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  1. Well shucks, it worked
  2. To be specific, I mean water based acrylics. I assume, I was never able to clean the nozzles throughly enough. That includes shooting lacqure thinner thru them. Shrugs shoulders
  3. Ya, one dollar. Seriously. Lolololololol
  4. Due to constant airbrush issues; like needing to replace nozzles much more than what should be necessary, i went to only using paint i can thin with Gunze or Tamiya lacquer thinner. Since doing this, the mileage in my nozzles has increased A LOT. Anyway, mission models paint: Colors looked correct Some colors sprayed perfectly fine straight out of the bottle others needed to be thinned It wasn't a problem but I used more thinner that what they recommended All in all i liked them
  5. Item shows arriving at the international USPS thingy.... I updated my original post in bad-trader
  6. That's huge relief, thiught i was hacked or something. Thank you for the info and fixing it
  7. Thank you!!! A little disconcerting, to say the least
  8. How did someone get it and say, I am a spammer?
  9. I posted in the bad trader section something about a particular overseas company, and today it says, I am a spammer please report this post. So, what happened, hacked?
  10. In the spirit of fairness, i need and should affect this update. Not unlike my last dealings with the above seller, tracking info miraculously updated within couple/few days of filing a claim with paypal. It now shows: arrived at international USPS receiving or whatever its called.
  11. Yikes Submerge in hot water, Remove and bend to the desired position. Be sure its not TOO hot, you may pull it out and it's too pliable thus creating more problems.
  12. Yep, i got a coupon for a dollar 😕
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