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  1. Duct tape may be your answer for this. Or strong surgical tape.
  2. That's all I use; Tamiya x-1, thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner
  3. Didnt notice the pic the first time around-excellent work! Would you mind sending me the WIP link?
  4. Thanks guys!!!!! Now to find some pictures of the subjectmatter 😉
  5. If you want dropped flaps etc: Hasegawa, Fujimi, GreatWall. If you dont or dont care, there's: Academy, Revell Germany, Fine Molds and so on.
  6. As soon as im finished with my Tornado ECR, i plan jumping into an Airfix 1/48 F-51D-SAAF livery. From what ive read, no consensus tho; they were NMF. Is that correct or were they Aluminium Dope? Also; could i get away with using Korean War Era-US-pilot figure?
  7. I'll follow that with-dont adjust your Opitivisor with Exacto in hand either.
  8. I'll follow that with-dont adjust your Opitivisor with Exacto in hand either.
  9. 2 of my sisters came.down with it. Weren't hospitalized, but they felt crummy for a while. One of my wifes FB friends had a similar experience; he too has been on O2 since leaving the Hospital. I think he just got off of it now... COVID is definitely a thing and i dont want any part of it!I Stay safe!
  10. Got my second yesterday, and do i feel like $hit today. I can only imagine what the actual virus is like
  11. I dont have any of those Academy spare parts, but at least i know where the problem area is now. Thank you very much sir! Do you any more pics of your flanker?
  12. After i finish my Hobby Boss tornado, I'm going to give the aformentioned kit another whirl. It was going together just fine on the first go round, but it made its way to the shelf of doom and subsequently to the floor of doom.... That being said, any ideas for fixing the nose attitude? Seems to sit way too low. I was thinking, maybe i can use SAC gear for Great Wall's SU-35? Thanks for any imput! Kurt
  13. I use Highspeed silver for the dope areas. Then polished aluminum for fuselage and then I use aluminium, duralumimium, dark aluminum for the panels to include mixing the aforementioned for for tonal variations on certain panels. I also had some left over airframe aluminium that I threw into the mix as well
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