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  1. Just got it today... Looking thru the plastic, it would appear you almost get 2 kits in one! Of course you get the venom; but unless i missed something, you 'almost' get a complete viper as well. Almost; as in, you'd need an extra set of rotor blades
  2. ApparentlyHobby Boss has one due to be released soon as well
  3. Future works great! Didnt change the sheen at all. I still havent mastered posting pics on here. If you'd like PM your email and ill send you pics of my F-86D
  4. Comes thru again! I had bought their 1/48 interior set-Italeri A-10C-which included their color cockpit. Upon receiving it, the cockpit parts looked odd; the instrument panels that shouldve been black/dark grey were light great. Anyways, I contacted Eduard support... New parts are enroute. Thanks again Eduard!
  5. Thanks for sharing Curt! I've wanted to try these out as well
  6. Ok, if I'm understanding correctly, early examples of B and D Tomcats used the fish bowl display while utilizing LANTIRN until their eventual-full-upgrade with the PTID screen(s)? That being the case, did they also have the LANTIRN control Stick on the left side-of the rear cockpit?
  7. Oops, disregard; looks like you've been taken care of
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