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  1. Deleted Lol, thought there'd be more interest. Oh well
  2. We are no longer the Kinghts who say ni! We are now the Knights who say, icky, icky, fluwadaPataaaaannng(forgot the rest)
  3. Oh good, I'll take 2! If you happen to have herring, I'll need one those as well. I have a date with mightiest tree in the forest
  4. Does anyone have a shrubbery that i may borrow?
  5. Sigh, when it rains it pours. Need part #'s D5 and D6. Will pay for them
  6. I believe it! Besides, Abe Lincoln was a famed vampire slayer
  7. Lololololol, yes even zombies have standards
  8. Actuater arm thingys. As many as you can spare. I cannot believe how many i lost 😞
  9. She's actually the distributor for AMK in Racoon City. It used to be Umbrella, but we all know what happened with them
  10. Your mistaken. Those are symptoms of a Space Herpy bite
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