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  1. I've tried Hobbyboss/trumpeters FB page, Stevens int. and somewhere else. Need clear parts for HB's SU-27. I 8 cant bring myself to buy a whole new kit. Looks like that'll be the end result tho. Anyways, I will pay or trade handsomely.
  2. Ive sent more than i care to admit cartwheeling across the garage. I hit point back in March where it felt like every kit was going to be a battle
  3. Or, you lose said critical part, but while searching for it, you find a previously lost OTHER critical part that youve since replaced....
  4. Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm completely confused as to had what Did the F-14B Bombcat have the same cockpit as its 'D' counterpart?
  5. Not all is lost. I used the same sheet for the academy f-35. For the lighter shade i used tamiya medium sea grey with a couple drops of black mixed. To my eye its VERY close. If you wou!d like a picture id be happy to email some to you. Still came figure out how post pics here 😕
  6. This doesnt answer your question, but i recommend you look into AK Real Color. http://akrealcolors.com/#link5
  7. Title says it all. Ill start; -Superglue will stick to everything except what you want it too
  8. Thats what i ways figured, a blockage. But there are also occasions when there seems to be a phantom blockage. I can see daylight thru the tip, but it acts like its blocked. I thin my paint the same way and usually just spray lacquer. Then use hardware store lacquer thinner for clean up. Thanks for thinks!!! Kurt
  9. To be fair, i can only assume the tip wore out. Spatter or little to no paint would pass thru... the needles always looked fine. The neos just sucked right out of the box.
  10. Yet another "which airbrish" post Some background; Ive been airbrushing for most of my modeling life and have yet to find an airbrush that can last longer than a couple weeks to month. Well tips/needles to be specific. Ive used the following with varying levels of success; Aztec Tips wear out inexplicably, usually good for one model Some cheapy off Ebay Trash Another try with Aztec More of the same Some other cheapy from Ebay Same trash Badger 150, Tips wear out after a couple wee
  11. iIts what i use. Works great whith Mr leveling thinner
  12. ya, that would help. Sorry, Tamiya acrylic. X-1 gloss black to be exact
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