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  1. The Okaloosa County (Florida) School District has closed the schools tomorrow, because SNOW is forecast!
  2. I am looking to trade kits and/or aftermarket (From the list below) for the Revell 1/32 Arado Ar196A-3 Seaplane (Kit 04688). I am in Florida, and would prefer to keep trades to the USA for shipping costs, but MAY consider other locations, depending on what you want in trade. PM me or email me direct at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net to discuss. Larry TRADE LIST KITS Eastern Express & Kopro 1/72 MiG-21R (2 kits) Hasegawa 1/72 US Aircraft Weapon Loading Set (Kit X72-5) Huma Modell 1/72 DFS 346 Überschallflugzeug (Kit 4002) ICM 1/72 He70F-2 Spanish Air Force Reconnaissance Plane (Kit 72231) Italeri 1/72 Wellington Mk.X (Kit 1252) Marivox 1/72 Swedish Fighter FFVS J-22A/B (Kit No.1) Marivox 1/72 SAAB 17 (Kit No.3) Octopus 1/72 Hi-Tech Fairey Firefly Mk.I (Kit 72039) Revell Germany 1/72 Arado AR234C-3 & E-381 (No decals)(Kit 04373) RS Models 1/72 Nakajima Ki-27b (Kit 92013) +Special Hobby 1/72 Hunting Percival Pembroke C.1 "Cold War" (Kit SH72015) Zvezda 1/72 Kamov 1/72 KA-58 'Black Ghost' (Kit 7232) Academy 1/48 USAAF P-51B "Blue Nose" (Kit 12303){Sealed bags} Accurate Miniatures 1/48 SBD-2 Dauntless (Kit 480310){Sealed} Hasegawa 1/48 RF-4E Phantom II 'J.A.S.D.F.' (Kit 07230) Hobby Boss 1/48 Me262A-1a/U3 (Kit 80371) Hobby Boss 1/48 FM-1 Wildcat (Kit 80329){Sealed bags} Italeri 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vc (Kit 2727) Minicraft 1/48 US Army UH-60L Blackhawk (Kit 11621) Monogram 1/48 "Huey Hog" UH-1C (Kit 5201) Revell 1/48 B-25J Mitchell (Kit 85-5512) Revell Germany 1/48 Douglas A-1H Skyraider (Kit 04584) Special Hobby 1/48 Aermacchi C.200 I.serie "Bubble Canopy" {Bagged kit}(Kit SH48033) Testors/Italeri 1/48 Lockheed TR-1A/TR-1B/ER-2 {Sealed bags}(Kit 580) Zhengdefu 1/48 EF-111A "Raven" {Sealed bags}(Kit DF328) Dragon 1/35 Flak 38(t) Ausf.M Late Production (Kit 6590) Italeri 1/35 Italian Paratroopers combat group {Sealed} Revell 1/32 Bo 105M (VBH) (Kit 4432) AMT/ERTL 1/32 Star Trek USS Enterprise Command Bridge (Kit 6007) AMT/Round 2 1/500 Interplanetary U.F.O. Mystery Ship {Sealed}(Kit AMT622) AMT/Round 2 1/12 Star Trek - Mr. Spock figure "Collector's Tin" (Sealed} DECALS/AFTERMARKET AeroMaster Decals 1/72 Cubs in the Air - An-12 Cub (72-200) AeroMaster Decals 1/48 Allied P-40N's Pt. 2 (48-150C) AeroMaster Decals 1/48 IJAAF Fast Recon Dinahs Pt.1 (48-262) AeroMaster Decals 1/48 Bf 109E Battle of Britain - Eagle Day Pt.IV (48-591) AeroMaster Decals 1/48 Southern European Mustangs Pt.II (48-708) Authentic Decals 1/72 Bf109 Aufklärer{10 options} (72-39) Authentic Decals 1/48 Sukhoi Su-24M/MR Islamic Fencers (4832) Balkan Models decals 1/48 Yugoslav MiG-21 Exercise Markings "Limited Edition" (BM-4801) Begemot Decals 1/32 MiG-21 Fishbed Stencil Data (Double sheet set) (32-001) Carpena Decals 1/48 Tchad 1983-86 Manta & Epervier (Mirage F.1C/Mirage M5M/Jaguar A/Mirage F.1CR) (48.01A) Daco Decals 1/32 Belgian F-104G + Stencils (D3242) Eagle Strike Decals 1/72 Skyraiders of the Fleet - Pt.2 (72045) Eagle Strike Decals 1/72 Skyraiders Pt.III (72056) Lift here! Decals 1/48 US Jets in Yugoslav AF Pt.3 {F-84G/TV-2/F-86D/F-86E} (412-LH) Liveries Unlimited 1/144 decals - Ethiopian Airlines 757-200 MicroScale Decals 1/72 RF-101 & SR-71 (72-110) MicroScale Decals 1/72 B-29A/RB-29A (72-356) MicroScale Decals 1/72 RF-101C 38TRS/17TRS/66TRW (72-362)(Sealed) Model Alliance Decals 1/48 BAe/Sepecat Jaguar GR1/1A RAF Part 1 (MA-48122) Propagteam Decals 1/48 MiG-29 Fulcrum (Double sheet)(48-005) SiamScale 1/35 Royal Thai AF CH-47A/D Chinook decals (SSN.32007) Xtradecal 1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 - FAA, RAN, RCN (X48061) Ciro Models 1/48 MiG-15bisR Photo-recce conversion set (C-404) Cutting Edge 1/32 F-5A/F-5B/F-5C (P-38) Recce Nose Conversion Set (CEC32160) Eduard 1/72 Dornier Do-17Z Interior PE detail set (72-178) Eduard 1/72 Dornier Do-17Z Exterior PE detail set (72-179) Eduard 1/72 P-38J Lightning BASIC PE set (72-028) Eduard 1/72 Soviet Chocks Type 'A' PE set (72-026) Eduard 1/48 EF-2000 Typhoon 2-seater self-adhesive color Zoom PE detail set (FE542) Eduard 1/48 Soviet Chocks Type 'B' PE set (48-019) Eduard 1/48 Soviet Chocks Type 'C' PE set (48-020) Eduard 1/48 Westland Whirlwind fighter (Trump) interior ZOOM set (FE701) Eduard 1/48 Yak-1 ZOOM PE set (AccMin)(FE166) Eduard 1/48 Sturmgeschutz/StuG.III Ausf.G (Tamiya) wheel masks (FX011) Eduard 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109E (Hasegawa) canopy masks (JX023) ExtraTech 1/72 Westland Wessex HU.5 (Italeri) PE detail set (EX72-080) L'Arsenal Aero 1/48 resin Taxiway lights {15} (AC 48 11) OzMods 1/48 RAAF Macchi 326 cockpit upgrade (OZC48-10) Paragon 1/48 MiG-21 Recce Pod type 'R' (4885) Pavla 1/48 Macchi MC.200 Saetta I Serie resin & decal detail set (U48-38) PD Models 1/48 Orpheus reconnaissance pod (48-167) Quickboost 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-110E Exhaust (QB 48 155) Shawn Hull 1/48 AN/ALQ-184 3 Band Long ECM Pod (03)(For F-16) TAC Scale Dynamics 1/32 F-5E Tiger II Ejection Seat (32032) True Details 1/72 B-29/B-50 Early Style Wheel Set (72023) True Details 1/72 KC-135 Galley Set (72451) True Details 1/48 MiG-15 (Tamiya) cockpit detail set (48459) True Details 1/48 B-17E~G Wheel Set (48098) True Details 1/48 Martin Baker Mk.4DSA Ejection Seats (Sea Vixen)(2)(48428) True Details 1/48 Martin Baker Mk.10 Ejection Seats (2)(Mirage 2000) (48420)
  3. Some Phantom help please....

    With Hobbico just filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you may not get any help from them.
  4. From Airfix: new tool 1/48 Hawker Hunter for 2018!

    I guess I'd better get cracking on my two Academy 1/48 Hunter photo-recce conversions. Larry
  5. 1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    It's in the February 2002 issue of Fine Scale Modeler magazine. The article includes pics of fixing the wing box. Larry
  6. I am looking for some numbers from the Model Alliance 1/48 TSR2 - BAC Eagle decals (Sheet 48172). I want to do a BAC Eagle PR.1, either XV935 or XV944, as I have the underfuselage recce pallet. Can some kind soul spare me the black "XV935" or "XV944" markings? Please PM me or email me at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net if you can help. Larry
  7. Title pretty much says it all. I am looking for a windscreen for the Heller 1/72 Mirage IV. It's part # 51 in the instructions. I contacted Heller, and they said they no longer had that part in stock. If you have a spare one, even one that's been painted, LMK what you want for it. I am in Florida. PM me or email me direct at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net if you can help. Larry
  8. C-119 72049

    Any possibility of a French C-119 in Indochina?
  9. Will you guys ease up on the MRP buying??

    Maybe Squadron Mail Order could stock it?