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  1. Title pretty much says it all, I am looking to trade for an Eduard 1:48 Spitfire Mk.VIII Weekend Edition (Kit 84154). Kit must be complete & unstarted, sealed bags preferred. I am in Florida, and can trade stuff from my list below. I would prefer to limit trades to the CONUS, but may consider elsewhere, depending on what you ask for in trade. (Shipping costs) PM me or email me direct at lengesath@cox.net to discuss. TRADE LIST ## KITS ## ## AIRCRAFT - 1/700 & 1/350 ## Tsukuda Hobby 1/700 Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (4 P-3C/
  2. I am looking to trade for a few Airfix/MPC/Academy 1/72 U-2A/B/C/D kits (3~5 kits). Kit must be complete & unstarted, sealed bags a plus. Bagged kits (No original kit box) are okay, but I would trade less stuff for them than I would for a complete boxed kit. I am in Florida, and am willing to trade multiple kits and/or aftermarket for the kits (Within Reason). I may limit trades to the CONUS (Depending on what you want) for postage costs. PM me or Email me at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net to discuss. Larry Engesath ## TRADE LIST ## ## KITS ##
  3. Hi Mike, You're welcome for the decals. I currently have 19 Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom kits in my stash. They include the following: F-4EJ - 2 kits F-4B/N - 1 kit F-4C/D - 2 kits F-4F - 2 kits F-4EJ Kai - 2 kits RF-4E - 3 kits RF-4B - 3 kits RF-4EJ - 2 kits FG.1 - 1 kit FGR.2 - 1 kit I just want that kit in particular, especially for the decals. I worked on the RF-4C at Bergstrom (Markings in that kit), and the No-Gun Shoguns from Kadena (Markings in that kit) were at the Recce Air Meet at Bergstrom AFB while I was stationed there. I just don't want to pa
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