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  1. Victory said the ship that was carrying them should've left port 7 days ago -tomorrow. 30-ish days from them they should have them.
  2. I know, was just playing. But AMK's Facebook page does have some nice built up examples
  3. You just had to open this can of worms again! 😉 It doesn t appear so, but there are plenty of pics on Facebook etc...
  4. It would appear Murphy and his laws of the universe have.decided you need to wait 😉
  5. I ordered it on the 9th and I think it shipped on the 11th. Although this is the first time.I've ordered from Hobby Easy, it's not the first I've ordered from an entity in Hong Kong. Every time seems to get here pretty quick. Same goes when ive.ordered from Korea. Japan always seems to take 3 weeks or more.
  6. I just got mine today! I didn't pre-order tho, well, I did, but cancelled it a while ago. I ordered mine from Hobby Easy (first time) and wow, that was fast. Going through the instructions and now... I feel like a buffoon for saying, but some of the steps are a little confusing 😕
  7. Glad to hear you all have made headway with your preorders!!!!
  8. You have every right to pout! Have you contacted AMK? Maybe they can light a fire under someone....
  9. Another excellent build!!! You should start selling those stands! I know I'd buy 1 or 2
  10. Crossing figures for you
  11. Ya, that's whole lotta d-baggery Sincere Hobby is displaying.
  12. Apparently MegaHobby has already shipped theirs
  13. Anyone order from Victory Models? I made my "pre order" today but the confirmation email says, "getting my order ready to ship"
  14. Hahahahahahahaj haaaaaaa hahahaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah!!!!!
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