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  1. Im in the same boat is you! Finally decided on a paint booth. The best advice i can give you would be, get it complicated before the boss changes her mind and/or decides to whittle away at some of your cave for something else.
  2. goondman


    Since we're on the topic of foam, what kind of foam for paint chipping?
  3. Howdy, howdy Looking for the above item. Can trade or buy
  4. That's what it sounds like... like I was saying, it's probably a bad batch. Where did you order/buy from?
  5. I do it myself and haven't had a problem
  6. I've never er had a problem with enamel wash bleeding thru. As for spraying a coat over, it won't provide any extra protection (that I'm aware of)
  7. I think you may have gotten a bad bottle. I don't use MRP exclusively, but i do use more than occasionally; never had problem. Out of curiosity, are you adding thinner?
  8. Thank you for all the feedback!!!
  9. Excellent! We're going to have a handyman/contractor make a new hole in the wall...
  10. I have the italeri version; no box and loose... Let me know if you're interested
  11. Nope, not handy like that at all :-/. Even if I was, I don't think the boss; AKA, the wife would sign the building permit 😉
  12. After decades of garage modeling, i finally have a hobby room. Now i need a paint booth. Its my intention to set it up so as to vent from the wall, not unlike a dryers vent.... Thanks in advance
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