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  1. Here's the last status update: Destination DC arrival, BRISBANE,US Great, it's delivered!!!! Only problem, I live in California
  2. So Ebay notified me that the seller has been 86'd and to check my messages for further information. I check my messages and theres zippo information 😕
  3. Went to the actual SpeedPak website and it shows, "import customs complete".
  4. Any updates? Mine still says, "landed at destination country".
  5. So far Ebay tracking shows it has "landed at destination country" on 6-1
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitty-Hawk-KH80141-1-48-Russian-Su-34-FullBack/202686492850?epid=16017672600&hash=item2f310e70b2:g:QsUAAOSwfZtbEtZL I am not affiliated with the seller by any means. I ordered mine the other day and it's currently in route.
  7. http://cybermodeler.com/news/gwh.shtml If you listen closely you can hear the AMK jukebox scip
  8. No problem. They're both "dark", but the darker one doesnt seem to have enough grey in it. I'll try to mix some colors. Luckily they mix perfectly with tamiya.... thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the info. Any chance you could provide me a screen shot of those 2 color chips?
  10. So I just got a couple of bottles of AK's Real Color in RLM 72 and 73. Although the paints spray beautifully the colors do not look right at all. Doesnt one of them need to be somewhat grey-ish? Can anyone comment on the accuracy of said paint(s)?
  11. Anyone interested in trading their Hasegawa 1 32 BF 109F for the following: Hasegawa 1 48 F-4E (includes one piece canopy) Trumpeter 1 48 Mig-23MLD FLOGGER K
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