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  1. FWIW, I use Aclad Ii RAF High Speed Silver.
  2. Theres a young man on YouTube with a channel called quick kits. As far as I've seen, he only brush paints. You may
  3. Ya, I got the SU-35 book a month ago. Perfect shots of the cockpit and cans
  4. As the the title says. Dont have much in the way of trade bait tho...
  5. I dont know what im doing wrong, i just cant seem to master posting pics on here... If you want i can email you some
  6. Ive been using AK Masking Putty. Bluetac works pretty well too
  7. Thank you both for asking and answering as i may be moving in the next 6 or so months!
  8. Out of curiosity; would either of you responded/communicated in this way had this conversation been in-person?
  9. Cannot tell you how happy this makes me!!!
  10. I thought I read or heard something about these markings being released?
  11. Sold item removed Tamiya P-51B 22.00 Hasegawa F-2A + DXM Digital camo decals 45.00 Shipping from California, I'll cover insurance.
  12. Just happened to find one. Almost threw it away. Phweeew PM me your info. No charge
  13. So I have Mauve's BF-110G-4 parts. Any interest out their?
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