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    Northwest Florida, USA
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    Reconnaissance aircraft - WW1 to present day (1/48 preferred), Thai military & civil aircraft (ASAE) & 1/35 Thai armor.

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  1. This is a REAL LONG SHOT, but I am looking for a part from the Monogram 1/48 F-20 Tigershark (Kit 5445) I am missing a few small parts, which I can scratch build, but I really need part # 8, the left intake. I am in Florida. PM me or email me direct at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net if you can help. Larry
  2. New stuff added, some more prices lowered
  3. ReccePhreak

    Why do builds stall?

    Many of my builds "stall" because the model is poorly designed, has parts that refuse to fit without major grinding/cutting/sanding, is inaccurate or has totally useless instructions (Read Hobby Bogus, Trumpeter, Kinetic & Kitty Hawk). Larry
  4. ReccePhreak

    Anyone having trouble with Hyperscale?

    My friend just had the same problem, and was able to log in via his Fakebook account. You also might try contacting Brett again, so he can put you in touch with his Tapatalk contact. Your saying that Tapatalk hasn't been "smooth" is really putting it mildly. Larry
  5. More prices lowered, new stuff added
  6. Genre: Photo-reconnaissance aircraft (ASAE), Thai aircraft (Military & Civil, ASAE), Thai armor (1/35). Scale: 1/48 preferred, but will build any scale if the subject I want is in a different scale. Manufacturer: Anybody except Hobby Booboo or Trumpeter (Unless they are the ONLY manufacturer of the subject I am interested in). Kit: Hasegawa 1/48 recce Phantoms. Larry
  7. ReccePhreak

    F-13 Superfortress references

    What does THAT have to do with the camera windows on an F-13 Superfortress?
  8. ReccePhreak


  9. ReccePhreak

    ATTN: Jeremy Coyle/Shadoweng

    You have my sympathies. It took my publicly calling him out here and on Aeroscale, for him to return my original traded kit. His excuse is "poor time management"! Larry
  10. Edited Trade List