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  2. Whatever you do, DO NOT switch to Tapatalk! Larry
  3. I only notice it when I try to post or update a LARGE posting. When I just update a large post a few lines at a time, it appears to work "as advertised". Larry
  4. One time it happened to me, I put a post up, but got ZERO replies. So I just deleted the post, since I was able to "work around" the issue. Another time ISTR emailing Steve, but got no response. (I may have used the wrong email address). Again, I just gave up trying to get help, since I had a (Not very easy) work around. Larry
  5. Or maybe a "Dangling Participle".
  6. I keep my FS/FT list on my computer as a Text file. When I need to update my FS posting, I do all the changes on my Text file, then remove the text in my ARC posting and replace it with my updated Text file. All I then have to do is add the various formatting (Bold Text, Underline, Strike Through). But if I get that dreaded "Server Error", I have to change a small section at a time, save it, then go back in and repeat the process until my whole post is updated. Not very "Convenient". Larry
  7. I have had it quite a few times recently, when I am editing my FS/FT post. What I do to overcome the "Server Error" is to edit one or two lines/items, then save the post. I then go back and do the same thing, as many times as it takes to edit my entire post. Larry
  8. I guess that means I should start building my Classic Airframes P-43.
  9. Got answers elsewhere.
  10. Do a search for PDF Unlock. There are a number of online PDF Unlock programs, but they may be limited by file size. I have tried them in the past and they work fine.
  11. Don't see a PM from you, so I sent you one to reply to. Larry
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