided airhosed. 6 glass 3/4 oz. Airbrush bottle assemblies. I bought this a few years ago. I Never used it! I pictured myself painting models quickly by setting up all the colors I needed to do everything in one spray session. I haven't built a single model to completion and almost 30 years now! I decided I don't need this for my airbrush collection either. I need to downsize all the stuff I've accumulated. If you bought one of these new at Harbo
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