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  1. That's also probably one of the reasons the USAF changed to digital Flight Manuals and Maintenance Manuals, instead of paper ones. Easier to update & distribute.
  2. I am tempted to order one of the RC-135W Rivet joint "cheek sensor" sets, but I would also have to scratchbuild MANY additional antennas and other bulges, in order to make a correct model. Based on using just available photos, that will definitely be problematic. I doubt that accurate drawings are "available" anywhere. At least I do have the later bigger engine nacelles, from a KC-135R kit.
  3. Title pretty much says it all - I am looking to trade stuff from my list below, for a complete & unstarted Heller 1/48 Fennec AS-550C-2 (Kit 80487). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-humbrol-80487-fennec-as-550-c-2--1107807 I am in Florida and would prefer to limit trades to the CONUS for shipping reasons, but MIGHT consider elsewhere, depending on what you want in trade. I am willing to trade multiple items (Within REASON) for the Fennec helicopter kit. I am in Florida PM me or email me direct at lengesath@cox.net to discuss.
  4. Here's the REALLY Weird thing: I was able to get online via my OLD iPad (Actually my Wife's old iPad that she gave to me when she upgraded.) I NEVER use the iPad to "surf" the internet, other than look at Youtube videos or such. I used the iPad to search for clues/suggestions, based on the error message. They said I needed to flush the DNS Server, and the easiest way was to unplug my cable Phone/Internet Modem, and let them reboot. After they came back online, I was FINALLY able to access the ARC forums. 😛 Talk about Internet Withdrawal. 😥 Larry
  5. This is the error message I keep getting. This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in www.arcforums.com. If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Larry
  6. I am at a total loss here. I can’t access the forums from my Win11 desktop, but can get online with my ancient iPad (actually my wife’s old iPad. Anybody else having the same issue? Larry
  7. Disregard, I bought the Aires 1/48 F-14A Tomcat cockpit set (Academy) online
  8. Darren, PM sent. I still have 4 of your 1/48 F-14 upgrade/correction sets for Academy's F-14 kit, as well as your correction set for Trumpeter's Skywarrior. Seeing your reply, has pushed me to pull out those kits, with the "plan" to actually start working on them. Larry
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