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  1. Been wondering the same thing myself. Great jnfo, thank you!!!!
  2. Had just started to decal my Tamiya (older tool) Spitfire I and the kit's decals would not separate from the sheet. 😞 anyone out there have extra set sitting around???
  3. Read a story about that. From What I u nderstood, it had to compete with Empire Strikes back.... Like many others, it's a favorite of mine. The first time I watched it, i was told to go to bed at exactly the same time as , "splash the zeros" ! Oh the disapointment. It wasn't u until a few later when we got our first VCR that I was able to watch it in its entirety
  4. I second time this!!!
  5. 55.00 and 65.00 respectively. Price includes shipping. US.only please F-14A (pending)
  6. Sigh, what an absolute steaming pile of crap the above kit is!!! Im trying to think of a more fiddly worse fitting kit and nothing comes to mind. So many parts lost during the build even the replacement parts I pulled from a different hurricane kit went flying off into the abyss. I'd be surprised if this kit makes it to competition without stomping it into the ground. Maybe Hornby will send me some replacement parts.
  7. So I bought this kit minus the decals for the pretty good price of $8.00. Decals aren't a problem, but the cockpit sucks and I need masks. Anyone out there have a True Details cockpit and masks they wouldn't mind parting with? Will trade for or buy
  8. I tried to cut and paste the link, but was unsuccessful. There's a thread on the Jets forum discussing this topic
  9. AK - Real Color Olive Drab Faded - RC024 might work. What subject are you painting?
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