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  1. Working on 2 projects and thought id see if anyone has either of 1 or 2 Modern Fire extinguishers or a cold storage cookout type of cooler? I know MENG has a set for the cooler but I really only need THAT part and haven't really started to look for a FE, but Its for a MLRS for size reference. If you have one PM, reply, or Email me at Broberts0880 AT GeeMale DOT com, and will work it out. Or if anyone knows where maybe someone is selling the single parts as a side gig or something on Shapeways, Pinterest,etc. Let me know please. TIA, B
  2. Hahaha. Larry, found an old topic of yours about the Mil 24 cockpit set, you ever get the cobra one and how was it? Thanks
  3. Safe type of gamble, I would argue tgats an oxymoron, hahaha. But yes I agree, and why I stated the shipping times. I wasnt referring to running OUT of time to file a claim. Im saying if you don't mind waiting 2 months to even start the claim then by all means shoot! I just dont just look at feedback, read the feedback, a lot of times the seller with 300 feedback, 250 of them are for Penny and .99 cents items. Not a Safe Gamble I myself would take anymore, after having to deal with this both on EBay and when the same people set up multiple accounts on Amazon as well. Amazon definitely is more
  4. I wouldn't hold my breath with this one seller, but there are plenty of great Asian Dealers on eBay. I have found that yes, ebay/PayPal will cover you, but if its WAY to good to be true, it usually is. It the seller has less than 1000 feedback, then most likely they are BS. This seller has KH SU34s for 20 bucks but then is selling a Meng Dozer for $200, and the Meng Leopard 2 for $150?? Yea OK. It was only 20 bucks but another thing this sellers have in their favor is that ebay isnt going to do anything until AFTER the expected delivery date, and conveinant that the guy in China put deli
  5. By chance is this still available? Thanks
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