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  1. Sold item removed Tamiya P-51B 22.00 Hasegawa F-2A + DXM Digital camo decals 45.00 Shipping from California, I'll cover insurance.
  2. Just happened to find one. Almost threw it away. Phweeew PM me your info. No charge
  3. So I have Mauve's BF-110G-4 parts. Any interest out their?
  4. I have no idea what the parts are, sorry :-/. Some kind of L-shaped sensors
  5. H-17 x 2 H-18 x 2 H-10 x 1 They can just as easily be Monogram/revell equivalents. Advise what you want for reimbursement Thanks! Kurt
  6. I'm pretty sure I've shared this before; like years ago... If you're looking for a more forgiving substitute for 5 min epoxy when glazing what ever it is your glazing, try Loctite G02. It's very manageable with a fine tip brush The only problem is, it doesnt seem to have much of shelf life. Sorry no pictures.
  7. That be the one. I could've swore those aforementioned sensors were in the kit....
  8. Italeri's is actual C with C parts. I'd get a Eduards cockpit tho. Not exactly sure what you'd need to bring the HB A to C status, but I'm pretty sure phasehanger resin has everything you need.
  9. Thank you! Ditto on the Russian subjects!
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