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  1. Yeah, most modelers only like models of planes that kill people with guns or bombs. It's more EXCITING.
  2. I guess this turned out to be "vaporware"? Larry
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  4. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    Thanks for the info Tommy. A nice detailed photo. The bird I plan to build doesn't appear to have the light on the left gear strut, but I can see what appears to be lights on both wingtips, even though I have only seen the left one deployed. Larry Thanks for the great link Jari. I will have to spend some time looking through that site. Larry
  5. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    Thanks for the reply. I have already looked all through those blogs, and there was no info on the landing lights.
  6. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    I was researching details for my black bottom A-1J Skyraider, and I came across a photo of one with what appears to be a drop down landing light on the left wingtip. http://skyraider.org/skyassn/otherpics/west/EOR_2.jpg This feature is not on the Tamiya kit, was it a common item on AF Skyraiders? If so, was there one on each wingtip? Larry
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    More stuff added, many prices lowered.
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